Cheapest Universities To Study In Ghana

Are you willing to study in Ghana but you are also concerned about the cost? In this article, you will get to know the cheapest universities you can study in Ghana at a very pocket-friendly price.

Ghana is not only known to have a quality education system but also, education in Ghana is quite affordable. The West African country is blessed with a favorable weather condition for learning, friendly culture to host international students, quality teachers to impact knowledge, international standard curriculum, and of course, a lot of recreational activities and eye-catching relaxation spots and places for students to relax and chilled out after a heavy day’s work.

The main point is that a low price of tuition doesn’t mean low quality of education that is this doesn’t make the quality of education they offer less. These universities are record breakers and are renowned for academic excellence.

Cheapest and Affordable Universities To Study  in Ghana

  1. Regent University of Science and Technology

Regent University College of Science and Technology 2022/2023 Courses -  LegonConnect

One of the most beautiful facts about this university is that it is located in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Sounds cool right? This university happens to be one of the most affordable universities in Accra. The total fee is GHC 790.00 (note: GHC means Ghanaian Cedi – the currency used in Ghana), and this fee equally caters for meals, certificates and course materials. The fees for the semester for Ghanaians is GHC 1,500 –  GHC 1,450, for international students is $2,600 – $2,800.

This university is privately owned and was established in September 2003. The university received accreditation to operate in 2004. It was ranked the best private University in Ghana in the July 2020 edition of the Webometrics Rankings of University and 7th University overall best in Ghana.


  1. Pentecost University College

Pentecost University College follows next as one of the most affordable universities to study in Ghana. Locals are charged GHC 781 for Theology and Mission courses, while non-Ghanaians are charged $700. For Information Technology courses, Locals would pay GHC 1,320, while non-Ghanaians would pay $1,300. While for Business Administration, the local students would be charged GHC 1,210 while non-Ghanaians and international students would pay $1,200.

This university is situated in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana and was established in the year 2003 by the Church of Pentecost, Ghana. The institution operates in three faculties: Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Theology and Mission with their various fees listed above. Professional programmes are also offered in this university.


  1. Central University College

All you need to know about Central University – GetRooms Blog

Considered as the best and cheapest option for international students, the Central University College also happens to be the biggest private university in Ghana. This university has four schools and two faculties with a lot of departments in charge of its programmes. The breakdown of fees per semester is as follows:

    • School of Theology and Missions: Locals (Ghanaians) – GHC 1,110, while non-Ghanaians (International students) – $1,520
    • School of Business Administration: Locals – GHC 1,480, while non-Ghanaians – $2,020
    • Faculty of Sciences and Arts: Locals – GHC 1,370, while non-Ghanaians – $2,020
    • School of Applied Sciences:
    • Nursing (General): Locals – GHC 2,175, while non-Ghanaians – $3,260
    • Nursing (SRN): Locals – GHC 1,405, while non-Ghanaians – $3,060
    • Architecture: Locals – GHC 2,085, while non-Ghanaians – $3,260
    • Civil Engineering: Locals – GHC 2,085, while non-Ghanaians – $3,260
    • Physician Assistantship: Locals – GHC 2,430, while non-Ghanaians – $3,260

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  1. Ghana Technology University College

Ghana Technology University College | Coventry University

Formerly known as Ghana Telecom University College, the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) is a private university with its main campus located in Tesano section of Accra, while its second campus is located nearby Abeka. The university also has satellite campuses in Nungua, Kumasi, Takoradi, Koforidua and Ho.

The average fees for new students (Bachelor’s degree) is $1,243 – $2,243, and $1,077 – $1,997 for continuing students. This institution has three main faculties; Faculty of Computing and Information Systems, Faculty of IT Business and Faculty of Engineering. This university is also renowned to hold affiliations with reputable institutions such as Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).


  1. Catholic Institute of Business and Technology

Catholic Institute of Business & Technology – More learning, more knowledge

Renowned for its strong Catholicism, the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology is also another affordable private institution in Ghana. The fees for international students are: new students – $1,300, while continuing students – $1,250.


  1. Valley View University

Located particularly in Oyibi, Accra, the Valley View Valley University is one of the cheapest universities in Ghana. It is privately owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The average fees are as follows:

    • School of Business – $1,293
    • School of Science – $1,398
    • School of Education – $1,284
    • School of Technology and Missions – $1,284
    • School of Social Science – $1,284
  1. All Nations University College

This institution is notable for a lot of great inventions and innovations. One of which was when three students designed, assembled and even tested Ghana’s first satellite which was launched into space. That project was supported by the Kyushu Institute of Technology and Japan. The average fees for locals is $433, while $5,000 per year for international students.


  1. Kings University Ghana

Founded in 2009, Kings University Ghana is another affordable institution for locals and international students in Ghana. The institution has partnered with so many corporations such as Microsoft, and ACCA to offer professional courses. The tuition per semester is GHC 3,000 for locals and $2,000 for international students.

  1. Sikkim Manipal University

This institution offers masters as well as bachelor’s degree programmes in the Department of Information Technology (IT), Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Department of Management. The fee for locals and non-Ghanaians is $1,260 per semester, and it can be paid in 3 instalments before the end of the semester.

  1. Zenith University College

Zenith University College sits at the end of the list of the cheapest universities in Ghana. Although it is privately owned, the university is quite affordable. For example, the fees for Business Administration courses regardless of nationality is GHC 900 per semester. Similarly, English language students also pay GHC 400 per semester.


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