How to Check the Remaining Balance on your Gift Card

How to Check the Remaining Balance on your Gift Card

It’s very common to have a Gift Card, but not know how to check your balance.

Many people, however, let the dollars on their plastic go to waste: Each year, up to $3 billion worth of gift cards go unused, according to the Mercator Advisory Group, which provides data on the payments industry.

Any unspent money gets sent back to the retailer or bank, who are often happy to have it.

So in this article, you’re going to find out how to check your Gift Card Balance and answers to questions you may want to know.

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How to check your credit card balance

Call your credit card issuer

You can check your balance by phone any time, and you won’t even need to wait to talk to a customer service representative.

Enter the phone number on the back of your credit card and follow the automated service instructions. You will be asked for your account number and identifying information.

You’ll hear your account balance, as well as other information such as your most recent purchase amount.

Check your Gift Card online account

If you haven’t used your credit card company’s website before, look for the address on your credit card or statement.

You’ll need to create an account with a secure password, and you might want to bookmark the log-in page.

Once you’re all set, you can check your balance, see purchases and payments, and even pay your bill in one place.

For security reasons, don’t let your computer save your username and password for your bank.

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Use your bank’s mobile app

Download your credit card company’s app on your mobile phone, and you’ll access your account and see recent transactions, payments and balance.

You can even make payments or chat with a customer service representative.

Avoid storing your password, and possibly even your username, on your mobile app. Anyone who picks up your phone can access your account if it’s not protected.

Send a text to your Gift Card bank

You may be able to bank by text, or at least quickly check your balance.

For example, if you have a Chase credit card, you can text Chase at 24273, and it will text back your account balance and other information.

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Bottom line

Credit card companies report your balance to the credit bureaus at one point during the billing cycle – and chances are it’s not right after you pay your bill.

So, you could pay your balance off every month, but your credit report could show you had a large balance on the day your account was reported.

This could hurt your credit utilization ratio – the amount you owe in relation to your available credit.

When your credit score matters most, such as when you are planning to apply for a mortgage, check your balance frequently and try to keep your balances below 30% of your available credit throughout the month.

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