How to impress the recruiter at a job interview

How to impress the recruiter at a job interview

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The key to success in a job interview, in addition to presenting a good resume, is in the details of your behavior and other actions that may impress the recruiter. Listed below is how to impress the recruiter at a job  interview.

You may even be the ideal person from a technical point of view to fill that vacancy to, dominate everything that is required in the job description with your eyes closed, but have inappropriate behaviors or a posture that is not very encouraging before who interviews you can make another applicant keep that position.

Thinking of helping you perform better during your job interviews, we present you with 6 valuable tips on how to impress the recruiter at a job interview. Below are the following;

How to impress the recruiter at a job interview

1. Demonstrate your qualities with concrete examples
The recruiter may ask you to speak directly about your qualities or simply try to “sell” yourself during the conversation. Either one or the other, what matters is that you illustrate what you say with concrete examples.

Tell your story, show how you achieved a certain result or how some virtue of yours was evidenced during a specific job. If you can do it, show some document to illustrate those achievements (either printed or on the screen of your phone). In this way, you will avoid the risk of sounding superficial and you will add reliability to your speech.

2. The goal is to prepare to answer everything
You have to be prepared to answer anything that involves your own skills, the professional career you are doing, technical questions in your area, aspects of the contracting company and other related matters.

Remember that it is not only the content of your answers that will be evaluated, but also the speed and level of confidence when facing those questions. Therefore, always be clear and trust what you know.

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3. Ask questions, score points
The recruiter is not the only one who should ask questions during the job interview. By making your own interventions during the talk, you will show that you are really interested in this opportunity.

Ask what the company climate is like, what the people who make up the team you would work on are like, or details about the functions of that vacancy, for example.

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4. You know the company and the market in which it operates well
Try to know the history of the company or organization since its foundation, its market trajectory and its portfolio of products and services. This previously done homework is important, not only because it provides a background to be immersed in more complex issues about the company, but also so that you do not make any mistakes during the interview.

It may be that, to assess your level of interest and commitment to that vacancy, the recruiter asks about some point in the history of the company, its products or other aspects that you should know.

It is also important to study the market in which the company operates, especially if you are not familiar with the sector in question.

5. Show interest in learning more about the recruiter
Following the idea that you should not just limit yourself to answering questions during the interview, in case there is space, try to start a conversation with the recruiter about himself. Ask him about what he (or his team) does at the company, his career, and other professional matters that are relevant to the conversation and can add charm to your image. Even if you don’t get the vacancy, you will have created a good relationship that can be beneficial to you in the future.

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You just have to be careful not to give the impression that you’re forcing likability to get the opportunity!

6. Prepare a speech according to the description of the vacancy
It is recommended that you frame your entire pitch based on the job description. This means that if the opportunity requires a professional with a specific skill (that you have), there is no need to wait for the recruiter to ask about that point, since you can talk about it yourself.

This suggestion is part of the action of “selling yourself” during a job interview. Adopting this strategy means showing through the talk your value for that vacancy, subtly driving the topic and its responses to show that you really are the ideal candidate. With this practice, the chances of impressing the recruiter will be higher.

How to impress the recruiter at a job interview.

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