How to dress for a job interview: 10 golden rules to wear the right outfit

How to dress for a job interview: 10 golden rules to wear the right outfit

Choosing attire for a job interview may sound like a daunting task: not at all! In this article we tell you the 10 golden rules to choose the winning look, without having to stress yourself in the attempt.

Without a doubt, our first letter of introduction to a potential employer (besides our resume) is our appearance.

In fact, there are those who claim that it only takes seven seconds for a person to form an impression on us. With so little time we don’t want you to leave anything to chance.

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Whether you have an interview online or in person, we tell you what are the 10 golden rules when it comes to how to dress for a job interview, so that when you prepare, not a single detail is overlooked.

You will need :

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Laundry soap

Clothes for job interview: 10 golden rules

Don’t let an appearance or dress mistake get between you and the job you want. At the time of the interview, to take care of every detail, we recommend you pay attention to these 10 rules about outfits for job interviews.

1- Research the company dress code.

As you can imagine, the same will not be expected of someone whose job involves representing a company in front of many people, than someone who, for example, works from home or does not work with the public.

Grab a pen and paper, read the job requirements to see if they specify what to wear, and make a note of everything. If you know someone who works there, it might be a good idea to ask them how the employees usually dress.

2- Wash your clothes a few days before.

Don’t let your nerves catch you off guard. Prepare the clothes you are going to wear a few days beforehand to make sure they are immaculate for the occasion.

Wash your shirts with a laundry soap technology, cares for the textures of the clothes, removes stains, maintains colors and prevents pilling.

3- Once the clothes are clean: Grab the iron!

See how to iron the shirt correctly so as not to leave a mark and to take care of the fabric. Be careful when ironing polyester suits at high temperatures as they could be damaged.

It is best to always read the manufacturer’s recommendations, which can be found on the clothing label.

4- The shoes: impeccable.

If there is something that does make a bad impression, it is dirty shoes. Again, better safe than… rush at the last minute! Not all shoes are cleaned the same way.

Check what material your shoes are made of and clean them following the specific recommendations for cleaning leather , suede, rubber, etc. Avoid wearing open shoes or sandals.

5- Interview attire: accessories.

Ideally, accessories should complement and enhance the outfit. In the case of women, earrings, a necklace and a handbag can give a great touch to the look.

In the case of men, you can combine the shoes with the belt or wear a watch according to the occasion. When in doubt, remember: sometimes less is more. Prevent accessories from making noise with each other.

6- The hair: another complement to take into account.

Must be clean and groomed. For men, this also translates into being clean-shaven and, in the case of having a mustache or beard, that it be neatly trimmed.

For women, the hair look options are more varied, depending on the formality of the position, but if you want to go for a safe look, we recommend wearing your hair in a ponytail or with a neat bun.

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7- Makeup, nails and perfume.

Opt, if possible, for a makeup look that is sober and natural. It is important that your nails are clean and neat. If you are going to paint them, use traditional colors.

And the perfume? Although it can be a good complement, be careful with very strong perfumes.

8- The suit: the outfit for an infallible job interview.

What if jeans, what if black pants, what if cashmere garments. If you’ve ended up with a pile of clothes on the bed and you’re still not sure what to wear, the quintessential interview look is a suit.

In the case of women, the pants of the suit can be replaced by a skirt.

9- When in doubt: opt for neutral colors.

Avoid colors that are too bright, unless the position allows you to use more “relaxed” or less formal outfits . Opt for black, white, the range of browns or beige .

10- Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.

Lastly, be yourself! Keep in mind all of the above regarding the look for the job interview, but the most important thing is that you dress in something that you feel represents you and makes you feel comfortable.

Your comfort will be perceived in the interview and, with that, you will already have a point in favor.

FAQs about attire for job interviews

How should you dress for a job interview?

Dress for a job interview must be in accordance with the company’s dress code. When in doubt, it is better to opt for a classic outfit such as suits, dress pants and light shirts. Clothes should always be clean and ironed.

What to wear for a job interview for women?

The look for a job interview in the case of women can include accessories to reinforce the appearance: a bag that matches the shoes, a necklace and/or a watch.

In terms of clothing, we can choose skirts that reach the knee, black shoes with a discreet heel and a matching jacket.

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What color of clothes to wear for a job interview?

The white color is ideal for shirts. Opt for dark blue, brown, or black for the pants, skirt, and jacket. Avoid the most striking colors such as yellow or orange.

How to dress for a virtual job interview?
Clothes for a virtual job interview should be the same as for a face-to-face interview. It must be clean and ironed.

The look you choose must be in accordance with the company’s dress code, but it must also make you feel comfortable and identified. Avoid very dark or muted colors. Use accessories that complement the outfit.

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