How to make recruiting companies fall in love

How to make recruiting companies fall in love.

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How to make recruiting companies fall in love in love; Falling in love with recruiters and companies is not an easy task , but surely if you keep these 5 tips in mind you will be much closer to achieving it. For them.


Do not make up a character because you think you have more options than your “real self” to find work.

Do not attribute merits that you have not achieved or skills that you have not developed, lies have very short legs. There is nothing worse than being discarded in a selection process for being someone else and not yourself.

It is very important to work on “who I am” as the first step in the job search strategy . The following questions will help you to know your professional profile and strengths:

What are you good at? How is your way of working that makes you different from others? What are your achievements? What are the functions that you like to perform the most? How is your relationship with colleagues, bosses and employees?

If you work this phase well you will not have to lie or put on a mask. The best option is to be 100% authentic , sure of yourself, enhancing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. Always you.


You already know that a good resume is the key that will give you access to the long-awaited interview. Here you have to give everything and make one with which you get the recruiter to want to meet you and learn more about you.

The relevant information must be clearly visible : professional profile, last work experience and contact information. Although it seems very obvious, you can’t imagine how many resumes there are without a professional profile.
Choose the photo well : choose the right clothes, take care of your appearance and remember that a smile always works. Think about what values ​​you want to convey (closeness, professionalism, creativity…) and play with them. Be careful because there are many countries where including the photo is illegal, find out before.

Never lie! Remember the first point, you have to be true.

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Beware of creative resumes – too often they play against us because useful information is hard to find. Unless you are heading to a sector where creativity is key, try to make your CV have a simpler and more practical format.
Less is more : Don’t get bogged down with an endless list of courses, no one is going to hire you for that 20-hour management skills course you took in 2002. Anything that isn’t relevant, out.
Tracks : DNI, marital status, schools, non-relevant professional experiences, training that is not key are not included.
There are many countries where including the photo is illegal


Before submitting your application you must make sure if you are really interested or not . What is the use of doing an interview for a position that you already know you will not accept? You will only be able to waste the recruiter’s time and that he does not take a good image of you. And if you’re really interested, work it out.
Tailor your resume and cover letter to the job opening and organization. If you send a resume and a standard letter you will be a standard candidate, come on, that way you will not fall in love with anyone.
Keep in mind that there is nothing worse than being asked in the interview what you know about the company and you have no idea what to answer . This shows zero interest, you just killed the interview, you are automatically out. So it is crucial that you investigate the most important data of the company: sector, turnover, products and services, year of creation, directors and founders, values, number of employees, company policy.


Let it be known that you love the proposal and that you would start tomorrow. Candidates who are neither cold nor hot do not usually have much success.

One way to show interest is to ask questions at the end of the interview about questions you have about the position or the selection process. Fearless question :

What functions would it have to perform? How many people make up the team? What would my goals be? What are the next steps in the selection process?

During the interview , encourage yourself to show yourself excited and eager , this is difficult to fake, so it is better to sign up only for vacancies that really fit you.

Responding in monosyllables and having the interviewer have to elicit the answers from you is not a good option. Nor is it to roll too much and bore him. In balance is virtue.

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Try to be clear and add value in each answer . For this it will be very useful to prepare the interview thoroughly:

First make a brief list of skills , competencies, experience, training and achievements that you consider to be key to getting the job. I repeat, the list must be brief.
With this information, write your best answer to the most frequently asked interview questions. This way you will not miss anything and you will be able to show all your worth and potential. This is just a small script, do not learn the entire answer by heart, it would make it less natural.
Work these 5 points well, dedicate time and effort to them and there will be no company or recruiter that can resist you.

Try to be clear and add value in each answer.

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