How To Choose Health Insurance In The Uk

How to Choose Health Insurance for the UK.

It may seem unnecessary to take out health insurance to go to the UK, as the country does not present the same health or safety risks as other destinations.

But the problem is that, in this country, health has a high cost. And you may find yourself with an unpleasant surprise in the form of an invoice if you suffer any unforeseen event.

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Below you can read why it is advisable to have health insurance in England and what are the limits of your Social Security policy in the United Kingdom. Also the most profitable options offered by private companies.

Why take out health insurance in England?
Healthcare is expensive in England
The English public health system (NHS) is open to expatriates and, in case of a short stay, you can benefit from the same rights as nationals if you have the European health card.

UK health insurance through the NHS covers certain services, such as consultations and hospital stays. But it has its limits.

Especially in dental care, optics and medicines, where reimbursements are scarce.

There is also a marked lack of specialists, emergency services are deficient and there are long delays in treatment due to lack of resources.

If you are looking for faster and more efficient care, or if you do not have a European health card, you should go to the private sector. And their prices are high (a consultation can cost several hundred pounds).

An Update on UK Health Insurance

Health insurance in the UK: local or international?
As you have just seen, it is essential to take out private health insurance in the United Kingdom. Only then can you benefit from good insurance. Basic medical expenses and hospitalization are the minimum coverage.

The proposed contracts usually offer additional guarantees, such as legal aid or civil liability, and also allow you to benefit from advantages such as the waiver of advance payments in the event of hospitalization in a partner establishment.

It is possible to take out a local policy for your health insurance in England, but it is recommended to use an international insurance company.

Even better if it is from your country of origin. They should offer you advantages such as the choice of the currency in which you will pay (dollars, euros, pounds or even your local currency) and the simplified management of the policy in Spanish.

These insurances will also cover you when you travel outside of England (holidays abroad, business trips), even in your country of origin.

Local insurance does not offer this guarantee, which is important when you are no longer covered by the Social Security system in your country.

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Social Security in the UK
The limits of the Social Security of your country of origin
Depending on your country of origin, you may still have Social Security coverage after moving to the UK.

It is a comfortable solution that allows you to maintain a link with Social Security and quickly recover your rights in the event that you return home.

The fees to be paid are calculated based on your family situation and your age. This makes it very interesting for young singles.

Also for people with previous medical conditions, since you do not have to fill out a medical questionnaire.

But the offer of this health insurance in England is limited. The contract only offers basic guarantees and refunds are usually the same as in your country.

This may be insufficient considering the cost of consultations and private care in the UK.

Supplementary insurance to Social Security to improve reimbursements and expand coverage
To be properly covered by this health insurance in the United Kingdom, you need to subscribe to a complementary policy managed by another company.

Depending on the chosen contract, additional guarantees will be offered and reimbursements will be more interesting. But this second contract also increases the overall cost of your insurance policy.

In order not to complicate the management of your insurance, in some countries packages are offered.

Although the contract is signed with another insurer, the management is carried out by Social Security. This avoids multiplying procedures and contact persons.

Health insurance in the United Kingdom: policies from the 1st euro
Private health insurance in the UK with good value for money
The most recommended insurance solution in these cases are the so-called 1 euro (or 1 pound) contracts.

There is a required medical questionnaire at the time of application, which may result in coverage exclusions or premium increases.

But these solutions offer excellent value for money. Expenses are covered at the actual level of healthcare costs in England, from the first pound paid.

Many private companies offer this type of private health insurance for the UK, so it is possible to get the best coverage at the best price.

Medical insurance in England flexible and simplified
The 1 euro contracts are also attractive due to their flexibility and ease of management.

There are many packages and formulas on the market, and it is possible to take out more or less complete insurance for England.

They allow you to add or remove coverage based on your needs or the length of your stay, which also allows you to adjust the cost of the premium.

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