Choosing the best candidate by video interview

Choosing the best candidate by video interview

Job interviews can be a stressful experience for both the candidate and the interviewer, especially when it’s not done in person.

Often, we believe that the pressure falls solely on the candidate, however, the interviewer also has a very important role to play as they must ensure that they get the best out of the professional;

as well as explain the benefits that the company offers properly.

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Provide all relevant details before the video interview

Today, there are many different ways to conduct job interviews without having to be “face to face”. Skype interviews are the most common, but can also be done with tools like Facetime.

Before the interview, make sure to send candidates all the details of how their video interview will start, including the date, time, login details, and the URL through which they will connect if necessary.

Make sure you have read the CV of the candidates beforehand

Knowing the skills and experience of each candidate before the video interview is essential to carry out the process effectively.

Try to set aside at least 20-30 minutes to go through his resume and motivation letter if applicable, as well as to take note of the aspects you would like to ask him about.

Understand what type of profile is needed for the open position

In order to ask the right questions during the video interview, you need to understand the job offer and what kind of profile is needed for the position.

If you understand the offer well, you will be able to get the most out of the video interview, as well as obtain key information about the experience and skills of the candidate.

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Make the candidate feel comfortable

To have a fluid conversation, it is important that the candidate feels comfortable, being even more necessary when it is done by videoconference.

A good way to do this is to start the interview with an informal approach.

Maybe ask a non-interview question like “How are you today?” or “What do you have planned to do this weekend?” is the most effective icebreaker.

Listen, listen…and listen

The power of listening should never be underestimated, make sure to give each candidate enough time to answer each question, as well as to share their professional experience and motivations.

If you don’t give it some space free of interruptions, it’s more than possible that you won’t get what you expected and the selection process will be at stake

Anticipate technical problems

If you experience technical glitches during the interview, such as a weak connection or interference, politely mention it to the candidate and reconnect to avoid losing relevant information.

Remember to check that everything is working properly before the video interview begins.

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Explain the benefits and corporate culture that your company offers

Just as the job interview is an opportunity for the candidate to explain their skills and experience, it is also an opportunity for the interviewer to promote their company.

Most likely, the interviewee is in several selection processes, so if the candidate is the right one for the vacant position, you will have to show him the benefits and corporate culture that the organization offers.

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