The Most Expensive Cities In Canada

Although they are the most expensive cities, the truth is that they are also the most popular cities to study in Canada among international students. Why? Very simple, because they offer some of the best internationally recognized courses in the country, and because cities like Vancouver or Toronto offer an unforgettable experience.

If a priority it may seem that these cities are not affordable, that does not prevent thousands of students from Spain, Chile, Colombia or Mexico from deciding to study in them every year. We assure you that they deserve an opportunity, since they are perfect to live for a season. Although you never know, there are people who come for 6 months and decide to stay much longer. Do you want to know more about these cities? Well here we go!

The most expensive cities in Canada.

The capital of Canada is located in the south of the province of Ontario, very close to Montreal and the border with the United States. The Ontario River runs through the entire city, giving its citizens beautiful views and fantastic entertainment areas. The river also forms a natural border with the province of Quebec.

Ottawa is a welcoming city and, among the most expensive cities in Canada, we could say that it is the most affordable. The offer of rooms is very varied, so you can find rentals from $750 to $1,400 . Going out to eat or have a few beers has a higher cost than in other cities, which is why it sometimes encourages a relaxed lifestyle.

Rental cost: about $970 CAD per room, in a normal area of ​​the city.
Monthly cost of living: between $2,000 and $2,800 CAD.
If you dream of living in a quiet, multicultural city full of green spaces , this is your city! It’s perfect for concentrating on your studies, meeting people and, if you go in winter, learning to ice skate on a frozen lake.

2. Victory
Victoria is the capital of British Columbia (BC). It is located in the westernmost part of the country, south of Vancouver Island. It is a vigorous city with the typical climate of the west coast, with pleasant weather in summer and rainy in winter. It has an important community of artists and has a unique architectural mix; Victorian, modern buildings, houseboats.

The cost of living in Victoria is one of the highest in the country , although for many it is worth it. One of the most expensive things is the price of housing, partly because it is the capital of BC, one of the Canadian provinces where the highest rates are paid. Prices are also influenced by the fact that some of the most important federal and provincial government agencies are located here.

Rental cost: between $800 and $1,200 CAD per room.
Monthly cost of living: between $2,000 and $2,800 CAD.
If you are looking for a city to stay for a while, Victoria is ideal. It is always better to go in summer, to enjoy the outdoor activities and the lively life near the port. And if you are a fan of nature and marine life, you will love living here. You can make trips to see seals, whales and killer whales in their natural habitat, as well as visit Tofino and practice a bit of surfing.

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Whistler is a mountain town located in British Columbia, about 2 hours north of Vancouver, which became famous after the 2010 Winter Olympics. Its location is ideal for nature lovers, as you literally live surrounded by she;
majestic mountains with incredible ski slopes, forests, lakes, glaciers.

Is Toronto the most expensive city in Canada? -

This small town is one of the most expensive in all of Canada. And not only the rent is more expensive, it is also more expensive to buy . This means that many people who work in Whistler live in the suburbs or in neighboring cities, such as Squamish or Pemberton, where rents are more affordable. But this is not a deterrent for the thousands of students, and Working Holiday Visas from around the world, who move to Whistler every year.

Rental cost: between $1,000 and $1,800 CAD.
Monthly cost of living: between $2,000 and $3,000 CAD.
So, if you want to live an experience in nature, you want to practice skiing in winter and mountain biking or hiking in summer , this is your destination! Think that although everything is quite expensive, alternatives can be found. Some schools offer cheaper accommodation to their students. You will see that it is worth it!

5 Most Expensive Cities In Canada | Great Canadian Van Lines

Toronto is located in the province of Ontario and is the largest city in all of Canada. It is a city located on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is known for being the financial capital of the country and for being one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

It is a city that offers a bit of everything. It has fantastic restaurants, plenty of bars to go out at night, a great cultural offer and you can also practice sports throughout the year. Depending on the lifestyle you lead, you can spend more or less. But if you like to make plans, go to restaurants, or drinks, you will spend a lot. What is certain is that most of your budget will go to rent, food and transportation . Being a huge city, it is important to get a transport pass for the bus and the metro that costs $156 CAD.

Rental cost: between $700 and $1,400 CAD per room, depending on whether you are in the center or more on the outskirts of the city.
Monthly cost of living: $2,000 and $3,000 CAD. It depends a lot on your lifestyle.
If you want to live in a cosmopolitan city, play sports on the Lake Ontario beach and meet people from all over the world, then Toronto is for you! Although living here requires an economic effort, that does not discourage students from different corners of the planet, who combine their studies with part-time jobs . Because there is a lot of work and in all sectors . Which is great to practice the language and have a full experience .

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5. Vancouver
Vancouver is located in British Columbia (BC), in the east of the country. Like Victoria, it has a more pleasant climate than other parts of Canada, with mild summers and mild but rainy winters. It is located next to the Pacific Ocean, in an area of ​​mountains. With this geography, it’s no wonder Vancouverites love the outdoors.

According to all statistics, Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada, one of the most expensive in the world , but it is one of the cities with the best quality of life. It has a good education, good job opportunities and allows for a healthy lifestyle, which are some of the basic things to have a good life. Clearly, the rent is the most expensive, but there are also high rates, which are reflected in the price of food and restaurants. But it must be said that public transport is excellent and it is cheaper than in Toronto, the monthly pass is $100.25 CAD.
Rental cost: between $800 and $1,400 CAD per room, depending on whether you are in a condo in Downtown or far from downtown.
Monthly cost of living: $2,000 and $3,000 CAD. It also depends on your lifestyle.
In short, Vancouver is for you if you want a healthier life and live surrounded by green areas, the sea and impressive forests . A destination that falls in love with millions of students, who find a way to pay rent, eat in restaurants (especially Asian food), enjoy its landscapes and, in addition, find time to study in some of the best schools in the country.

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