Germany Invites Skilled Nigerian Workers, Others to Apply for Easy Visa

Germany is looking to attract skilled workers from all over the world, including Nigerians, to fill millions of job openings.

The European country hopes the move will help combat its shortage of skilled workers.

According to information from a Germany website, the skilled workers will get into the country through what it tagged chancenkarte or opportunity card.

The ‘chancenkarte’ will use a points system to enable workers with the required skills to come to Germany more easily.

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How will it work?

Every year, quotas will be set depending on which industries need workers.

Three out of four of the following criteria must also be met to apply for the scheme:

  • A degree or vocational training recognised by Germany
  • Three years’ professional experience
  • Language skills or a previous stay in Germany
  • Under 35 years old

Germany Invites Skilled Nigerian Workers, Others to Apply for Easy Visa, Similar to UK, Australia

  • Germany is looking for skilled workers from all over the world, including Nigerians, to fill open positions
  • Those who meet the criteria, as in the United Kingdom and Australia, will have an easier time obtaining a visa
  • Study found that in Germany, there are 1.74 million vacant positions throughout the country.

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Why is this different from other opportunities to enter Germany

Currently, most non-EU citizens need to have a job offer before they can relocate to Germany.

A visa for job seekers already exists, but the ‘chancenkarte’ is expected to make it easier and faster for people looking to find work in Germany.

Citizens of certain countries with visa agreements can already enter Germany for 90 days visa-free but are only permitted to take up short-term employment.

Opportunity card more details

The opportunity card will also allow people to come and look for a job or apprenticeship while in the country rather than applying from abroad.

Applicants must be able to prove they can afford to pay their living expenses in the meantime.

The exact details of the scheme are yet to be formalised.

Why does Germany need to attract skilled workers?

This year, the shortage of skilled workers in Germany has risen to an all-time high. The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) found 1.74 million vacant positions throughout the country.

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Opportunities available

According to a survey, Germany suffers from accommodation and event industry worker shortages.

This is followed by warehousing and storage, service providers, and manufacturing – particularly in the food, data processing equipment, machinery and metal manufacturing sectors.

Many retail businesses, construction companies and wholesalers have also reported staff shortages.

The pharmacist and chemical industries have the fewest skilled workers available.



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