Courses Offered At Ahman Pategi University

The general public particularly all aspiring students of  Ahman Pategi University are hereby informed that the accredited courses offered at the University have been made available for them on this page as well as the school fees schedule.

About The University

His father was former Minister of Health and Agriculture Ahman Pategi, during Ahmadu Bello, reign.

He attended primary school Patigi, and had a WASC in Government Secondary School Ilorin 1976 -81. He completed Basic studies 1981–82. He obtained his BS’c on International Studies in Ahmadu Bello University1982-85. And his MS’c in Political Economy and Development Studies in University of Abuja.

Ahman pategi university courses

below is the complete list of courses offered in ahman pategi University (APU):

  • Cyber security
  • Computer science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • English
  • Microbiology
  • mass communication
  • industrial chemistry
  • accounting
  • physics with electronic
  • taxation
  • international relations
  • software engineering
  • plant and biotechnology

The above courses are the courses offered by APU.

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Ahman pategi university cut off mark

The general cut off mark for all university set by joint admission matricuation board is 160, ahman pategi is not exceptional. however, most of the courses offer in ahman pategi university cut off mark are above 160.

Ahman Pategi University School Fees For Undergraduate 

Ahman Pategi University Undergraduate school fees vary due to course, faculty and indigenization. Some faculty/courses across the world are more costly than others.

For example, the medicine or engineering, their school fees may be higher than one other faculty/courses.

Ahman Pategi University school fees would consist of all the needed breakdowns and explanations.

Below is the breakdown;

B.A. English 180,000
B.Sc. Economics 320,000
B.Sc. Accounting 380,000
B.Sc. Taxation 320,000
B.Sc. Entrepreneurship 400,000
B.A. International Relations 268,000
B.Sc. Mass Communication 313,000
B.Sc. Plant & Biotech 300,000
B.Sc. Microbiology 300,000
B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry 190,000
B.Sc. Computer Science 317,000
B.Sc. Cyber Security 390,000
B.Sc. Software Engineering 390,000
B.Sc. Forensic Sciences 420,000
BSc. Physics with Electronics 320,000
Hostel Fee 90,000
Hostel Fee 80,000


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