Airforce Institute of Technology Cut Off Mark & How To Calculate Their Aggregate Score

We have come to know that many students find it really difficult to calculate their aggregate score and their cut off mark and it really isn’t their fault as calculating cut off marks varies for different institutions.

On this note, we have made it easy for you by giving you step by step procedure on how to calculate Airforce Institute of Technology aggregate score, but before this, we are going to tell you what aggregate and Post UTME Score means and what things are to be considered before calculating the aggregate score.


That means the candidate must get at least 50 Questions Correctly. The aggregate score will be used to determine the cut-off point for admission into each of the programmes. Cut-off points for each course will be determined by the performance of all the candidates who applied for the course.


After every UTME exercise, a particular mark is set out by the exam body {e.g 120}. This mark is a score a candidate must have or cross, to qualify him or her to sit for the chosen school’s POST UTME exercise. This said mark is announced to all school’s to enable them decide the number of candidates they will admit.

After the school’s decision, they announce a particular mark which must not be lower than the mark the UTME body fixed. Any candidate who cross the mark set by the UTME body and did not reach the chosen school’s mark, is NEVER eligible to sit for the school’s POST UTME.
This mark or score set by the school admission board is known as SCHOOL’S CUT OFF MARK.

About The Institute 

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) also known as the Nigeria Air Force University is a military school approved by the National Universities Commission to run undergraduate and postgraduate courses in 2018/2019.  It supports the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) and civilian communities by provision of basic training on Aeronautics, aerospace engineering mechatronics engineering and avionics. It is located in Kaduna state, Northern side of Nigeria.

Air Force Institute of Technology
Former names
Technical and Supply School
NAF Technical Training Group
Motto “Quest for Excellence”
Type Public
Established 1977 as TSS, renamed AFIT in 2008, and university status in 2018 as Nigeria Airforce university
Provost Mohammed Dauda
Nigerian Air Force Base, Kawo, Kaduna


Kaduna State


Affiliations Cranfield University

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AFIT Cut-Off Mark

Only candidates with a minimum UTME Score of 180 (Degree) / 160 (ND) and with the requisite minimum of Five (5) O’Level Credit Passes in the relevant subjects are eligible to attend AFIT post UTME Screening Exercise.

a. Degree Courses.

The cut-off mark for all the under-listed degree (B.Sc/B.Eng) courses is 180. Only candidates who scored at least 180 are eligible to apply for the degree courses listed below:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Physics
  3. Physics with Electronics
  4. Mathematics
  5. Statistics
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Chemistry
  8. Aerospace Engineering
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  11. Civil Engineering
  12. Information and Communication Technology
  13. Automotive Engineering
  14. Mechatronics Engineering
  15. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  16. Telecommunication Engineering
  17. Accounting
  18. Business Administration
  19. Economics
  20. Marketing
  21. Banking and Finance
  22. International Relations

b. ND Courses

The cut-off mark for all the under-listed National Diploma (ND) courses is 160. Only candidates who scored at least 160 are eligible to apply for the ND Full-Time courses listed below. They are:

  1. ND Civil Engineering Technology
  2. ND Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology
  3. ND Explosive Engineering Technology
  4. ND Mechanical Engineering Technology
  5. ND Aircraft Engineering Technology
  6. ND Business Administration & Management

AFIT Cut off for Degree Programme

  1. Computer Science = 160
  2. Physics = 160
  3. Physics with Electronics = 160
  4. Mathematics = 160
  5. Statistics = 160
  6. Cyber Security = 160
  7. Chemistry= 160
  8. Aerospace Engineering = 160
  9. Mechanical Engineering = 160
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering= 160
  • Civil Engineering = 160
  • Information and Communication Technology = 160
  • Automotive Engineering = 160
  • Mechatronics Engineering= 160
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering = 160
  • Telecommunication Engineering = 160
  • Accounting = 160
  • Business Administration = 160
  • Economics = 160
  • Marketing = 160
  • Banking and Finance = 160
  • International Relations = 160

Afit Cut-Off Mark For 2022/2023 Admission Exercise

AFIT Cut off mark for National Diploma Programme:

  • Agricultural Science = 140
  • Applied Electricity = 140
  • Auto Mechanics = 140
  • Biology = 140
  • Building Construction = 140
  • Chemistry = 140
  • Electronics = 140
  • Further Mathematics = 140
  • Geography = 140
  • Metalwork = 140
  • Physics a = 140
  • Technical Drawing = 140

How To Calculate Airforce Institute Of Technology Aggregate Score

To correctly calculate your aggregate, know that the JAMB Examination is made up of 400 marks, whereas the Airforce Institute Of Technology Post UTME is made 100 marks.

  1. Divide your JAMB score by 8,
  2. Divide your Post UTME score by  2,
  3. Add up the result.

This is how to calculate yours

If Tina scored 240 in her JAMB and 80 in her Post UTME, then her Aggregate score can be gotten by following these steps.

240/8= 30

80/2= 40

40+ 30= 70

Tina’s aggregate score is 70.

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