6 mistakes to avoid in the job interview

6 mistakes to avoid in the job interview

Avoid These Six Common Interview Mistakes

The job interview is your golden opportunity to make a good first impression and convince the recruiter of your skills for the position.
Aviod these common mistakes during the job interview and you will improve your chances of being hired.

1. Being late for the interview
Never be late for the job interview. It is an aspect that recruiters penalize because it could reflect lack of punctuality in your work if they hired you. Calculate the route well, take into account possible unforeseen events and, if possible, arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time for the interview.

2. Not telling you about the company
The recruiter wants to know if you are really interested in the company. One of his questions during the interview is likely to be what you know about the company and why you are interested in this position. Don’t make the mistake of coming into the interview uninformed. Research the company and read its latest news before going to the interview .

3. Forget dates on your CV
Review your resume well before the interview and memorize the dates if you detect that you have forgotten any. The recruiter will ask you about your background and you have to be prepared to respond quickly. If you forget any date you will cause a bad impression and will generate doubts in the recruiter.

4. Talk too much
When you answer the recruiter’s questions try to be brief and to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Stick to professional answers and avoid going into unnecessary details that aren’t important to the role.

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5. Not actively listening
A common interview mistake is not actively listening to the recruiter. Remember that the driver of the dialogue is the interviewer and actively listen to his words to make the most of your opportunities.
6. Speak ill of your former boss or colleagues
Never speak ill of your former boss or co-workers. The recruiter might think that you are a negative person or that you might have problems with co-workers if the company were to hire you.

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