IEC Canada Travel Insurance : Easy Guide

Canadian Travel Insurance coverage

In case you are a Permanent residence applicant, it is best to think about a more comprehensive healthcare insurance coverage, one thing above the typical packages for travel insurance coverage for Canada.

And for this, try Expatriate health insurance which could be very comprehensive and makes sure you get entry to the very best available healthcare while residing and working in Canada.

Cigna Global is a business leader with regards to this policy and it often spans a 12 month period where you’re supplied with absolute cover in Canada, no matter your nationality or age.

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Why does IEC work permit holders want Travel Insurance for Canada

1. It’s compulsory for IEC work permits.

Yearly, there are uncountable stories on different boards and lots of online communities from individuals who were not issued the IEC work permit just because they didn’t purchase Canadian travel insurance.

That will appear harsh but the rules clearly stipulate that you should have Travel Insurance for the full time coated in your work permit.

2. You aren’t allowed to purchase a short policy, after which extend it later.

Like earlier, the rules are the rules and they’re crystal clear:

you aren’t allowed to buy a three-month Travel Insurance coverage package and later agree to increase it to the mandated two-year coverage solely to appease the immigration officer.

So let’s say you only buy a three-month or six-month plan and each other document is undamaged making you eligible for the permit;

the immigration officer at that time is within their rights to issue you only a three-month or six-month visa which can’t be prolonged at a later date.

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3. Provincial Travel Insurance isn’t accepted as adequate.

Bear in mind about a possible repatriation cost cover earlier, that is precisely why provincial insurance that’s on offer isn’t acknowledged as adequate enough by federal immigration officers.

Prices like flying you back to your own home country when necessary aren’t coated on the provincial insurance;

due to this fact you want to get comprehensive Travel Insurance coverage that covers that and other related situations.

There are some other prices not covered by the provincial healthcare insurance coverage and people include ambulance, dental accidents, drugs, medical aides like casts and crutches;

and most especially trips to the US and Mexico.

4. Nobody likes paying for insurance, however the alternative could possibly be a lot worse.

Nobody actually enjoys paying for insurance coverage, as a matter of fact, we don’t like paying for these too but we purchase insurance within the event that the worst occurs.

Most of the time, we really feel it’s a waste of cash if that big disaster doesn’t occur.

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From one grownup to a different, we advise you to take the accountable choice, as your loved ones wouldn’t appreciate a $75,000 CAD hospital bill;

if a critical injury happens or maybe death and you have to be repatriated home.

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