5 things you should not do in your job search

5 things you should not do in your job search

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5 things you should not do in your job search; Surely, the first thing you do when you lose your job or you are looking for another one is to visit employment websites to look at offers in your sector. Job portals can be of great help, but do you know what not to do and how to get the most out of them to be successful?
In this article I have compiled the 5 basic rookie mistakes  that could become obstacles when looking for a job.

1. Not focusing on one type of work

For example: how many times have you applied for “commercial”, “dependent” or “food handler”?
That is not focusing, the “everything goes for everyone” does not work, we are not good for any type of work.
Desperation makes you sign up for any offer, but there is only one CV and you must be realistic.


The solution for this is what I discovered: look for what you are really passionate about and always apply to offers that are similar.
If you like sales, focus on sales. Nothing more. If you like to be a computer engineer, look for offers in the sector, but nothing more. It may not come out the first day, nor the second, but perseverance leads to results.

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2. Not completing or focusing the CV

You cannot expect the recruiter to read your CV if you do not have it completed ( photo, education, experience, interests, etc. ) and in relation to the previous point, if you do not focus your CV on a specific job, you will not be selected.


Fill out the entire CV and align the CV with your interests.
The more information, the greater the chances that recruiters will contact you and if you focus the CV on an objective… the result is almost 100% guaranteed.
Looking for a job is a part-time job

3. Forgetting the motivation letter in the applications

Using the criterion “the more offers I apply, the more chances I have of finding a job” and not including the motivation letter, unfortunately, does not work. Yes, I know it ‘s a laborious task , but you have to personalize each offer.
It changes the philosophy of “the more offers I apply for, the more chances I have of finding a job” to “the more time I dedicate to correctly preparing my application for an offer, the better”.
It is better to have 1 very well done application (always having solved the 3 previous errors) than 100 “of the bunch”.
And… always, always, always, mandatory cover letter.

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4. Not being interested in the offers you applied that are in process

If an application tells you that you are “in process” and you see that it does not move, one option to consider is to call the recruiter to inform you.
Search on LinkedIn for an HR person from the company and when you find the contact, ask about the vacancy. If at first you don’t find the right person, keep trying.
When you locate that person you will know whether or not you continue in the process, although the most important thing you have done: you have shown interest . You already have a lot of cattle.

5. Not being consistent when applying for offers

Looking for a job is already a daily job.
As Elena Huerga – collaborator of this blog – said in “El Economista”: “Looking for a job is a part-time job”.
Even if you get lazy and tiredness appears, you have to get to it, 1 or 2 hours a day (minimum) , either in the morning, afternoon or night.
Constancy always leads to results, and I emphasize, always. I do not know anyone who, having been constant, has not achieved their goals.
You are good for something, I lie, for many things and even if things don’t work out the first day, I am sure that sooner or later they will and you will be very proud of your goal.

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The routine causes you to not realize the mistakes you make when looking for work . Here I have mentioned the 5 most outstanding.
It is a day-to-day job, of perseverance. Keep fighting, you are worth it and that is why I encourage you to go for your dreams and your passions.

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