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How to Check Your 2023 WAEC May/June Result Online

As you eagerly await the release of the West African Examinations Council results for the May/June 2023 exam series, it is understandable that you would want to check your results as soon as possible. After months of preparation and the intensity of the exam period, finally knowing how you performed can bring a sense of closure and determine your next steps. While the WAEC typically releases results within 60 to 90 days of the exams, in recent years they have published results online before the official release date. By following the proper procedure, you may be able to access your results ahead of schedule and avoid delays. This guide will walk you through how to check your WAEC May/June 2023 exam results online as soon as they become available.

Navigating to the WAEC Website to Check Results

To check your 2023 WAEC May/June exam results online, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the official WAEC website at
  • On the homepage, locate and click the ‘Check Your Results’ button. This will redirect you to the WAEC e-Results portal.
  • Enter your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number. This unique number was issued to you during registration for the exam.
  • Enter the 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) you created during exam registration. If you cannot remember your PIN, request a PIN reminder to receive your PIN via text message.
  • Select the type of exam you sat for, either WASSCE (for school candidates) or WASSCE (for private candidates). Then, click ‘Submit’.
  • Your 2023 WAEC May/June results will be displayed on the screen. Review all subjects and scores carefully. Your results will also indicate if any subjects require a resit.
  • You can print your results slip directly from the portal. WAEC will not mail hard copies of results to candidates. Print or save your e-Result slip for admission and employment purposes.
  • If you notice any issues with your results such as missing subjects or scores, incorrect personal details, or you require a result certification, contact WAEC directly. Do not attempt to make changes yourself.

By diligently following these steps, you can securely access your 2023 WAEC May/June exam results online.

How to Check Your 2023 WAEC May/June Result Online

Entering Your Exam Details to Access Results

To access your WAEC May/June 2023 results online, you will need to provide specific details about yourself and your examination.

Personal Information

First, go to WAEC’s official results website and select ‘May/June WASSCE Results’. You will be prompted to enter your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number, as well as your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN is the number you received along with your WAEC registration form. Enter both numbers correctly to proceed.

Exam Details

Next, you will need to specify which exam type you sat for. Choose ‘School Candidate Results’ if you are a school student. For private candidates, select ‘Private Candidate Results’. Then select the year you sat for the exam, in this case 2023.

Subject Details

After that, you will need to input the subjects you registered for. Tick all the subjects you wrote from the list shown. Ensure you tick the subjects you want to check the results for. You can view your scores for a maximum of 9 subjects at once.

Verify and View

Finally, review the details you entered for accuracy and click ‘Submit’. Your May/June WAEC 2023 results will be displayed on the next page if there are no issues. Check that your name, subjects, scores, grades, and other details are all correct before printing or saving the page.

By providing the necessary personal, exam and subject details, you can successfully access your WAEC 2023 results online as soon as they are released.

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Understanding and Interpreting Your WAEC Result

To understand and interpret your WAEC result, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

Grading System

WAEC uses a grading system of A1 to F9, with A1 being the highest score and F9 the lowest. Scores of C6 and above are considered passing grades. The grades indicate your performance in each subject relative to other candidates.

Subject Analysis

Review how you performed in each subject. Subjects you did well in, with grades of B3 and above, are your strengths. Pay attention to subjects with lower scores, as these may need improvement. Compare scores across related subjects to determine if there are any areas of weakness. For example, if you received a high score in Mathematics but a low score in Further Mathematics, you may need to focus more on certain Further Mathematics topics.

Overall Performance

Your overall WAEC result is indicated by your aggregate score, which is the total of the subject scores you obtained in the exam. A high aggregate, usually above 30 points, indicates an excellent overall performance. An aggregate below 20 points is considered a weak performance and you may need to retake certain subjects to improve your result.

Next Steps

If satisfied with your result, you can move on to the next stage of your education or career. If not satisfied, you have a few options:

  • Retake the exam in the next series to improve specific subject scores.
  • Enroll in remedial classes to strengthen weak areas before retaking the exam.
  • Choose a different set of subjects that play to your strengths if you intend to retake the entire exam.

With hard work and perseverance, you can achieve your desired WAEC result.


To conclude, checking your WAEC result for the May/June 2023 exam online is a straightforward process, but you must exercise patience as the results are released. Ensure you have your exam registration number, scratch card details, and an internet-enabled device. Visit the WAEC portal, enter your details carefully, and your results will be displayed. Take time to review the grades for each subject and look out for any outstanding subjects. You can also print out your result slip for your records. Congratulations, you have completed another milestone. Use this result as a motivation to aim higher in your academics and career.

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