How to sell yourself well during an interview?

How to sell yourself well during an interview?

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To the standard question: what good reasons would we have to hire you? Know how to prepare your answer. A word of advice: go straight to the point. This is where how to sell yourself well during an interview comes into play.

You have three minutes to sell yourself.

The question is both crucial and quite common, two good reasons to prepare the answer in advance.

– You will have to say in three or four sentences the main arguments that make you the ideal candidate. Again, no need to procrastinate. Now is the time to place a summary of your sales pitch.

– Go quickly over the qualities that most candidates will be able to present (adaptability, availability, mobility, etc.). On the other hand, insist on your competitive advantages, the strong points of which you estimate to have the quasi-exclusivity. These are the differences that will make the… difference, precisely. Your objective is simple, at the end of your answer, your interlocutor must be convinced of the excellence of your application, nothing less!

– Do not forget to validate your arguments. A significant example and reference are often worth more than a long speech ( “I already have a good knowledge of parthenogenesis, my numerous internships in this sector are there to prove it.” ). Above all, show what you can bring to the company (don’t ask yourself what the company can do for you, but what you can do for the company). No question of fantasizing, but do not hesitate to put yourself forward. This is exactly what is asked of you.

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Nota Bene

This question, which is open to say the least, is an important phase of the job interview, the recruiter then leaves you full latitude to convince him. So much so that we can’t advise you too much to bring up the subject yourself at the turn of the conversation if by chance your interlocutor does not ask you about it himself.

Next to the plate

– “I’m a little embarrassed to answer this question… Ask my internship supervisor instead, he’ll tell you.” Maybe, but you’re the one being asked the question . Knowing yourself also means knowing your strengths, but you are asked above all to know yourself well. And then, as the saying goes, you are never as well served as by yourself, right?

How to present yourself in a job interview

” Can you introduce yourself ? “. This is the most basic question, but paradoxically the one for which the candidates seem the least well prepared.

Most often, candidates look surprised and give their identity card – surname, first name, date of birth, marital status – in a monotonous tone, i.e. all the information you already know and which adds nothing more compared to reading the CV, ” explains this recruiter.

It is true that a priori, it is difficult to see how to respond in an original way to a question that implies a desperately classic response. Yet it is possible, provided you bring invisible elements on the CV or simply sketched.

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Some examples of interviews
For example, if you play sports and you have a good level, you can approach the subject. Similarly, if you have just finished an exciting internship, you can try to summarize this experience: ” My name is … and I just spent three months with so and so where I did this and that. Nothing very innovative, but at least you don’t go through the marital status box and it is you who take the initiative to start the interview on a professional level.

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You can possibly focus your presentation on the position or the company. However, don’t say right away that you’re the person the employer is desperately looking for. The string is much too big, not to mention that an interview, it starts smoothly. You have to make your interlocutor want to know more about you, whether it’s about your professional potential or your personality.

On Form ?
The presentation must not suffer from any dead time. As much for more complex questions, the candidate has the right to hesitate, as much faced with this question, he must have an assured tone and sentences that flow from source. Imagine the impression given to the recruiter by a candidate who seems to be looking for his name, age or other such basic information. Don’t smile, it happens! So to avoid this dramatic introduction, mentally rehearse what you are going to say.

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