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UNILAG – Enrol in Chinese Programmes at the Confucius Institute as Qualified Candidates

Interested candidates are hereby currently invited to enrol in the Chinese language programmes at the Confucius Institute at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). This is an excellent opportunity to learn Chinese and broaden your horizons by participating in a variety of cultural and educational activities.

UNILAG Confucius Institute Programme Offerings:

  • HSK 1: Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • HSK 2: Monday and Wednesday
  • HSK 3: Monday and Wednesday
  • HSK 4: Monday and Wednesday
  • Weekend Classes: HSK 1

Each programme runs for 16 weeks, with 2 hours of lessons per session.

In addition to the language courses, the Confucius Institute offers several other services and benefits to its students, including:

  1. Internship opportunities in Chinese enterprises.
  2. Scholarships to study in China.
  3. Job opportunities in growing Chinese establishments.

These programmes and services are designed to help students develop their language skills and gain valuable cultural experiences, opening up new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

For more information or to enrol in one of the Chinese language programmes at the Confucius Institute, UNILAG, please send an email to or call 0802 709 6164. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn Chinese and immerse yourself in Chinese culture. Enrol today!

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