Canadian Jobs With Free Work Permit 2023

Canadian Jobs With Free Work Permit 2023 – Looking for work is one of the most difficult situations you can encounter. Finding the ideal job requires tedious web browsing and newspaper combing.

Also, people frequently search for employment opportunities abroad because they believe they have a better chance of providing a comfortable living for their families there. Canada distinguishes out among the various nations that now provide employment chances to international nationals.

According to statistics, immigrants account approximately 25% of Canada’s workforce. According to a different report, immigrants will make up 24 to 30 percent of the Canadian labor market by 2023. Simple facts are to blame for this.

There is a significant economic gap left after the Baby Boomers retire, and Canada’s aging population makes matters worse. This is why Canada places a high value on welcoming immigrants to its country. For those of you looking for employment there, this is good news.

To make things easier, I’ve put together a list of positions in Canada that can sponsor visas along with their typical salaries, which might be of interest to some of you.

1. Jobs as a Room Attendant in Hotels in Canada

We all enjoy a relaxing getaway at a luxurious hotel. But for the upkeep of their surroundings, these opulent hotels owe a great deal to their working staff. Professionals called room attendants are in charge of keeping the rooms clean and providing a friendly atmosphere for visitors. There are no educational certificates needed for this line of work. Also, there is no requirement for prior experience for those wishing to apply for this position.

  • Typical salary

The typical room attendant compensation in Canadian hotels is between CAD$19 and CAD$22 per hour. Additionally, some businesses provide extra advantages like housing assistance, dental care, and health insurance.

  • Positions available at

The Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, Pasutto’s Hotels (1984) Ltd., The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa Ltd., and Gnosis Hotel Management Inc.

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2. Careers in Housekeeping in Canada

The lack of workers in Canada has compelled the government to welcome foreigners. Another employment that does not require any prior work experience or educational qualifications, among many others, is housekeeping.

  • Typical salary

Depending on the business you work for, housekeepers in Canada are paid between CAD$16 and CAD$25 per hour.

  • Positions available at

Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Mountain View Inn & Suites, Cogir, and Pangea Pod Hotel.

3. Careers for Dishwashers in Canada

Everybody would hate to have a dirty kitchen that is crowded with dirty dishes. Particularly with hotels and restaurants. Dishwashers make sure cooks have the tools to execute their share of the job and ensure that diners receive shining silverware. A clean kitchen makes the task of chefs easier. Similar to the previously mentioned occupations, this one does not require a degree or any other formal training.

  • Typical salary

The typical wage range offered for dishwasher job is CAD$30k-$41k annually. Also, several hotels in Canada provide food discounts to employees. Who doesn’t like a good deal?

  • Positions available at

Lulu Bar, Whitespot, Peace Valley Inns, and Simeon’s Restaurant Ltd.

4. Careers for Security Officers in Canada

Another job that some of you might find interesting is managing the security for large corporations. In contrast to the postings I’ve described so far, some businesses have particular standards for this kind of labor. This might comprise:

1. Having some background in this area (6 months at least)

2. Excellent judgment and initiative in problem-solving

3. Competent with technology

4. Academic prerequisites

5. Diploma from high school

  • Typical salary

Some businesses in Canada offer security officer employment with hourly pay between CAD$21 and CAD$23.

  • Positions available at

Shangri-La Hotels, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd., Pinnacle Protective Services Inc., and Synterra Security Solutions LP.

5. Careers for Front Desk Agents in Canada

In hotels and resorts, front desk staff are in charge of checking customers into and out of their rooms. Qualifications in hospitality or other similar industries are needed for this kind of profession. The following abilities are also valued in this sector for career advancement.

1. Superior interpersonal and communication abilities

2. The capacity to preserve positive customer relations

3. Technological proficiency

4. The capacity to remain amicable

  • Typical salary

Some hotels provide CAD$25k-65k per year with additional benefits like staff housing and discounts for front desk agents.

  • Positions available at

RKS Hotels Group, Four Seasons, Canada’s Best Value Suite & Inns, Cabot Cape Breton.

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