Buying a franchise in the United States: everything you need to know!

Buying a franchise in the United States: everything you need to know!

Yes, it is not mandatory to set up a brand from scratch to make an effective investment in the United States.

Americans are very fond of channels and everyone agrees that there is still a lot of room to develop them.

There are already thousands of chains, and a million franchisees, but in the United States, as soon as a sign works, its owner tries to clone it as much as possible.

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In any case, investing in a business that is already running, and why not a booming franchise, can be a good way to obtain an “E-2” or “EB-5” (investor) visa in a few months for UNITED STATES.

You then capitalize on the solid, which you did not invent yourself, but while remaining your own boss.

You have a choice: launch a well-known brand in a new neighborhood or mall, or try a little more adventure by unearthing an innovative franchise concept.


But – we get something for nothing – there will be a lot of files to study before becoming a franchisee with peace of mind.

The basis is that everything (in the contract offered to you) is drafted to protect the interest of the franchisor. And that’s quite normal: it is he who proposes.

The law still protects the interests of the franchisee: but it’s up to you to make sure things go well. Beware of the American dream;

(and, as with other businesses, it is not uncommon to see franchises being resold each year to a new investor. Apparently the law also finds its limits in the credulity of buyers!).

In any case, if your dream is to buy McDonalds in Florida or “Subway” in California: you will not be the first nor the last to make a fortune this way in the United States! Catering, sports halls,

The best way is to work with good business lawyers, immigration lawyers used to “E” visas, and an accountant who is knowledgeable in supporting new investors, but also a good “business broker” for the commercial premises.

Have them check everything the franchisor sends you.

Via Google, many websites are there to show you the latest trends. According to them ! That doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Entrepreneur magazine has an online ranking of the “Top 500 Franchises” and the investment amounts needed to acquire a unit. Forbes has a “best and worst” ranking.

But, you will have to come and check on the spot, because from a distance it is a little difficult to believe the figures presented to you.

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You can prune, refine, detect, but nothing like, in the end, to come and do some fieldwork, discover the company;

investigate, stay parked for a whole day counting customers in front of a brand store, but also passers-by in the street where you want to set up!

Because it’s not just the concept that counts: the catchment area is also crucial. Moreover (and this is the most important) the laws are not the same from one state to another (nor are the local taxes).

All in all, even if it can go quickly, you should never rush. There is no mystery: a good study of the market, the catchment area, and the FDD file (see below):

in this case, acquiring a franchise in a market like the United States can most of the time prove to be very interesting and effective.


You will, like everywhere on the planet, have to pay an entry fee into the group, then monthly royalties most of the time based on a percentage of turnover. There are also costs for the joint advertising of franchisees, etc.

Franchises are governed by the laws of the Federal Trade Commission.

At least 10 days before signing the contract, the franchisor must provide you with the “Franchise Disclosure Document” (FDD), a very thick file presenting hundreds of important points to know about the franchise:

amount and terms of the entry fee, area exclusivity, state of the market, methods of purchase and supply of products, but also important details on the list of franchisees, those who have left the network in recent years (and their contact details), etc.

You will also have to convince the franchisor that you have the right profile to join their network! If you are under “E” visa: there are provisions for the contract to be subject to obtaining your visa, but again it is not very complicated.

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If you are the one who wants to franchise your brand after the first successful attempts, then there is nothing easier.

Certainly you will need talent to sell yourself, but for the rest, there are companies in the United States that take care of everything for franchisors so that you can continue to do your job serenely;

without asking yourself question, while others take care of the development of your brand!

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