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If you are planning to visit cities in Mexico by car you need to read this guide on car insurance to travel to Mexico . If you are planning a car adventure, you need to take a look at your car policy . In this way, you make sure that you have the necessary coverage before going on vacation.
Car insurance for tourists in Mexico is a common car policy . However, it is important to mention that this feature falls under the “additional coverage” range ; and it is a necessary policy for American and Canadian drivers in Mexico. On the other hand, this type of policy can be of great help when you need to pay for some medical bills or basic car repairs. In fact, this insurance also applies to collisions while the vehicle you drive has a US or Canadian license plate.

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In Mexico, each party involved in a car accident must provide proof that they have valid insurance or financial responsibility for the accident.

Important : Your US driver’s license is valid in Mexico; this, according to the US State Department . However, your US auto insurance policy may not have enough coverage to protect you or even a rental car in Mexico.

Types of Auto Insurance to Travel to Mexico
Basic Coverage
As its name implies, it is the lowest level of coverage that exists. With this policy you will get some benefits such as: Civil liability, roadside assistance, medical services and legal assistance. It is important to tell you that this coverage will be valid if your visit is short (such as 1 day) or if your car is very old.

Standard policy
Standard coverage is the most requested by those Americans who travel to Mexico by road. This is a plan that offers basic coverage and protection against collision and theft . So, if your visit to Mexico is long, and you are traveling in a relatively new car, this coverage will be ideal for you.

Driving into Mexico requires having the proper Mexican car insurance | Dairyland® auto

Extended insurance
An extended or complete coverage is one that includes protection against: Vandalism, theft, repairs, etc. In fact, in some cases it is accompanied by the benefits of fixed deductibles . This type of policy will be your best option for trips lasting several months or if you visit Mexico regularly.

What does a Car Insurance Cover to Travel to Mexico?

Among the main coverages offered by this type of insurance we have:

Coverage for Physical Damage or Theft
This policy helps you when you need to pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle if it was stolen, damaged by collision, burned or destroyed (by natural phenomena) in Mexico. It is important to note that coverage limits are based on US labor rates.

Bodily Injury or Third Party Property Damage (Civil Liability)
This coverage is ideal when you are at fault in a car accident ; This coverage is also known as civil liability and helps you pay for the other party’s medical expenses or property damage.

Everything You Have To Know About The Auto Insurance Policy In Mexico

Medical expenses
If you or your passengers are injured in an accident, this type of coverage can help pay for hospital bills and various services such as: X-rays or ambulance fees.

Legal assistance
This coverage can help you pay your legal expenses if a car accident in Mexico escalates. This type of coverage may include legal representation and court costs.

roadside assistance
This coverage is ideal for when your car breaks down. And it is that roadside assistance helps you pay for services such as: Towing , tire change, battery replacement, spare parts, etc.

Medical Transportation
If you are injured in a car accident , this coverage can help pay for the expenses associated with emergency transportation to a hospital or treatment facility.

Important : Each coverage has its own limit ; when we talk about “limit” we mean the maximum amount that your insurer will pay for the claim. Also, some policies have deductibles . Finally, a car insurance to travel to Mexico generally has low fixed deductibles.

How do Auto Policies Work to Travel to Mexico?
Whether your trip lasts a couple of days or a couple of months, you can adapt your policy to the length of your stay; In fact, this type of car insurance can be valid for up to one year . First, you’ll pay the initial premium at the time you purchase coverage. Likewise, the following month you will begin with the payment of your regular premium.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to buy this type of coverage while in Mexico, you must have a similar policy corresponding to your national car insurance policy . For example, if you want to purchase physical damage coverage in Mexico, you must have collision coverage and comprehensive coverage on your US policy .

Mandatory Requirements to Drive from the United States to Mexico
Before you cross the border, you will need some documents to prove that you own your car and have permission to travel through Mexico with it. Be sure to bring all of the following:

Car ownership title: This can be a copy of your vehicle title or registration.
Driver’s license: Mexican authorities accept your US driver’s license. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy car insurance in Mexico, you’ll need that too.
Tenant Documentation: If you rented a car or the car you are traveling with is still being financed, you need an affidavit. Or failing that, a rental receipt.
Liability insurance: As a last important point, to visit Mexico legally, you need basic liability coverage. In fact, you will not be able to cross the border if you do not prove that you have a policy of this type.

Are there Other Car Insurance Options to Travel to Mexico?
If you are still not convinced to apply for this type of coverage, consider the following options:

Obtain Automobile Insurance through the Rental Company
In most cases, you can get car insurance through the same rental company. And, most US auto insurers only insure rentals with US license plates. Therefore, obtaining coverage through the Mexican rental agency is often the only option.

Now, renting a car in the United States and driving it to Mexico is a different story. In fact, not all rental companies allow drivers to bring their cars into Mexico. First, you should check directly with the rental office. Also, some companies only allow travel to Mexico from certain areas.

Car Insurance through Your Credit Card Company
If you have a credit card belonging to: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® you can request car rental coverage. Therefore, before booking your rental car , call the number on the back of your credit card and ask about this option.

Frequent questions asked about car insurance

Does My Rental Vehicle Count To Apply For Mexico Travel Auto Insurance?
Yes, as long as you rent the vehicle in the US and then drive it to Mexico. The cars that do NOT apply for this coverage are:

Rental cars when renting in Mexico
Vehicles with Mexican plates (must have US or Canadian plates to obtain coverage)
Commercial Vehicles
How do I know if I am Eligible to Opt for Car Insurance to Travel to Mexico?
You may be eligible to purchase car insurance to travel to Mexico if:

You are over 21 years old (the federal government applies an additional service fee for younger drivers).
You have a valid US or Canadian driver’s license
What Do I Need to Get a Valid Auto Policy Outside the United States?
It is important that you have the following parameters before requesting your quote:

Date you will travel to Mexico
City where you will stay
US auto insurance policy number
Now, if you are driving your personal vehicle, you should also have on hand:

Make, model, year and current value of the vehicle
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
License number

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