How to write the functions in a CV

How to write the functions in a CV

How To Write A Cv

One of the most complicated parts of a CV is the job description.  We must  think about the recruiter who is going to read it: he will review the CV to compare your functions with the needs of the position.
The biggest mistake is not including any features expecting the post title to speak for itself.

How to start describing functions

First of all, you need to do a compilation exercise of tasks that you have done in each of your professional experiences. Do not worry if you repeat information or include tasks that are too basic, it is about obtaining a base draft where all the functions that you have carried out are included. From this document we will work on the functions that you will include in your resume.

Order and hierarchy of functions

Not all the actions you carry out at work have the same relevance, there are more relevant and there are more basic ones . Identify the main and secondary functions.
To establish priorities, you can take as a reference the job position you want to describe:
– What are the functions to which the company gives more importance? Either because of the weight in performance evaluations or in the follow-up of your hierarchical superior.
– Use your own criteria: which functions are more difficult to delegate? Which ones require a higher level of qualification ? Which ones require more skills or more complex skills? Or what are the functions without which the position loses weight in the department or in the company?

Relationship of functions to each other

Closely related to the previous point: in addition to prioritizing, try to ensure that the succession of functions is related to each other, grouping the most related functions. In this way you give cohesion to the functions and a meaning to the position. Otherwise they will seem unrelated and unconnected with each other.

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Adapt functions to the offer

The description of the offers will give you many clues as to which functions are most relevant to that company. The order in which they appear, the level of detail, the skills that accompany the job description, etc.
Beware of copying too literally the functions of the offer, this sings too much , use the information but with your words.
Precision VS Detail
Find the balance between detailed, but accurate information. You have to give enough detail for it to be understood, but don’t mess around, don’t mess around!

When writing your CV you must identify the main and secondary functions.

Quantify the functions

This is rarely seen on the CV, so it’s a great way to set yourself apart from the rest.
It is rare because while we are working, we do not stop to measure/quantify our functions… with achievements we usually do, but functions can also be put in numbers.
– Attention and call management, an average of 90 calls per day.
– Management of selection processes, average of 6 processes per month and 10 candidates interviewed per position.

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Achievements vs. functions
Sometimes I see achievements and features being confused: achievements that appear next to features and features that are labeled as achievements.
The functions are the set of responsibilities, tasks, activities necessary to perform a certain job.
Achievements are the successful result of excellent performance of a role or group of roles.
Function: Increase and retain the customer base.
Achievement: In 6 months we got 16 new clients and that 100% of the client portfolio renewed the contract.
Function: Management and negotiation with suppliers.
Achievement: Successful renegotiation of conditions with suppliers, which led to a saving of 25% in the cost of opening new stores.

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Repeat functions, how to do it correctly;

Although they are very similar positions, it is not good to repeat yourself and make a “copy-paste” from one experience to another. What can you do? You have two options:
– Consider making a mixed resume (functional and chronological).
– Use the richness of language to write similar functions differently:
Definition, segmentation and analysis of the target customer.
Commercial prospecting.
Acquisition and creation of client portfolio.
Expansion and loyalty of the portfolio.
Management of contracts and renewals.
Commercial attention, prospecting, sale and maintenance of accounts (companies and individuals).
Prospecting and sale.
Client portfolio management.
Use the 1st person, the 3rd person or neither?
My recommendation is to use an impersonal format, I am not at all in favor of using the first person, like this example “I prepare sales reports for the board of directors”.
Most of us recruiters are more used to it and expect something along the lines of “Sales reporting for the board of directors.”
What features can you remove?
Very routine tasks.
Very basic tasks.
Sporadic tasks.
Features from very old experiences (don’t completely remove them, but simplify as much as possible).
Functions of very short experiences or little related to your position.

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