How to dress up for a job interview?

How to dress up for a job interview?

Obviously it’s the CV that counts but, in any case, you don’t dress just any old way when you apply for your dream job. There are certain codes to follow.

To make your life easier and relieve you of additional stress, here are all the fashion tips and some examples of how to dress for a job interview in a jiffy.

Apriori, we should be able to dress as we want. Even to apply for a position.

HR Reveals What You Should (And Shouldn't) Wear To A Job Interview

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Except that in the same way that you don’t eat on the floor when you have a table, you don’t wear pajamas to a job interview when you have pleated pants in your dressing room.

The image you send back isn’t everything, but it does count.

Obviously your knowledge, your experience and/or your motivation play more than anything during a job interview, but knowing what to wear on D-Day can help. It can even give your future employers an idea of ​​your personality.

There are those who know. Because they assume their style, claim it. A style, a personality.

And then there are those who don’t know, who hesitate, who doubt. This article is made for them. To relieve the stress of good job interview attire.

Stress that can quickly become a torture of the mind. So that they can consider this moment with less anxiety.

Best outfits for a job interview

Being comfortable: the essential. Being comfortable in your clothes on the day of your interview is the first thing you need to think about.

Choose a comfortable and practical outfit. Don’t wear stilts if you’re not used to heels, for example.

Be yourself. Here is the second commandment to respect to dress well for a job interview . Even if you make an effort in clothing, you must not get lost.

More than a formal outfit, you have to find the one that comes closest to your personality.

Interview Attire and Outfit to Wear for Men - Suits Expert

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All the subtlety will be to find the right balance. Neither too much nor not enough. To be on edge. Lean for the right dose. There are certainly as many outfits for a job interview as there are jobs.

If you have an idea of ​​the rules specific to your professional environment, respect them. If your sector requires it, opt for the skirt or trouser suit. If you have more flexibility, choose the casual style .

Don’t forget to choose the right materials, those that breathe, such as cotton. If you are stressed, he will be your best ally.

To achieve unanimity, go for a classic. The combination jacket/white t-shirt/jeans/moccasins (be careful, jeans are not tolerated everywhere) is a good compromise.

Do not hesitate to follow the fashion trends of the moment for your interview outfit. The check print works perfectly on a trouser suit and a culotte skirt combines perfectly with the cotton shirt.

On the accessories side, we adopt the trendy pieces of the season: the beret , the babies and the round bag .

Fashion pieces to avoid for a job interview

If your interview outfit should look like you and reflect your style, it should not, however, exceed certain limits.

On the same outfit, avoid the accumulation of pop colors or trendy prints . We stick to a strong piece like leopard print loafers or a colored blazer.

Side cuts, avoid the mini length and plunging neckline. We prefer to bet on asymmetrical cuts and midi or maxi lengths, to feel as comfortable as possible.

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Fashion accessories are essential for a successful interview outfit. We forget the accumulation of bling bling jewelry, we prefer fine and delicate pieces.

To boost a casual look, don’t hesitate to add an animal print belt or metallic shoes.

Ripped jeans, transparent tops or jogging are among the pieces to avoid on the day of a job interview.
Obviously, these fashion tips adapt according to the position for which you are applying.

Now all we have to do is cross our fingers for you!

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