Can you be a British citizen if you were born abroad?

It is possible for folks that were born outside the united kingdom to still be a British citizen.

Under the British nationality Act 1981, any kid born outside the united kingdom to a minimum of one parent who may be a British citizen “otherwise than by descent”, automatically acquires British citizenship.

However, once a toddler is born abroad to a British parent their birth should be registered in line with the laws within the country that they were born in. this suggests that they’ll receive a local birth certificate, instead of a British one.

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This native credential ought to be accepted within the UK and it may be used to apply for a British citizen passport and plenty of different reasons.

It’s price noting, however, that you just may have it translated and authorized if it’s not in English. Not having a British birth certificate won’t have an effect on your citizenship status.

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How to get a British credential if you are born abroad

Although your native credential ought to be accepted within the UK, you will still want to acquire a British credential. while it’s unattainable to get a daily British credential, you’ll apply for a diplomatist birth registration certificate.

To be ready to apply for a consular birth certificate if born abroad the birth should also be registered at a UK diplomatic building, embassy or with the soldiers. you’ll solely try this if you were born on or after 1 January 1983.

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It’s price noting that if you have already got automatic British nationality, registering your birth with UK authorities is nonobligatory. you’ll still apply for a UK passport even though your birth hasn’t been registered.

If you have got not mechanically noninheritable British citizenship, you will still be eligible to register as a British citizen by descent and can have to be compelled to try this before you’ll apply for your initial UK passport.

Documents needed to apply t be a British citizen

If you do want to use for a consular birth registration certificate then you’ll do so using the shape accessible on the website.

Once creating your application, you may have to be compelled to submit many supporting documents to prove that you just are eligible.

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The documents you may would like include:

  • Your full native birth certificate, this should have each of your parent’s names on
  • The long version of your parent’s credential that additionally shows your grandparents’ details (if your folks were born within the UK) our parent’s naturalisation or registration certificate (for folks who weren’t born in the UK)
  • Your parents’ wedding or civil certificate (if applicable)
  • Evidence that the parents’ previous marriages or civil partnerships have terminated (eg divorce or death certificates if applicable)
  • Change of name documents if either of your folks has ever modified their name
  • A letter from your parent’s leader if they’re operating abroad as a United Kingdom civil servant, EU civil servant, diplomat or member of hm Forces (for British parents)
  • Written proof if your parent was born overseas whereas one in all their own folks was operating abroad as a United Kingdom functionary, EU functionary, diplomat or member of hm Forces (for British parents)
  • As well because the on top of documents you may even be needed to produce picturecopies of the picture page of your British passport if you have got one and also the photo page or your parent’s current passport.


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