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NECO records 11,419 candidates for malpractice in 2022 against 4,454 in 2021

NECO records 11,419 candidates for malpractice

When the National Examinations Council released the results of the November/December 2022 high school certification exam on Thursday, 11,419 candidates were booked on suspicion of fraud. This was announced by his Professor Dantani Ibrahim Wushishi, President of NECO.

“From 4,454 to 11,419 candidates for 2021 were booked for various forms of fraud, indicating a sharp increase in the number of fraud cases,” the NECO chief said.

According to Wushishi, the number of people caught cheating was largely due to improved tactics and techniques of inspectors.

“This resulted in his four supervisors, one each from Rivers and Plateau states and two of him from Ogun state, being blacklisted for aiding and abetting and inadequate supervision. he said. In more detail, the NECO chief said a total of 59,124 candidates had taken the exam, with 31,316 males accounting for 52.96% and 27,808 females accounting for 47.03%.

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Mr. Wushishi said that of the 58,012 test takers for English, 44,162 (76.13%) scored points or higher, and that of the 57,700 test takers for mathematics, 43,096 (74.69%) matched and scored points. I added that I got more than that.

He further announced that he had 33,914, or 57.36%, of test takers who obtained 5 or more of his credits including English and Mathematics.

“Also, 79.20% of his 46,825 candidates earned his five or more credits regardless of English and math,” he said.

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