Cheap Private Universities To Attend In Nigeria

It’s truism that non-public universities are the costliest universities in Nigeria. In truth, the most affordable non-public college in Nigeria presently is nearly the same amount for full undergraduate faculty charge for many federal and state universities within the nation. I don’t actually blame non-public colleges for accumulating such sum of money as a result of the price of operating a college is outwardly not low cost. That is why solely the wealthy attend non-public universities.

Surprisingly, i found not too long ago that there are some non-public universities in Nigeria that do not collect a lot as tuition fee.  In this article i will be taking a look at the cheapest private universities in Nigeria and their school fee.. In case you have been wishing to attend a private college however don’t have the cash required, this article might help you find a very affordable private university this 2021.

Cheap Private Universities to Attend in Nigeria and their School Fees 

1. Alhikmah University – N103,000 – N600,000

Campus Locations – Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin

Al-Hikmah University is an Islamic university located in IlorinKwara State, Nigeria. It was founded in 2005 by AbdulRaheem Oladimeji Islamic Foundation (AROIF) based in Nigeria and World Assembly of Muslim Youths (WAMY) based in Jeddah. Professor Muhammed Taofeek Olalekan Ibrahim  is the immediate past Vice-chancellor. He was succeeded by Professor Noah Yusuf, who is now the current Vice-chancellor. The goal of Al-Hikmah University is to be a center of intellectual and moral excellence.

The University came into existence via the granting of an operating license to run as a Conventional Private University by the Federal Government of Nigeria License No. 010 on 7 January 2005. It commenced academic activities during the 2005–2006 academic session with 70 students spread across the three take-off colleges: Humanities, Management Sciences and Natural Sciences.

See: Courses Offered In Al-Hikmah University 


2. Oduduwa University – N170,000 – N197,000

Oduduwa University Freshers School Fee Schedule 2021/2022

Oduduwa University was established in 2009, it is a private higher education institution located in Ipetumodu, Osun state. The university was officially accredited and recognized by the National Universities Commission of Nigeria as a higher education institution. Oduduwa University is located in Ipetumodu, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. It was named after Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yoruba people.

Another cheap private university i would like you to check out is the prestigious Oduduwa university. It is located at Ipetumodu, Osun State, Nigeria. Oduduwa has been in existence since 2009 when the university was approved to start its activities.

Even though Oduduwa is still a cheap university currently, Wikipedia shows that the university has about 20,000 population. From this, it is clear that Oduduwa university will soon become one of the top institutions in Nigeria.

See: Courses Offered In Oduduwa University 


3. Ajayi Crowther University N162,000 – N782,000

Ajayi Crowther University also known as ACU is a private university located in Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Ajayi Crowther University is another cheap private university in Nigeria that is open for everyone. It was established the same year with Alhikmah University in 2005. Ajayi Crowther University is currently located in Oyo State, Nigeria.

See: Courses Offered In Ajayi Crowther University 


4. Obong University – N180,00 – N200,000

Obong university is another super cheap private university in Nigeria. It is amongst the oldest private universities that is still cheap even till today. The university first started as the African College of Management in 1997. Today, it is among the well known private universities in Nigeria.

Obong university has a clean library for students, hostel for everyone and sport facilities for students who are interested in sporting activities. However, it should be noted that as at today, Obong university does not accept every course.

Obong University is a four-year private university located in Obong Ntak, Akwa Ibom StateNigeria. It is associated with the Churches of Christ, and its sponsoring congregation is the Rivergate Church of Christ in Madison, Tennessee.

Founded in 1997 as African College of Management, the following year gave rise to the University of Africa, as Obong University was formerly known. The university is in close fellowship with Obong Christian School (founded 1986), which is sponsored by the congregation of Christians at Mt. Morris, Michigan. The Christian school, also in Obong Ntak, has educated thousands of young people across Nigeria and surrounding countries.

Obong University
Affiliation Churches of Christ
Obong Ntak, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

See: Courses Offered In Obong University 

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5. Lead university – N200,500 – N550,00

If you talk about private universities that are really popular in Nigeria, then you should be talking about Lead university. The institution is respected all over Nigeria and other parts of the world. It was built in 2002 but it stated its activities in 2005 when the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) gave their approval.

Note that not all the courses are really accredited in this university. Take for instance, if you want to study law, Lead university may not be a good choice that is why we have made all the accredited courses of Lead University available for you.

Lead City University is a private university in IbadanOyo State, Nigeria.

The university submitted its application to the National Universities Commission the year 2002. The Standing Committee on Private Universities (SCOPU) conducted the verification and the final assessment visits in August and September, 2003, respectively. At the end of the assessment visits, SCOPU reported that the profile of the Proprietor of Lead City University confirmed that it has the capacity and resources to establish a private university. Thereafter, the university was “approved for immediate take off” by the Board of NUC in December 2003 as a prelude to the ratification by the Federal Executive Council, which was effected on the 16th of February, 2005.

Lead City University, Ibadan
Lead City University, Ibadan.jpg

Entrance to the university in 2021
Other name
Former names
City University, Ibadan
Motto Knowledge for Self-reliance
Type Private
Established 2005
Chairman Jide Owoeye
Chancellor Gabriel Babatunde Ogunmola
Vice-Chancellor Kabiru Aderemi Adeyemo



Campus Urban
Blue, pink, white

See: Courses Offered In Lead University 


6. Crescent University – N283,000 – N1,000,000

This is another cheap private university that was created in december 2005. The university is located at Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria and had about 24,000 students who are currently studying there.

It should however be noted that Crescent University is not really a university for everyone. It was built by the Islamic Mission for Africa. Thus, it is doubtful whether the university accepts applications for students of different religions.

Crescent University is located in AbeokutaOgun StateNigeria.[1] It is a private university established by His Excellency, Judge Bola Ajibola under the banner of the Islamic Mission for Africa.[2][3] It has the following colleges; The Bola Ajibola College of Law, The College of Environmental Sciences, The College of Information and Communication Technology, The College of Natural and Applied Sciences, The College of Arts, Social and Management Sciences and The College of Health Sciences.

Crescent University
Crescent University, Abeokuta
Motto Citadel of Academic and Moral Excellence
Type Private
Established 2005
Vice-Chancellor Professor Ibrahim Gbajabiamila



Website Official website

See: Courses offered In Crescent University 


7. Rhema University – N152,000 – N464,000

This is one of the youngest universities in Nigeria. It was built in 2019 with the aim of equipping humanity for excellence. Rhema University was built by Living Word Ministries International as a way of contributing to the growth of education in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

When it was accredited in 2019, most of the courses in the institution was also accredited. This is why i recommend Rhema university for everyone. Based on my research, the university accepts students for almost all the courses in Nigeria. Nonetheless, you can go ahead an do more research to see if you dream course is approved in the school.

Rhema University, Aba (RU) is an accredited private, Christian university based in the city of Aba in Abia State, Nigeria. Founded by the Living Word Ministries International and licensed by the National Universities Commission in 2009 is one of the few private universities in Abia State. The university is currently operating from its take-off campus located at 153/155 Aba-Owerri Road, Aba in Abia State, with plans to develop and migrate its students and faculty to the permanent campus.

Rhema University
Motto Equipping Humanity for Excellence
Type Private
Established 2009
Chancellor Emmanuel O.Okorie (DSc.)
Vice-Chancellor Prof. O.C Onwudike



Campus Take-Off –Urban
Colours    Blue and Orange
Affiliations BAU R&D Network
Website Official website

See: Courses Offered In Rhema University 


8. Adeleke University – N273,000 – N450,000

If you have heard of Chief Adeleke before then you should know this university. Adeleke University is owned by one of the richest men in Nigeria, Chief Adeleke (who is also the father of Davido. It was built with promoting Education, Excellence And good Character amongst youth.

It is worthwhile to know that Adeleke University was built through Springtime Development Foundation (SDF) which is managed by Chief Adeleke.

Adeleke University is a private owned institution, located in Ede, one of the popular town in Osun State, southwestern Nigeria. It was established by Chief Adedeji Adeleke through the Springtime Development Foundation (SDF), a philanthropic, non-profit organisation established by Chief Adedeji to assist less privileged students in obtaining a quality higher education. As a faith-based institution of higher learning it is closely aligned with (but not owned and/or operated by) the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its philosophy of Christian Education. As such it is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the world’s second largest Christian school system.

Logo Of Adeleke University.png
Motto Education, Excellence And Character
Type Private
Established 2011
Religious affiliation
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Chancellor Joseph Ola
President Adedeji Adeleke
Vice-Chancellor S. E. Alao
Pro-Chancellor Adedeji Adeleke




17Px Wma Button2B Cheap Private Universities, Cheap Private Universities To Attend In Nigeria7.7600°N 4.4625°ECoordinates17Px Wma Button2B Cheap Private Universities, Cheap Private Universities To Attend In Nigeria7.7600°N 4.4625°E

Campus 520 acres (2.1 km2)
Colors    Royal blue and yellow

See: Courses Offered In Adeleke University 


9. Babcock University N288,000 – N560,000

Babcock University is a private Christian co-educational Nigerian university owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria. The university is located at Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria, equidistant between Ibadan and Lagos.

In 2017, the university had its first set of graduates from the Ben Carson School of Medicine

It is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, which is the world’s second largest Christian school system.

Babcock University
Babcock University Logo.jpg
Former names
Adventist College of West Africa, Adventist Seminary of West Africa
Motto Knowledge, Truth, Service
Type Private
Established 1959
Affiliation Seventh-day Adventist Church
Chairperson Bassey Effiong Okon Udoh[1]
President Ademola Tayo[1]
Vice-president Iheanyichukwu Okoro
Vice-Chancellor Ademola Tayo[1]
Vice Chairs Francis F. Daria, Oyeleke A. Owolabi[1]
Students 20,000+



17Px Wma Button2B Cheap Private Universities, Cheap Private Universities To Attend In Nigeria6.894°N 3.7187°ECoordinates17Px Wma Button2B Cheap Private Universities, Cheap Private Universities To Attend In Nigeria6.894°N 3.7187°E

Campus Main Campus Ilishan-Remo, Mini Campus Iperu, Remo
Government accreditation 1999
Colours Blue and Gold

See: Courses Offered In Babcock University 


10. Fountain University – N341,000

Fountain University is in Oke Osun after the Osun Osogbo sacred grove in OsogboNigeria.[1][2] It was established by the Nasrul-lahi-li Fatih (NASFAT) Society in 2007. It is a privately owned Islamic faith-based university in Osun State. Presently, the university has two colleges: College of Natural and Applied Sciences and College of Management and Social Sciences. Colleges of Art, Engineering and Education are being proposed.

Fountain University
Motto Faith, Knowledge and Service
Type Private
Established 2007
Vice-Chancellor Professor Amidu Olalekan Sanni
Oke Osun



Website Official website

See: Courses Offered In Fountain University 


11. Renaissance University – N200,000 to N700,000

Renaissance University is also one of the cheapest private university to attend in Nigeria. The university is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria (at Agbani, Enugu state precisely). When it comes to quality of education and school facilities, Renaissance University is not doing bad. I personally visited the school myself to see a friend and I was really surprised by the way everything was organized over there.

Surprising, their school fee is just about N200,000 to N700,000 per session (depending on the course you are studying). The friend I visited was actually studying law and she told me her fees is about N700,000. The truth is, that amount of money is actually big when compared with federal or state universities in Nigeria. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that it is actually the cheapest among private institutions in in the country too.

Renaissance University
Renaissance University Logo.png
Motto Ut Omnia Potestis (Latin)
Motto in English
“You can be what you want to be”
Type Private
Established 2005
Vice-Chancellor Professor Patrick Egbunam Emekekwue



17Px Wma Button2B Cheap Private Universities, Cheap Private Universities To Attend In Nigeria6.310°N 7.557°ECoordinates17Px Wma Button2B Cheap Private Universities, Cheap Private Universities To Attend In Nigeria6.310°N 7.557°E

Campus Rural

See: Courses Offered In Renaissance University 


12. Novena University: This is one of the best private universities in Eastern Nigeria and the first in Delta State. It was established in 2005 by a private individual (Professor Chuks Ochonogor), but it is still among the cheapest of all the universities in Nigeria currently. Novena University has also been fully and officially accredited by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC) so students from the school are recognized just like students in other federal and private universities in Nigeria.

Novena University Ogume
Novena University Amai Campus Sci Block.jpg
Motto Knowledge through diligence
Established 2005
Chancellor Alfred Papapereye Diete-Spiff
Vice-Chancellor Nduka, Godwin Chukwuenweniwe




See: Courses Offered In Novena University 

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