How to register a car in Maryland?

How to register a car in Maryland?

Knowing how to register a car in Maryland is essential for drivers of new, used or leased cars in this state. It is a mandatory procedure to circulate on the roads of Maryland.

Without the car properly registered, drivers are exposed to receiving traffic tickets . And in the worst case, the authorities can even impound the car.

To prevent that from happening to you, we have prepared this article that not only explains how to register a car in Maryland, but also what requirements must be met, the fees to pay;

how and where to pay, the steps to renew, and the right place to take your car. carry out the process. Continue reading.

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Vehicle Registration in Maryland

If you are new to Maryland, state law gives you 60 days to register your car. After that time, the authorities can apply a fine if you drive in the state without registering the car.

Once you proceed to register the vehicle, in some cases the authorities can give you a temporary registration, which authorizes you to drive until the final registration is approved.

Temporary registration is also useful when you have to complete a safety inspection of the car before registering.

In that case, you must request that type of registration, which will be valid for a short period of time (between 15 and 30 days).

For their part, residents who buy a car in Maryland must register it immediately.

If the vehicle was purchased from a dealer, the dealer will usually handle the paperwork and paperwork for registration in Maryland.

On the other hand, if the car is purchased through a private sale, the buyers themselves must request registration and record the required requirements .

All the requirements that the authorities request for registration are important. However, there are three that the MVA requires special attention before starting the process.

The first is an inspection report; the second is current auto insurance, and the third is being solvent with fines and taxes in Maryland.

When the question arises: How to register a car in Maryland?, It is also common to have doubts about the validity of the registration.

If this is your case, you should know that the car registration is usually valid for one or two years, as determined by the authorities.

Where is vehicle registration done in Maryland?
The entity in charge of registering cars in Maryland is the Motor Vehicle Administration ( MVA ).

Therefore, you can register at any of the offices of this government entity that depends on the central agency of the United States Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV , for its acronym in English).

In addition to car registration , at the MVA you can also apply for driver’s license issuance , registration renewal, new license plate application, and duplicate title.

The MVA also tells you which are the authorized sites where you can carry out the vehicle inspection and the emissions test when applicable.

What is needed to register a car in Maryland?

To register a car in Maryland it is necessary to meet several requirements. Here we present them one by one:

  • Document of ownership of the car.
  • Odometer reading.
  • Valid identification document; It can be the driver’s license .
  • Vehicle Identification Number ( VIN )
  • Car safety inspection certification, issued by a station authorized by the MVA.
  • Current car insurance .
  • Data of the lien holder (If the case warrants it)
  • Pay the corresponding fees.

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How to register a car in Maryland?

One of the most common questions when you ask yourself: How to register a car in Maryland? is, without a doubt, what are the places to do it.

The answer is simple: you can do it in person at one of the MVA offices closest to you. Above we have shared a link where you can check their addresses.

IMPORTANT: there are venues that require requesting an appointment on the official page of the MVA.

You can also collect the collections and send them by mail to the following address:

Motor Vehicle Administration

Attn. Registration Renewal Section

6601 Ritchie Highway

Glen Burnie, MD 21062

Maryland Vehicle Registration Appointment

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration offers an appointment system called the MDOT MVA Scheduling Center.

To request the appointment, you must provide the system with your name, surname and a valid identification document. For example the social security card .

You can also request an appointment through the telephone number: 410-768-7000.

Another option to schedule a registration appointment is to do it online, through your myMVA profile. You just have to access with your username and password .

If you don’t have a myMVA profile, you can create it yourself: go to the main bar of the website and press where it says “online services”. Then follow the system instructions until the process is complete.

Pre-application for car registration in Maryland
The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration offers drivers a pre-application for car registration.

It is an alternative to advance the process before going to one of the MVA offices. This step usually takes 10 minutes and you can do it on the agency’s official website .

To make the pre-application you can enter the tab that says “ online services ” and click “Next”.

Subsequently, the system will request the vehicle identification number ( VIN ) to continue with the process.

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Registration prices and vehicle plates in Maryland

The state of Maryland updated the fees for car registration and license plate issuance. For car registration, the fee is $10.

While for the plates the rate will depend on the use, weight and characteristics of the car.

For example, for a car classified in the passenger car category, weighing up to 3,700 pounds, the rate is approximately $135 .

In any case, it is best to confirm the rates by visiting the official website of the MVA Maryland.

How is car registration paid for in Maryland?

If you are wondering what the forms of payment are for registering a vehicle in Maryland, you should know that they are the same as in other states: debit and credit cards, checks and money orders.

Complete online payment vehicle registration Maryland

At the time of publishing this article, for the initial registration of the car they do not contemplate online payment.

However, you can call the call center at 1-800-950-1682 and ask if that option is already available.

How to change address on vehicle registration in Maryland

To change the address in the car registration in Maryland you can go to one of the MVA offices and present a valid identification document, in addition to the current registration certificate and the title of the car.

You can also do it through this link. Of course, you must be registered in the MVA system; therefore, to enter you must enter your username and password.

If you are not registered, you can register at the same link or on the official page of the MVA.

I lost my car registration in Maryland, what do I do?

Losing your car registration is very common among drivers in Maryland. To solve this situation, the MVA offers the possibility of requesting a duplicate registration.

To carry out this procedure, you must present the following requirements:

  • Plate number.
  • Property title.
  • Pay the corresponding fee, which in this case is $5.

IMPORTANT: When you request the duplicate registration, please note that the MVA will send it to the address you provided in your initial registration.

So if you moved, you must make the change of address modification before carrying out the procedure.

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Requirements to renew vehicle registration in Maryland

To renew the car registration in Maryland it is necessary to meet some requirements that we detail below:

  • The renewal notice, which you will receive by email 30 days before your registration expires.
  • Plate number.
  • Card of the last registration.
  • Approved emissions test report.
  • Valid auto insurance document .
  • Payment of the corresponding fees.

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