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How to Win an MBA Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students

You’ve decided to pursue an MBA, but funding your studies is a concern. Don’t worry, with the right preparation and perseverance, how win an MBA scholarship as a Bangladeshi student. It may seem like a competitive process, but by following some tried-and-true tips from successful scholarship winners, you’ll increase your chances and be on your way to a fully funded MBA before you know it.

The key is to start early, leverage your strengths, and present yourself as a worthy candidate. You need to stand out from the crowd. With the cost of MBAs skyrocketing everywhere, scholarships have become imperative for many students. But for Bangladeshi students, scholarships are even more crucial to gaining access to top business schools abroad. Are you up for the challenge? With passion, hard work, and by showcasing your leadership abilities, you can persuade scholarship committees to invest in your success. Keep reading to learn what it takes. Victory will be that much sweeter knowing you earned your MBA on a full ride. The future is yours to shape!

MBA Scholarships Available for Bangladeshi Students

There are several scholarships available for Bangladeshi students looking to pursue an MBA.

Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Scholarship is a prestigious award that provides funding for graduate study in the U.S. for students from Bangladesh. It covers tuition, books, airfare, and living expenses. To be eligible, you must have a bachelor’s degree, proficiency in English, and a strong academic record. The application requires essays, letters of recommendation, and an interview.

Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship, funded by the British government, offers full scholarships for Bangladeshi students to study for a master’s degree at any UK university. You must have a bachelor’s degree, minimum 2 years of work experience, and meet the university’s English language requirements. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living costs, and travel costs.

How to Win an MBA Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students

MBA Scholarships at North South University

North South University, a private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh, offers both merit-based and needs-based MBA scholarships for Bangladeshi nationals. The scholarships cover 25%, 50% or 75% of tuition fees for the duration of the program. Applicants must meet the MBA admission criteria, including a bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 and a minimum GMAT score of 500.

There are fortunately many opportunities available for funding an MBA as a Bangladeshi student. Do your research, find scholarships that match your background and goals, and apply to as many as possible to increase your chances. With hard work and perseverance, you can win a scholarship to help make your MBA dreams a reality.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Scholarships

To qualify for an MBA scholarship as a Bangladeshi student, there are a few key criteria you’ll need to meet.

Academic Excellence

Most MBA scholarships require outstanding academic achievement. Aim for a first class or CGPA of at least 3.5 out of 4. Some scholarships may require a minimum GMAT score, like 600 or higher. Build a track record of academic success to strengthen your application.

Leadership Experience

Scholarship providers often look for leadership qualities and experience. Participate in extracurricular activities at your university to gain valuable leadership experience, such as student government, sports teams, clubs, or volunteering. These help demonstrate your ability to motivate others and achieve shared goals.

Career Goals

Have a clear vision of your career goals and how an MBA will help you achieve them. Scholarship applications will ask about your objectives, so be prepared to articulate your short and long term career plans. Explain how the particular MBA program aligns with your goals.

Financial Need

Some MBA scholarships target students with financial difficulties. Be ready to provide details about your financial situation, including income statements, budgets, and funding sources. Explain how winning the scholarship will impact your ability to pursue an MBA.

With preparation and persistence, Bangladeshi students have a good chance of securing MBA scholarships. Focus on building a strong profile, look for scholarships you’re eligible for, and submit an application that clearly conveys your story. The rewards of an MBA can be life-changing. Keep your eyes on the prize!

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning an MBA Scholarship

To improve your chances of winning an MBA scholarship as a Bangladeshi student, focus on these key areas:

Academic Achievements

Having a strong academic record with excellent grades will make you a top candidate for scholarships. Most MBA programs require at least a bachelor’s degree, so aim for high marks in your undergrad studies. Participate in extracurriculars to round out your experience.

Relevant Experience

Gain work experience in business, management or a related field. Look for internships, entry-level jobs or volunteer roles where you can develop useful skills and gain valuable experience. The more experience you have, the more competitive your scholarship application will be. Mention any leadership experience or key accomplishments in your roles.

Personal Essay

Your essay is a chance to bring your application to life and show your passion for the field. Discuss your career goals and how an MBA will help you achieve them. Share any obstacles you have overcome and what you learned from them. Explain why you deserve the scholarship and how you will contribute to the school. Have friends, family and teachers review and provide feedback on your essay.

Strong Recommendations

Ask professors, employers or mentors who know you well to write recommendations highlighting your strengths, work ethic and potential. Provide them details about the scholarship and your goals so they can craft an personalized recommendation. Meet with them to discuss your application in more depth.Their enthusiastic endorsement will strengthen your application.

Apply Broadly

Don’t limit yourself to one or two scholarships. Do research to find scholarships you may be eligible for and apply to as many as possible to increase your chances. Look for scholarships for Bangladeshi or international students in addition to general MBA scholarships. With persistence, you can win an MBA scholarship to achieve your dreams.

Writing a Strong MBA Scholarship Essay

To win an MBA scholarship as a Bangladeshi student, you need to craft a compelling scholarship essay. This essay is your chance to make a persuasive case to the scholarship committee about why you deserve to win. Here are some tips to write a strong essay:

Focus on Your Story

Share details about your background, experiences, goals, and motivations that make you an ideal candidate. Discuss challenges or obstacles you have overcome. Explain how receiving this scholarship will help you achieve your dreams and give back to your community. Tell your story in an authentic, passionate way.

Highlight Your Strengths

Discuss the attributes, skills, and strengths that will make you a successful business leader. For example, emphasize soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Mention any leadership roles you have held. Discuss your academic achievements and career ambitions.

Explain Your Vision

Articulate a clear vision for how you will use your MBA. Discuss the impact you want to make in your country or community after graduating. Explain your short-term and long-term professional goals. The scholarship committee will want to see that you have a plan to apply your degree in a meaningful way.

Meet the Criteria

Carefully review the scholarship criteria and be sure to address each requirement in your essay. Discuss how you embody the values and mission of the scholarship program. Mention any subjects or areas of focus you are particularly interested in. Tailor your essay for the specific scholarship you are applying for.

Get Feedback

Ask teachers, mentors, or family members to review your essay and provide constructive criticism. Be open to suggestions to strengthen your essay. Polish and edit your essay to ensure it is compelling, cohesive, and error-free. With a strong, focused essay and a demonstrated vision, you can win an MBA scholarship as a Bangladeshi student.

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Next Steps After You Win an MBA Scholarship

Congratulations, you won an MBA scholarship! Now the real work begins. Here are the key next steps to take:

Develop a plan

  • Map out what you want to achieve with your MBA over the next few years. Set both short and long term goals to work towards. Maybe you want to switch careers, earn a promotion, or start your own business. An MBA can open many doors, so determining your direction will help guide your decisions.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to choose courses that align with your goals and interests. They can also suggest opportunities like internships, mentorships or extracurricular activities to further your progress. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their recommendations or share your own ideas.

Build your network

The connections you make during your MBA can benefit your career for years to come. Introduce yourself to classmates, join student organizations, and participate in networking events. Develop genuine relationships built on mutual interests and trust. You never know which of these new contacts may lead to a collaboration, job opportunity or partnership down the road.

  • Apply for internships, mentorships or part-time jobs in your desired field. There is no better way to gain real-world experience, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and determine if a role or company is the right fit. Some programs even require an internship for graduation.
  • Volunteer for projects that allow you to utilize skills from your MBA courses. This could be consulting for a local nonprofit organization or conducting research for a professor. Giving back to the community and school that is supporting your education is rewarding in itself.

An MBA scholarship is a chance of a lifetime. Make the most of this opportunity by planning well, forging meaningful connections and gaining valuable experience. You have the power to shape your future—now go after your dreams!


So there you have it, the key steps to win an MBA scholarship as a Bangladeshi student. Follow the tips, work hard on your applications, and don’t get discouraged. While the competition may be tough, if you persevere, stay determined, and don’t give up, you have a fighting chance. Think of the reward of a fully funded MBA from a top school and use that motivation to push forward. You have so much amazing potential and there are opportunities out there if you go after them. Stay positive, believe in yourself, and go get that scholarship – you absolutely deserve it! The future is yours to shape, so get out there and make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions about MBA Scholarships:

 How important is the scholarship essay in the application process?

A: The scholarship essay is crucial as it offers insights into your personality, goals, and motivations. A well-crafted essay can make your application stand out.

Can I apply for scholarships after I’ve been admitted to a distance learning MBA program?

A: Some scholarships may allow applications from admitted students, but it’s best to research and apply for scholarships before or during the application process.

What are the main eligibility criteria for MBA scholarships?

A: Eligibility criteria vary by scholarship but often include factors such as academic performance, leadership potential, financial need, and relevant work experience.

Can I apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously?

A: Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each. Tailor your application to each scholarship’s requirements.

Are distance learning MBA scholarships as competitive as traditional MBA scholarships?

A: Distance learning MBA scholarships can be competitive, especially at reputable institutions. Focus on presenting a strong application that highlights your achievements and aspirations.


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