Ecobank USSD Code to Transfer Money to any Bank in Nigeria

Ecobank Nigeria Limited, commonly referred to as Ecobank Nigeria, is a commercial bank in Nigeria. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator.

Good news to all Ecobank Customers in Nigeria.

Ecobank has launched airtime top-up services that allows its customers to recharge their Mobile Phone Airtime balance easily at any time of the day by simply dialing a code.

Apart from the numerous ways available to making transactions easier for their customers, Ecobank has put up ways customers can make payments, send money to any bank in Nigeria using their USSD code.

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This method is to help those living in rural areas of Nigeria especially non internet phone users, farmers etc, the USSD Code is to enable people send money to their clients, family and friends.

Also because of the distance between the rural and the urban areas,this process is very helpful as people can just, with the use of their mobile phone make transfers which of course must be registered with their personal Ecobank account.

The good thing about this method is you don’t need to have an internet connection or am android before you can make transactions, you don’t have to stand long queue in the bank to also send money to

customers, family and friends, All you need is your Ecobank USSD code and you are good to go.


It is Important to note that the USSD banking code is unique for every bank in Nigeria and as such it is good for customers of these banks to get familiar with their Bank USSD Code and its functions.

If you are an Eco Bank customer you would be wondering what the USSD code for transferring money looks like, well not to worry we got your back. we are going to show you the code you can use to transfer

money from your Eco Bank account to other Eco Bank account, and even to other Banks, also we will show you how you can pay bills e.g electricity bills, DSTV etc, recharge your line with airtime, check

your account balance and lots more. All the transactions i have listed above can only be carried out through the Eco Bank USSD Code (*326#).

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How To Activate the *326# Code on your Phone

For You to be able to enjoy the USSD banking Services as an Eco bank Customers it is important for you to first and foremost complete these steps below

  • Ensure you have Eco Bank Account
  • Ensure your phone number is linked with your Eco bank Account
  • Dial *326# on your Phone and Follow the Option that pops up.

How To Transfer Money From Eco Bank Account to Eco Bank Account Using USSD Code

Now to make all these transactions seemly easier for their esteemed customers, Eco Bank Customers can simply Dial *325* Amount*Account Number # Directly from your phone, choose the bank option

that displays and send, Next, you will be asked to input your PIN to complete the transaction, Ensure you confirm the account name and phone number before you proceed to complete the transaction.

How To Transfer Money From Eco Bank Account to Other Banks In Nigeria Without Using USSD Code

To Send money to other banks from you can simply dial the *326# code from your phone and follow the instruction.

Remember to cross check for correctness the amount digit and the account number before you conclude the transaction.

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