How to Apply As a Reliability Engineer In Canada With Visa Sponsorship

The solution to your next job move can be right there in front of you. Many jobs in Canada ( City of Calgary) are open right now, and some have yearly salaries of up to $150,000.

Reliability Engineer are among the many diverse positions that the City of Calgary is now searching for. If hired, you might earn a delicious triple-digit salary while working in the city.

What is a reliability engineer?

Before exploring reliability engineer responsibilities, it’s often helpful to first review a definition of this technical role. A reliability engineer is an expert in identifying and mitigating risks that can affect asset reliability. These assets typically refer to plant and equipment, such as production machinery, process production equipment, refining equipment, appliances and vehicles. A reliability engineer identifies how assets may fail, the implications of asset downtime and management strategies to minimise asset downtime.

Responsibilities of a Reliability Engineer 

 Conducting failure mode and effects analysis

Performing predictive analysis

Planning performance evaluation assessments

 Conducting root cause analysis

 Developing proactive maintenance procedures

Reviewing newly installed plant and equipment

Creating and monitoring life cycle asset management plans

Assisting in design and development planning for custom assets

Providing technical support

 Monitoring overall equipment effectiveness

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Reliability engineer skills

Below, you can explore some of the typical skills that can help you perform your duties as a reliability engineer:

  • Attention to detail: When diagnosing complex assets, a minor issue might escalate to a complete asset failure. Your attention to detail can be an excellent skill for identifying these minor issues, particularly in a root cause or FMEA analysis.

  • Problem-solving: One of your primary responsibilities as a reliability engineer is usually to diagnose and resolve problems with assets. Your problem-solving skills can help you identify complex issues, consider effective solutions and develop preventative procedures.

  • Communication: As a reliability manager, many of your duties can benefit from excellent communication skills. For example, when developing proactive maintenance plans, you can discuss complex procedures with maintenance team members to ensure they understand their duties.

Salary Range

$86,967 to $131,311 per year in pay

How to Apply

All interested persons are to click on the link below to apply


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