Ebonyi State University Courses & Admission Requirement

It can be frustrating for students to find out they didn’t meet up with a school’s requirement after choosing the school as their choice of study. So, we have compiled all the accredited list of courses of Ebonyi State University  (EBSU) as well as their admission requirements.

Nonetheless, before going into the crux of today’s topic, I would like to share with you the some basic information about EBSU that you are supposed to know.

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Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki was founded in 1999 in AbakalikiNigeria.The university’s medical faculty was established in 1991 as ESUT’s Faculty of Health Sciences. Many of its facilities were developed in response to a Guinea worm pandemic; the Abakaliki Specialist Hospital, created for this purpose, was remodeled to become Ebonyi State University’s primary teaching hospital. It was subsequently granted accreditation by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) for the training of medical students and resident doctors. Since it became part of Ebonyi State University, the medical school has received considerable funding from the Ebonyi government.

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General Admission Requirements

The EBSU School of Postgraduate Studies admission requirements must be satisfied by all candidates seeking for admission into any of the Postgraduate programmes

All candidates seeking admission into EBSU SPGS must have a minimum of credit pass in Olevel English Language for all programmes. All candidates in Medical/Para-Medical Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences and science related programmes (Agricultural Sciences, Education, etc) must have a minimum of credit pass in mathematics. However, candidates applying for a Postgraduate Degree in Management Sciences, Arts, Social Sciences and Law may be considered with a pass in Mathematics. Nevertheless, courses such as Economics, Accountancy, and Banking and Finance are special exemptions required credit pass 2.3 in O’Level Mathematics.

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A. Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)

An applicant for admission into any course of study leading to Postgraduate Diploma of Ebonyi State University shall be;

  1. A holder of a Bachelor’s degree of Ebonyi State University or other institutions recognized by Senate; or
  2. A holder of the Higher National Diploma (HND) passed at upper credit level in a related discipline; or
  3. Holders of third class degree in an area shall normally be admitted to the PGD Programmes. However, the candidate shall not have a CGPA below 2 on 5-point grade scale.
  4. Holder of Higher National Diploma (HND) passed at Lower Credit Level in a related discipline with relevant work experience of 3 years.

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B. Master of Science (MSc)


  1. Graduates of Ebonyi State University or graduates from other approved universities who have obtained the appropriate degree with at least a good second class honours or its equivalent;
  2. Holders of the EBSU Postgraduate Diploma or PGD from other recognized institutions who score a CGPA of not less than 2.5 on the 5 points grade scale or 60% average would be eligible for admission into the Master’s Programmes.

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C. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

The following may apply for provisional registration as candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in view. Graduates of approved Universities who have obtained the degree of Master’s appropriate to the proposed study. A candidate seeking admission into PhD programme from the Master’s programmes would obtained a CGPA of not less than 3.50 on 5 points grade.

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EBSU Courses 2022/2023 And Requirements

Ebonyi State University Courses, Requirements:

1.       Accounting
2.       Public Administration
3.       Educational Administration
4.       Agriculture
5.       Anatomy
6.       Sociology And Anthropology
7.       Fisheries And Aquaculture
8.       Education Arts
9.       Education And Biology
10.    Biology
11.    Applied Biology
12.    Botany
13.    Industrial Chemistry
14.    Education And Chemistry
15.    Chemistry
16.    Mass Communication
17.    Guidance And Counselling
18.    Economics
19.    Education And Economics
20.    Business Education
21.    Electrical/Electronics Technology Education
22.    Agricultural Science And Education
23.    Mechanical Metalwork Technology Education
24.    Health Education
25.    Science Education
26.    Home Economics And Education
27.    Vocational And Technical Education
28.    Building Technology Education
29.    Agric-economics And Extension
30.    Banking And Finance
31.    Educational Foundations
32.    French
33.    Geology
34.    Igbo
35.    Human Kinetics
36.    Education And English Language
37.    Civil Law
38.    Linguistics
39.    English Language And Literature
40.    Educational Management
41.    Management
42.    Crop Production And Landscape Management
43.    Soil And Environmental Management
44.    Business Management
45.    Marketing
46.    Education And Mathematics
47.    Mathematics
48.    Industrial Mathematics
49.    Industrial Mathematics/computer
50.    Philosophy
51.    Education And Physics
52.    Industrial Physics
53.    Physiology
54.    Psychology
55.    History And International Relations
56.    Political Science
57.    Education And Computer Science
58.    Computer Science
59.    Education And Integrated Science
60.    Education And Social Science
61.    Medical Laboratory Science
62.    Nursing/Nursing Science
63.    Animal Science
64.    Education And Religious Studies
65.    Religious Studies
66.    Education And Social Studies
67.    Medicine And Surgery
68.    Food Science And Technology
69.    Zoology

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Now that you know EBSU Courses And Requirements 2022/2023, let’s look at EBSU Competitive and less competitive courses.

Ebonyi State University | Abakaliki, Nigeria |

EBSU Competitive Courses

1.       Accounting
2.       Public Administration
3.       Anatomy
4.       Mass Communication
5.       Economics
6.       Law
7.       Business Management
8.       Nursing/Nursing Science
9.       Medical Laboratory Science
10.    Political Science
11.    Computer Science
12.    Medicine And Surgery

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