Overview Of Health Insurance In Arizona

On average, the cost of health insurance in Arizona is $503 per month. This represents a 5% year on year increase in cost since the 2021 plan year.

Individuals residing in Arizona can buy cheap health insurance plans through the state marketplace, or low-income households may be eligible for coverage through Arizona’s Medicaid expansion.

To assist you find the best available health insurance plan for your family, we examined and considered all policies on the state exchange to find those with the lowest premiums.

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In most cities in Arizona, the most affordable Silver health insurance plan is Blue Advance Health Silver – Neighborhood Network, which has the lowest payments month on month also known as premium in 11 of 15 Arizona counties.

Health insurance plans on the Arizona exchange are divided into metal tiers, which doesn’t have anything to do with quality of care but indicates the benefits you would receive from a policy as well as its out-of-pocket costs and premiums.

To help you find a affordable health insurance plan for yourself, we compared all those listed on the Arizona marketplace and identified the most affordable policies in each metal tier.

The real cost of a health insurance policy will vary greatly, depending on your age in addition to the policy you choose and the number of people covered.

As you can see below, the cost of a health insurance plan in Arizona is 22% cheaper for a 21-year-old than for a 40-year-old, which translates to an average savings of $125 per month for the average Silver plan.

A 60-year-old, on the other hand, would end up paying $648 per month more than a 40-year-old for the same level of coverage

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Finding your best health insurance coverage in Arizona

If your household income falls below 138% of the federal poverty level, you may qualify for Arizona’s expanded Medicaid program to gain wellness indemnity coverage.

For those who don’t qualify, the county you live in, your household income and expected medical expenses will all assist determine the best inexpensive health insurance plan available through the Arizona marketplace.

Different health plans are available in different regions. For example, an individual residing in Pina would have different coverage options than a person who resides in Apache.

Within a given Arizona county, you’ll be able to choose from different metal tier health plans, each of which has its hold pros and cons.

Metal tier plans, such as Bronze and Catastrophic policies, come with the most affordable health insurance premiums.

However, the trade-off is paying higher out-of-pocket costs if you become ill. You may end up covering much higher deductibles and copays than you would if you were to choose a Gold plan.

Gold plans
The Gold plans: Best if you have high expected medical costs

One will find the highest premiums in Gold tier health insurance policy — on average, they’re almost 20% more expensive than Silver plans in Arizona — your variable expenses will be much lower.

Gold health plans have the lowest cost-sharing features, such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance, making them the best health insurance option for those with high and frequent medical expenses.
If you have an ongoing need for prescription, odds are you’ll find that Gold plans have the most affordable out-of-pocket expenses for drugs.

The cheapest Gold plan in Arizona is Bright Health Gold 1000 Direct.
Silver plans
The Silver plans: Best for average medical costs or people with low income

Silver plans are eligible for cost-sharing subsidies, so one of these policies is likely to be the best cheap health insurance plan if you’re in a low-income household. Silver policies presents the best of both worlds between Gold and Bronze plans, combining affordable monthly premiums with out-of-pocket expenses if you do need medical care.

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The cheapest Silver plan in Arizona is Bright Health Silver 4000 Direct.

Bronze and catastrophic plans
The Bronze and catastrophic plans: Best for healthy people with low expected medical costs

Catastrophic plans are only available to people under the age of 30 or for those who meet certain requirements, but we would only recommend these policies for people who are fairly young and healthy.

A Bronze plan is likely the most affordable and smartest health insurance policy choice if you have low expected medical costs and are able to pay the high out-of-pocket expenses in the event that you need medical care.

Though Bronze and Catastrophic health insurance plans have the most affordable monthly premiums, their high deductibles, copays and coinsurance mean you may face a somewhat large bill before your coverage kicks in.

The most affordable Bronze plan in Arizona is Ambetter Essential Care 1 through Health Net of Arizona, Inc. The least expensive catastrophic plan is Bright Health Catastrophic 8700 Direct.

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Arizona Short-Term Health Insurance

For the 792,000 uninsured Arizona residents, a short-term health plan can present an affordable way to get basic health insurance to fill a temporary need.

In the state of Arizona, this kind of coverage is called “short-term limited duration (STLD) health insurance”. Through Senate Bill 1109, the Arizona Legislature made it legal to get STLD health insurance up to 364 days with the option to renew coverage for up to 36 months.

You should take note that short-term health insurance plans are not suitable with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). So they don’t qualify as major medical coverage that must offer all 10 essential health benefits.

You will in all likelihood be denied a short-term insurance policy based on your health status or a pre-existing condition.

However, there are many situations when enrolling in Arizona short-term health insurance can be smart, such as when:

You don’t have health insurance or can’t afford major medical coverage
You’re in between jobs
You’re waiting for coverage to become effective at a new job
You’ve aged out of your parent’s health plan because you turned 26
You missed the open enrollment period (OEP) to get ACA health insurance
You don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to buy an ACA plan at any time throughout the year
Free Health Insurance Arizona
How do I get free health insurance in Arizona?

You may qualify for free or low-cost health insurance in Arizona through Medicaid. Medicaid plans provide coverage for services such as doctor visits, immunizations, prescriptions, and other essential health care needs. For eligibility and application information, visit the Arizona Medicaid page.

Nearly 1.3 million Arizonans are enrolled in Medicare as of 2020. Among those Medicare beneficiaries, 85% qualify based on age (65 or older).

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