7 tips to impress in a job interview

7 tips to impress in a job interview

Building a good relationship with the interviewer and taking the first step to break the ice is key.

There are no second chances to make a first impression, says a very popular phrase that many attribute to Oscar Wilde.

Therefore, to impress any recruiter in a job interview, here are several tips that everyone should follow when they want to be hired:

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Overcome lateness

Arriving late is very common in job interviews, according to several Human Resources consultants in Mexico.

To avoid this, look for the route on Google Maps days before, check the most congested hours and know the alternate routes.

Choose clothes the night before

To save time and avoid stress, separate and iron your clothes the night before. Using company colors or those that inspire security will serve to look good.

You can get dressed before leaving home to avoid accidental stains.

Caring for personal appearance

Always remember that looking and smelling good is just as important as having a good resume. Therefore, do not neglect your personal hygiene for the day of the interview.

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Avoid awkward silences

Building a good relationship with the interviewer and taking the first step to break the ice is key.

Saying hello with a smile, asking how you are, or making a funny comment about the weather or traffic will always help avoid awkward silences.

Look at the eyes

Interviewers are quick to judge a candidate’s personality by looking them in the eye. Eye contact during the greeting or when listening to the questions and responding, demonstrate security and confidence.

So that self-esteem does not fail, it is important to feel good from the preparation of personal care.

Ask questions at the end

Interviewers always give you the opportunity to ask questions and you have to take advantage of it to impress them.

It is good to write down a couple of questions about the position or the company, as it shows interest and allows you to clarify some doubts.

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Follow up immediately

It is a nice touch to send a personal email and thank the interviewer for their time. Many take it into account when deciding.

The key is to have a natural and impressive friendly tone so that it attracts attention and differentiates itself from other candidates.

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