10 Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview

10 Things You Should Never Do In A Job Interview

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1. Don’t be late or too early
Arriving late for the interview is a rude gesture that always makes a bad impression, but so is arriving too early. In both cases you can cause the feeling that you do not calculate the time well, in the first case, it is also perceived as disrespectful, and in the second, it can seem that you are living in a desperate situation.

2. Do not have the mobile on
Turn off your mobile minutes before entering the room where you are going to be interviewed. Do not leave it for the last moment or you will run the risk of forgetting it. If your cell phone rings during the interview, it will interrupt your interviewer’s work and create an awkward situation that will not benefit you at all.

3. Don’t get bogged down in an argument
Freely express your opinions but never start or maintain an argument. It is not about giving the reason without complaining to those who do not have it, but try not to see yourself involved in an argument. It will be an embarrassing situation that will position you as a conflictive person.

4. Do not gesticulate exaggeratedly
Your gestures and your postures are more important than you think. They say a lot about you and reveal what you feel. For example, don’t sit on the edge of the chair or wave your hands insistently. Try to look your interviewer or interviewers in the eye, but not in a threatening way. Smile and behave naturally.

5. Do not take the initiative: let the interviewer direct the interview
Remember that you are the interviewee and not the interviewer. You are there to answer questions, not to ask them. Do not compete with the interviewer, he must always take the initiative. Do not interrupt him and always answer his questions. Without detours or ambiguities.

6. Don’t answer questions aggressively
Never get defensive. Respond calmly and use a calm and collected tone. During the interview do not behave aggressively or act violently. If you get nervous, take a deep breath and stay calm.

7. Don’t show up looking bad
Choose well the clothes you are going to wear that day. Clean yourself and take care of all the details of your personal hygiene. Your appearance is very important to make a good impression. The image counts a lot and provides a large amount of information about your tastes, your preferences and your way of thinking. A careless image will harm you.

8. Don’t chew gum
Chewing gum during a conversation is rude. It will appear that you are not serious about the interview and most people find it very uncomfortable. Do not hesitate, your interviewer will find it highly inappropriate.

9. Don’t lie
The proverb is wise. “A liar is caught before a lame man.” If you lie on your CV or if you answer false questions, sooner or later you will be found out and the cure will be worse than the disease. No company wants to hire liars or cheaters.

10. Don’t stop being yourself
Everyone is nervous about a job interview, it is clear that it is not an easy time. Most people try to memorize learned answers and some interviewees try to play a role to make a good impression. Don’t fall into that mistake, don’t act n pretend to be who you are not.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will behave during the job interview with more confidence and poise. Read them carefully and if you have any questions, we can advise you to find the job that best suits your profile. An interview is a decisive moment to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the most suitable person to fill the position offered.

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