Job interview: the winning attitude

Job interview: the winning attitude

How To Sell Yourself In An Interview

Dress codes, eye games, way of sitting, speaking, moving… So many questions that can stress you out during the job interview. We conducted the survey with various individuals to provide you with the best tips for having the ideal attitude during your next interview.

First impression
Take care to confirm the interview either by telephone or by e-mail, and above all to telephone if you face any unforeseen event which delays you, recommends Bernard Cau, director of the firm of recruitment and management consulting Bernard Cau Consultant. Show up, of course, in appropriate attire for the job you’re applying for, even for temporary work: just because it’s temporary work doesn’t mean you should neglect your appearance. Have a professional attitude as soon as you enter the premises of the establishment. Pay attention to your posture while you wait, take the time to turn off your laptop and take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the environment. Be courteous and smiling with everyone you meet.

During the interview
That’s it ! You face your recruiter. ” Just be pleasant, shake his hand frankly, a hand that is too soft is often seen as a sign of shyness ,” recommends Alain Coubes, manager of the Addecco Industrie Toulouse agency. Look your interlocutor in the eye, stand up straight, be smiling, because “in human relations, a smile is essential”, believes Véréna Voarino, human resources manager of a Super U in Colomiers.

You can then sit frankly in your chair, and put yourself at ease without slouching. Be careful not to invade the recruiter’s space. Do not spread out on his desk, it is better to bring a rigid folder that can serve as a support when you have to take notes. Similarly, a recruiter will prefer that you move the seat intended for you a few centimeters back, in order to give everyone their space. Once the interview begins, be proactive, take a few notes, adopt a fluid tone and stay in listen to your interlocutor. If you face several recruiters, take care to scan the audience.

End of interview
At the end of the interview, don’t forget to thank him, and to ask him when and how you will reconnect. Do not hesitate to raise the question that shows healthy amounts of remuneration if this was not done during the interview. The recruiter will see this as a sign of additional interest in the position, as Bernard Cau points out: “you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about your salary expectations, you don’t offer skills for free”.

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The winning attitude

You have taken care to locate the place where you have an appointment.

You are wearing proper attire.

You are proactive during the interview.

You show a measured ego, but remain dynamic and positive.

Eight memo tips

1. Don’t forget to turn off your phone.

2. Avoid smoking before entering the interview, the smell of cold tobacco is not pleasant for anyone.

3. Do not have chewing gum in your mouth.

4. Don’t cross your arms or hands…Have an open attitude.

5. Don’t be too rigid.

6. Don’t look at your shoes but at the recruiter!

7. Stay measured, don’t be arrogant, overconfident.

8. Sit up straight in your seat.

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