How do you know if you have a good insurance agent?

How do you know if you have a good insurance agent? Below are ways to know if you are working with a good insurance agents or not.

Why an insurance Agent?

To buy insurance, whatever it is, it is necessary to choose. You can do this directly through the company or use the services of a broker .

Sometimes the work of brokers can be misunderstood.

The insurance broker is not in the insurance companies, on the contrary. He is an intermediary between the client and the insurers. Once he has understood the situation and the needs of the client, the broker works to study the offers of the insurers (mutual, complementary or pension) with which he works, to find the one that best suits the specific needs.

How to recognize a good Insurance Agent?

Free: Brokers receive a payment from insurers upon signing the contract, but for clients it is completely free. They do not charge commissions or additional costs. Beware of any broker asking you for such a payment.

Independence: The broker chooses the companies for which he wishes to work completely independently.

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The goal is to offer a range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers and to monitor their evolution.

Beware of some brokers, mostly online, who claim to represent a large number of companies and solutions.

No one knows perfectly the administrative mechanisms of a dozen companies. No broker can be as knowledgeable in that range. They will not be able to defend you during a dispute, they will not have the means and they will not be effective in their management processes. It is just a smoke screen to attract customers.

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Support for clients: A broker is not an employee of an insurance company and does not have an exclusive contract, but must act in defense of the client.

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The influence of a professional within a company is much more important than a private individual, thanks to the volume of business that he generates and also to the privileged and lasting links that are woven with the partners.

In some cases, we may sometimes obtain certain “favors” or “approvals” from our partners for the benefit of our customers. We know that certain clauses and circumstances are not always clear or unresolved.

Keep in mind that a broker is very different from a general agent. The latter is attached to a single insurance company and is legally the agent of the insurer, not that of the insured.

Vigilance: A broker’s duty, and indeed his survival depends on it, is to analyze the market and advise you if new solutions are available.

Assistance: In an emergency, especially during a hospital stay, your agent will handle the direct payment process. In some countries like the United States, the process is extremely simple. In others like Mexico, this help will be useful. The broker will be your intermediary between the hospital and the insurance company. Some Expat Assurance customers have already seen these benefits!

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In short, a broker will save you time and money and will be with you for the duration of the contract.

You may be tempted to go directly to the insurance company to get a good insurance agent thinking you’ll get a better price or better terms. But there will be no interest and on the contrary, you will not benefit from any of the services mentioned above.

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