Eagle scout scholarships 2023

Eagle scout scholarships

Scouting’s highest honor, the Eagle Scout Award, is a plus if you’re applying for scholarships. In actuality, there are lots of scholarships available for outstanding scout members.

The BSA offers certain financial aid alternatives. These honors are also sponsored by organizations other than the Boy Scouts of America.

There are various types of scholarships available to Eagle Scouts as well. You must be a member of the National Eagle Scout Association to be eligible. Additionally, each scholarship has its own set of additional requirements.

Academic Scholarships

School, academic performance, scouting activity, and financial need are all taken into consideration when awarding academic scholarships.

These Eagle grants can require choosing a particular major. Consider the $50,000 NESA STEM Scholarship as an illustration. It is awarded to Eagle Scouts who have pursued STEM-related careers. hence, subjects related to science, technology, engineering, or math.

The Cooke Scholarship is another such choice offered by the National Eagle Scout Association. You must have a minimum SAT (1290) or ACT (28) score to be eligible.

Scholarships for merit

NESA evaluates three factors when awarding merit scholarships to Eagle Scouts. Academic achievement, involvement in Scouting, and community service for Eagle Scouts.

Start your application as soon as your final year of high school begins. After that, continue to apply each year until your junior year of college. One illustration is the NESA-offered Hall/McElwain Merit Scholarship.

How much does an Eagle Scout Scholarship cost?

Each scholarship has a different payment amount. The Boy Scouts of America offer academic scholarships ranging from $25,000 to $50,000. Yet, their merit-based awards range from $1,000 to $5,000.

There are also a lot of additional grantors. Each has a different formula for distributing financial aid to Eagle Scouts.

The Eagle Scout of the Year Award is one illustration. There is a $10,000 prize offered by the American Legion. Each of the three runner-ups will get $2,500.

Is Eagle Scout Status a Benefit for College?

With 52,160 Eagle Scouts, the Class of 2018 ranks as the eighth-largest Eagle Scout class in history. Many Eagle Scouts are headed to college because their average age is 17.32 years old.

The Boy Scouts of America have awarded these young men their highest rank. In actuality, only 6.49 percent of Scouts who qualified for Eagle in 2018 did so.

This prize is seen as deserving of praise by many organizations. They transform into kind donors who provide young scouts a variety of scholarship options.

One of these is the Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund. It all began with a $1 million contribution. The fund was created by William P. Clements Jr., a former governor of Texas.

The contribution initially provided $90,000 for scholarships. Since then, the charity has expanded to provide $690,000 in scholarships. So, this is a key resource if you are an Eagle Scout looking for assistance with paying for college.

Will being an Eagle Scout help you get into college?

Eagle scout

Admission to college may be facilitated by Eagle Scout status. After all, earning such a level and reward is an honor. Because of their notoriety, Eagle Scouts are:

  • Someone you can rely on
  • Loyal
  • Helpful
  • Courteous
  • Respectful
  • Friendly

Several universities consider an applicant based on other factors, even though it might not compensate for bad grades. This can entail giving your extracurricular activities a closer look. or evaluating your capacity for leadership.

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Which colleges provide scholarships for Eagle Scouts?

Eagle Scouts can receive scholarships from some institutions in the United States. The University of Mississippi’s Eagle Scout/Gold Award is one illustration.

Eagle Scouts or Gold Award recipients who are incoming freshmen may apply. Freshmen may be eligible for $6,000 ($1,500 year). Although first-time Community College Transfer students may be awarded $3,000 ($1,500 annually),

The Eagle Scout scholarship program is also offered at Florida Tech’s Melbourne campus. Any new first-year student who has attained the rank of Eagle Scout is eligible.

Gold Award-winning Girl Scouts are also welcome to apply. The Panther Fund Scholarship offers a $2,500 annual scholarship. There, you must be a full-time undergraduate.

Moreover, Hampton Sydney College provides scholarships for Eagle Scouts. It is worth $5,000 year, or $20,000 overall. The leadership, integrity, service, and character of an Eagle Scout are valued by these scholarships.

Another illustration is the Highlander Character Scholarship. This prize is available at MacMurray College and provides $1,000 year. Both first-year and transfer students can use it.

Those who participate in leadership and community action organizations. The Boy Scouts of America are included in this.

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Do Eagle Scouts receive any benefits?

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a worthwhile experience that will provide the recipient with a number of advantages. They include of enduring relationships, boosted self-esteem, and leadership abilities.

Also, Eagle Scouts will be at a distinct advantage when applying for military service, jobs, and colleges.

How uncommon are Eagle Scouts?

Around 6% of eligible Scouts earn the Eagle Scout rank each year. When the United States’ overall juvenile population of Scouting age is taken into account, the ratio falls to roughly 0.3%. So certainly, it is quite uncommon to become an Eagle Scout.

Is a year-long Eagle Scout program possible?

If they maintain their focus and take proactive measures, new scouts can earn the Eagle rank in as little as two years. Attending weeklong camps will enable you to improve in rank and earn merit badges.

A scout aiming for a 2-year Eagle should also start thinking about their Eagle project as soon as possible.

Is earning an Eagle Scout difficult?

The top rank in Scouting is “Eagle Scout,” which is only possible for young people. In actuality, just 5% of new scouts ever earn the Eagle rank.

So, even for scouts who can achieve merit badges and rank criteria rapidly, becoming an Eagle Scout is a particularly challenging undertaking!

Is achieving Eagle Scout status a huge deal?

Colleges take seriously applicants who are Eagle Scouts. Because they understand that Eagle Scouts have acquired specific talents, exhibit admirable character characteristics, and are capable leaders, many schools place a high value on them. Your Eagle Scout status is a fantastic approach to make your application stand out.

Who are some notable Eagle Scouts?

Microsoft Corporation’s founder, Bill Gates, lives. US Senator from Wyoming Alan Simpson was a Boy Scout in Cody, Wyoming, when he visited other Scouts in a Japanese-American internment camp and made lifelong friends with Norman Mineta (see above). the Japanese-American Compensation Act was passed with help.

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