How To Overcome Hindrances In Finding A Job

How To Overcome Hindrances In Finding A Job

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Putting obstacles at all times, always seeing problems, falling into laziness… these are habitual behaviors in the daily lives of many people
Staying only with the negative, anticipating events, continually complaining , etc. It is of little use if what we want is to work. It is not about seeing cotton clouds where there is intense black smoke, but neither is the opposite.

Being unemployed is not a pleasant situation, especially when the country’s economic scenario is not the best. The long road traveled, or to travel, can lead us to complain and project our frustration on external agents: the government, politicians, companies … We have every right to complain and, within our possibilities, to do everything possible to achieve a better world and society, but we must never fall into complaint mode or chronic victimhood or become permanent toxic people.

The other day I was reading this phrase by Almudena Cid in the book Forbidden to shout : “You don’t have to wait for anyone to do anything for you.” And so it is. The economic situation could be better, the working conditions too, but after all, we live in a moment that is what it is and on which we have to act.

We cannot expect that for the simple fact that the country’s scenario was different, our status would be better. We have to find a job and we have to adapt to the context that exists if we want to achieve it. And for this, it is of little use to project all our energies on the complaint and, what is much worse, become martyrs of the system.

It is useless to continually seek culprits or find comfort in regret , this only leads us to continue the same, without a job. But our goal is another.
Replace complaints with action, it’s the only way to achieve your goal

If you have applied as a candidate in several offers and you are discarded in all of them, you will have to optimize your profile and differentiate yourself from the competition; if you do not have professional experience, you will have to acquire it in some way; if the job interview is your weak point , work to get through it successfully; if in all the offers they ask for languages, invest your time in learning them; If you consider that the working conditions are not what you want, once you get a job, keep looking for something better. Replace complaints with action, it’s the only way to achieve your goal.

But it can also be the case that it is not you who is negative, but someone from your environment: beware of toxic people , those who face life from negativity, putting obstacles to everything, seeing or inventing problems in any circumstance , giving empty solutions to other people’s problems.


There are toxic people who become paranoid . Let’s run from them. ” Things are very bad, you won’t get anything” ; “Why are you going to present yourself if it has already been decided?”; “They have never called me when I presented my CV, don’t waste time” ; “What a waste of work, I’m sure they are exploiters” , etc. Our positive, active and fighting attitude can be so diminished that we end up doing nothing and, what is worse, sitting in the psychologist’s office. And not because of us, but because of the repeated reception of toxins that will have contaminated us, drowned our illusions and nullified our ability to fight for a job. If we want to maintain the necessary strength and motivation, we must put land in the middle with these people.

As recounted in the Entrepreneur’s Roadbook: “Linking ourselves to this type of people is not convenient, neither for us nor for our project. A moderated cry in time is a good therapy for relief and encouragement. and continuation of this medicine leads to the worst of depressions”.

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