How to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates in 2 minutes

How to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates in 2 minutes?

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The labor market is very complicated, more than ever. There is a huge increase in demand and, on the other hand, the supply of jobs has dropped significantly in recent years. In addition, the new forms of selection mean that the candidate has to prove his worth in less time .

You don’t just have to be good, but look good. The key today is differentiation and, if possible, in the shortest possible time.

These 5 keys will allow you to sell yourself in just two minutes and stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Key 1: You are a product: you have to sell yourself
You have to be aware that you are in a market and that the product is yourself. The current job market is very competitive, so, first of all, you have to keep in mind that you are a product and, as such, you have to know how to sell yourself .

There are very good candidates who are rejected because they do not know how to sell.
There are very good candidates who are rejected because they don’t know how to sell themselves and people who are mediocre professionally and, nevertheless, get a job because they know how to sell themselves very well . An experienced interviewer will probably identify them, but if they are very skilled they can pass the selection interview perfectly.

In addition, today there are many companies that use the telephone interview as the first filter , so it is necessary to know how to summarize the CV in a short time and in an attractive way so that it arouses interest and provokes a face-to-face interview.

Key 2: Know what product you are
Once you are aware that you are a product that is ‘for sale’ in the job market, the next step is to really know what type of product you are. It would be, a little what it is to know oneself. Know what I can offer and to whom . This must be very clear before facing any selection process.

If we are a ‘high-end’ product, we may not be in the right place, and the fact that we are a ‘common product’ is not negative either, only that we will have to be in the right place to avoid wasting time and effort .

Each product has its audience and each type of candidate as well. So the following question is a must: taking into account that this is the product, where are the companies that can best assess my qualities and experience?

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Key 3: Why me and not someone else? Highlight achievements
When conducting the interview it is vital to highlight the achievements . Highlighting achievements is not just listing what has been done, for example, I have been responsible for HR, but highlighting what has been achieved in that position . Thus, for example, we will talk about “I have achieved a cost reduction of up to 20% thanks to my management in this company”.

Highlighting achievements in the interview is key to differentiating yourself from the rest.
It is not so much about repeating what is already on the resume and that the interviewer already knows, but about emphasizing the values ​​that can differentiate us from the rest of the candidates. In this way, the question of “why do you have to hire me and not someone else” can be answered.

Key 4: Trust
Showing self-confidence is essential to capturing the interest of the person you are interviewing . If you don’t believe in yourself or, at least, don’t show it off, you won’t get the company to believe in the candidate.

If we don’t love ourselves, others won’t.
It’s the same as in other planes of life: if we don’t love ourselves, others won’t.

However, in the field of the labor market, a nuance must be taken into account. That nuance is that, at least, we must pretend that confidence , because you are not always sure of everything and nerves can play tricks. Especially if the candidate has been unemployed for a long time or his personal and economic situation is delicate.

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Key 5: Script to sell yourself in just 2 minutes
A possible script to sell in just two minutes:

First of all, name . Then, ‘professional etiquette’, that is, if you are a psychologist, lawyer, expert in, etc. It is about describing ourselves in a ‘tag’ or keyword.
On the other hand, comes what would be our tweet, or what is the same, briefly highlighting the professional and academic career .
Next, it would be time to show what strengths you have directly related to the job in question. Here differentiating factors would enter with respect to other candidates.
And, finally, concisely describe what benefits can be offered to the company, taking into account the strengths of each one. For example, if you manage time well as a strength, the benefit you give it is that you are very efficient and competitive. If your strength is that you know the sector very well because you have 30 years of experience, the benefit you give it is that you save the learning phase and you may bring contacts with you, etc.

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