Georgetown’s Full Tuition MBA Scholarship


How to Win Georgetown’s Full Tuition MBA Scholarship

As an aspiring business leader, you know the value of a top-tier MBA education. However, the staggering costs of prestigious programs can seem out of reach. At Georgetown University’s Mc Donough School of Business, you have the opportunity to win a full-tuition scholarship to its highly-ranked MBA program through the Dean’s Merit Scholarship competition. With this prestigious award, you can gain access to Georgetown’s global network, world-class faculty, and career resources without taking on debt that could follow you for years after graduating.

To win this competitive scholarship, you must demonstrate both outstanding professional achievement and strong leadership potential. The selection committee evaluates candidates on key attributes that align with Georgetown’s mission to educate principled, ethical leaders who can advance the common good. Preparing a compelling application requires introspection, work experience that shows progression, a track record of impact and career goals that match the program’s emphasis on responsible leadership. While the application process requires effort and strategy, the potential rewards of a full-tuition MBA at a top school make it worth the investment. With the right preparation and passion, you have the opportunity to become Georgetown’s next Dean’s Merit Scholar.

An Overview of Georgetown’s Full Tuition MBA Scholarship

To be considered for Georgetown University’s full-tuition scholarship for its MBA program, you must first apply and be admitted to the program. Applicants are automatically considered for the scholarship – no separate application is required. However, to increase your chances of being awarded this prestigious scholarship, it is important to understand the key criteria Georgetown evaluates.

Georgetown seeks candidates who will positively impact and contribute to the MBA program and community. Strong applicants will demonstrate exceptional leadership experience and potential, outstanding professional achievement, and a commitment to Georgetown’s values of educating moral, ethical, and service-oriented business leaders.

  • Leadership experience: Examples of leadership roles, significant professional accomplishments and career progression. How have you motivated and influenced others?
  • Professional achievement: Strong record of achievement and career success. How have you exceeded expectations and added value in your organization(s)? What are your key wins and accomplishments?
  • Commitment to values: Demonstrated commitment to ethics, social responsibility and the greater good. How will you contribute to Georgetown’s mission and community? What are your goals and hopes for how you will impact the world?

By excelling in these areas and articulating your fit with Georgetown’s mission, you will make a compelling case for why you deserve to receive this esteemed award. With a prestigious MBA education at little to no cost, Georgetown’s full-tuition scholarship is well worth the effort.

Georgetown's Full Tuition MBA Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements for Georgetown’s Scholarship

To be eligible for Georgetown’s Full Tuition MBA Scholarship, you must meet several requirements:

Academic Achievement

You must have an outstanding academic record and test scores to qualify. Specifically, you need:

  • A minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA from an accredited university
  • Competitive GMAT or GRE scores (the current averages for admitted students are over 700 and 315, respectively)

Leadership & Professional Experience

Scholarship candidates should have 3-7 years of full-time work experience in a professional setting, as well as demonstrate clear leadership potential. Relevant experience, career progression, and impact will be evaluated.

Commitment to Georgetown

Awardees must enroll full-time in Georgetown’s MBA program immediately following the scholarship award. You must also be committed to Georgetown’s mission and values.

Financial Need

While the scholarship covers full tuition, you will still need to cover living expenses in Washington, D.C. So, some level of financial need is considered to ensure scholars can fully participate in the Georgetown experience without hardship.

If you meet these eligibility criteria and are interested in being considered for this prestigious award, be sure to apply in Round 1 or 2 of the application process for maximum scholarship consideration. With a compelling application, you could join the ranks of previous Full Tuition MBA Scholars at Georgetown.

Tips for Crafting a Strong MBA Scholarship Application

To craft a winning application for Georgetown’s Full Tuition MBA Scholarship, follow these key tips:

Focus on Leadership and Impact

Georgetown values applicants who have demonstrated strong leadership, management potential, and the ability to make a meaningful impact. Discuss examples of leadership roles you have held, challenges you navigated, and quantifiable results you achieved. Explain how you can leverage your leadership experience to positively contribute to Georgetown.

Articulate Clear Goals

Georgetown seeks candidates with a vision for their future and how the MBA will help them achieve it. Clearly convey your short- and long-term career goals, and how Georgetown’s program specifically will enable you to accomplish them. Discuss the skills and knowledge you aim to gain, opportunities you hope to pursue, and your overall vision for your career trajectory after graduating from Georgetown.

Highlight Fit with Georgetown

Express your genuine interest in Georgetown and how you would be an excellent fit with the program and community. Discuss aspects of the curriculum, extracurricular activities, location, and culture that appeal to you. Explain how your own values, experiences, and interests align with Georgetown’s mission and priorities. Convey your enthusiasm for fully engaging in all Georgetown has to offer.

Secure Compelling References

Choose references who can persuasively speak to your key qualifications – leadership, impact, and fit with Georgetown. Provide them with details about the scholarship and Georgetown so they understand what merits emphasis in their recommendation letters. Request that they submit strong letters of recommendation on your behalf, as these can carry significant weight in the scholarship selection process.

By focusing on these elements, crafting a thoughtful application, and securing compelling references, you will maximize your chances of winning Georgetown’s Full Tuition MBA Scholarship. Best of luck!

Preparing for the Georgetown MBA Scholarship Interview

To win Georgetown’s full tuition MBA scholarship, extensive preparation for the interview is essential. Some key steps to prepare include:

Research Georgetown University and the MBA Program

Learn as much as possible about Georgetown, its mission and values, as well as the specifics of the MBA program. Be ready to speak knowledgeably about why the program appeals to you and how you would contribute to it. Review the backgrounds and interests of professors to find potential mentors. Understanding the depths of the program will allow you to speak passionately about why you are interested in this particular MBA.

Review Your Application and Essays

Go over the materials you submitted with a fine-tooth comb. Be ready to expand upon anything in your essays or resume. Prepare examples and anecdotes to bring your experiences and achievements to life. Know your application inside and out in case you are asked about its contents.

Practice Your Interviewing Skills

Schedule practice interviews with career services, mentors, or friends. Work on making eye contact, thinking before you speak, and highlighting your relevant experience. Get comfortable talking about your goals and how the MBA will help you achieve them. Practice responding to common interview questions with confidence and charisma.

Develop Thoughtful Questions

Come prepared with insightful questions that showcase your enthusiasm and knowledge about the program. Ask about opportunities for internships, career support services, study abroad options, and more. Thoughtful questions demonstrate your serious interest and desire to fully experience all the program offers.

With extensive preparation and practice, you will be ready to convey your passion for Georgetown during the interview. Blending research, reflection, and poise will help you win over the committee and make a compelling case for why you deserve this prestigious scholarship. Keep your eyes on the prize, believe in yourself, and stay focused on your goals.

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Next Steps After Winning Georgetown’s Full Tuition Scholarship

Once you have won Georgetown’s Full Tuition Scholarship, take the following next steps to make the most of this opportunity:

Accept the Scholarship Offer

Formally accept Georgetown’s offer of admission and the full tuition scholarship in writing as instructed in your award letter. This secures your place in the next incoming MBA class and allows the university to allocate your scholarship funds.

Complete Enrollment Requirements

You will need to complete all standard enrollment procedures required of accepted MBA candidates, such as submitting official final transcripts from your undergraduate institution, meeting health and immunization requirements, etc. Be sure to meet all deadlines to ensure your scholarship remains in place.

Connect With Your MBA Program Advisor

Reach out to your assigned MBA program advisor at Georgetown to schedule an introductory meeting. Discuss your goals and interests to determine the best curricular path and optional opportunities based on your needs and strengths. Your advisor can help you maximize the benefits of your full tuition award.

Apply for Additional Financial Aid (If Needed)

Although the full tuition scholarship covers the entire cost of MBA coursework, you may still need additional financial assistance for living expenses, textbooks, and other non-tuition fees. Meet with Georgetown’s financial aid office to determine if you qualify for need-based aid, student loans, or student employment on campus.

Make the Most of Your MBA Experience

Take advantage of all opportunities available to you as an MBA candidate at Georgetown. Pursue internships, study abroad programs, join student organizations, network, and build mentor relationships with professors and alumni. Make the most of your full tuition award by immersing yourself in all aspects of student life to gain valuable knowledge and experience.

With the proper follow through on these next steps, you will be on your way to a rewarding MBA experience at Georgetown University made possible by the generous full tuition scholarship you have earned. Make the commitment to work hard and take advantage of every opportunity to get the most value from your free business education.

Frequent asked 5 questions about georgetown mba full tuition scholarship

When applying for Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business’ full-tuition scholarship, you likely have a few questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this prestigious award:

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for the full-tuition scholarship, you must first be accepted into Georgetown University’s full-time MBA program. You should have an outstanding academic record, demonstrated leadership, and strong career progression. Applicants are evaluated based on intellectual ability, professional accomplishment, and leadership potential.

What is required for the application?

The application requirements include:

  • Your completed MBA application
  • A 500-word essay on your leadership experience and potential
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to your leadership abilities
  • A resume highlighting your accomplishments and career progression

When are applications due?

The priority deadline for the full-tuition scholarship application is January 5. The final deadline is January 15. It is recommended that you apply as early as possible for the best chance of receiving an award.

How are recipients selected?

Recipients are selected through a competitive process based on a holistic review of their entire application. The selection committee evaluates applicants’ essays, resumes, recommendations, and interviews. Key factors include outstanding professional achievement, leadership experience, career goals, and potential for impact.

What does the award cover?

The full-tuition scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition for Georgetown’s two-year, full-time MBA program. Additional awards and stipends are also available to help cover living expenses. Scholarship recipients may be eligible for additional merit-based aid in their second year.

In summary, strong candidates who apply early and submit a compelling application highlighting their leadership abilities and potential will have the best opportunity to receive Georgetown’s prestigious full-tuition MBA scholarship. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


As you can see, winning Georgetown’s Full Tuition MBA Scholarship is challenging but within reach if you are strategic and dedicate the necessary time to crafting a compelling application. Focus on conveying your passion for leadership and community impact, highlighting relevant experiences that demonstrate your potential. Explain how the Georgetown MBA program specifically will help you achieve your short and long term goals to make a difference in the lives of others. With clear goals, a persuasive essay, strong recommendations, and a memorable interview, you have an excellent chance to win this prestigious scholarship and gain admission to one of the top MBA programs in the nation. Stay determined and believe in yourself – you have the power to achieve this milestone if you persevere.

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