Courses Offered At Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa

The general public particularly all aspiring students of Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa are hereby informed that the accredited courses offered at the University have been made available for them on this page as well as the school fees schedule.

About The University

Wellspring University is a private university, licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in November 2009.It is located in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria. The university was founded by the Management Science Centre, a Professional Training and Educational Consulting Firm established in 1983. The university was established on firm Christian beliefs and principles to provide a well-rounded education capable of enabling students develop valuable intellectual knowledge and practical life skills with sound morals. The university currently runs its undergraduate programmes in its four colleges and its postgraduate programmes in its postgraduate school. All the academic programmes of the university are accredited by the National Universities Commission, and the university was rated third among the second generation private universities in 2019 according to NUC Webometric Ranking, 2019.(National Universities Commission, 2019).

Wellspring University School Fees For New Students 2022/2023 Academic  Session

Academic programmes

The university has four colleges and runs the courses as indicated below in the colleges:

The College of Natural and Applied Sciences

  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry

The College of Computing

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Cyber security
  • Software engineering

The College of Health Sciences

  • Nursing sciences
  • Medical laboratory science

The College of Social and Management Science

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Mass communication
  • Business administration
  • Hotel management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • International relations
  • Public administration

Wellspring University School Fees Schedule for Undergraduates [New and Returning Students] 2022/2023.

Definitely, new students can’t pay the same with old or returning students. This contains information on Wellspring University School fees schedule for new and returning undergraduates in a well-organized manner. It contains the amount payable for each semester by the various departments available in the school.

1. College of Science & Computing
B.Sc. Microbiology 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Biochemistry 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Computer Science 220,000 70,000
B.Sc. Information Technology 215,000 70,000
B.Sc. Cyber Security 215,000 70,000
B.Sc. Software Engineering 225,000 70,000
2. College of Basic Medical & Health Sciences
B.NSc. Nursing 280,000 70,000
BMLS Medical Laboratory Science 240,000 70,000
3. Social and Management Sciences
B.Sc. Accounting 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Taxation 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Mass Communication 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Business Administration 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Hotel Management and Tourism 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Entrepreneurship 190,000 70,000
B.Sc. Economics 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. International Relations 200,000 70,000
B.Sc. Public Administration 200,000 70,000
Other Charges
Application form (One-off) 7,500
Acceptance fee (One-off) 25,000
Matriculation (One-off) 25,000
Medicals (Sessional) 20,000
Laboratory services (Sessional where applicable) 20,000
Development Levy-Sessional 10,000

Wellspring University School Fees for Postgraduate Programmes

Tuition fee MBA. 157,500
Tuition fee MSc Accounting 127,500
Tuition fee MSc Bus Admin. 127,500
Tuition fee MSc Inti Relation 127,500
Tuition fee MSc Microbiology 127,500
Tuition fee MSc Mass Communication 127,500
Tuition fee MSc Economics 127,500
Tuition fee-MSc Computer Science 137,500
Tuition fee-PGD Bus Admin 95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Economics 95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Int Relation 95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Mass Communication 95,000
Tuition fee-PGD Computer 105,000
Other charges
PG Application form (One-off) 10,000
PG Acceptance fee (One-off) 30,000
PG Registration fee (Per Semester) 10,000
Matriculation fee (One-off) 20,000
Development Levy 10,000

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Wellspring University School Fees for Top-Up Programmes

Tuition 145,000
Application form( One-off) 7,500
Acceptance fee (One-off) 30,000
Registration (One-off) 20,000
Medicals (Semester) 5,000
Matriculation (One-off) 20,000
Development Levy-Sessional 10,000

Wellspring University School Fees for Part-Time Programmes

Description Amount (N) Remark
Tuition fee (Per session) 150,000.00
Other charges
Application form (One-off) 7,500.00
Acceptance fee( One-off) 25,000.00
Matriculation fee (One-off) 25,000.00 To be paid at the time of Matriculation
Medical fee (per semester) 3,000.00
Development Levy 10,000.00

How to pay Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa – Edo State (Wellspring University) School Fees 2022/2023 Session.

Here contains information for Wellspring University Fees portal for undergraduates, the places to pay and how to pay for the school fees. The instructions are very short, precise and simple. Read through to understand the payment process. Here is How to Pay Wellspring University School Fee;

  • Log in to the portal here.
  • Follow the instructions on the portal on how to pay.
  • After payment, make sure that you print out your receipt for payment
  • If there is anything you don’t understand, visit the school.

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