Processing License Plates in Florida

Processing License Plates in Florida.

Knowing how much it costs to get a license plate in Florida is a frequent question for those who want to start driving on the streets with their new vehicle. And it is also for those who have just arrived with their used car from another point in the United States.
What is the initial price to get a Florida license plate in your name?
As a base fee, registering a vehicle for a Florida car license plate costs $225 . In turn, this initial procedure is the assignment of the vehicle under the name and address of its owner to the local authorities.


That amount is paid at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles office . Also known as FLHSMV for its acronym in English.

Take into account that it is a highly requested procedure and therefore it may take a few hours if you go in the afternoon. The morning is usually a time with a less busy customer service agenda
Are there other amounts that affect the answer of how much it costs to get a license plate in Florida?
The formula used in Florida to assign the price of a car license plate follows the same pattern as New York, Virginia and many other states on the East Coast. Which is basically a base fee for initial registration to which Fees are added for the physical license plate, based on the size and weight of the vehicle .

So Florida license plates for cars under 2,500 pounds require a $14.50 fee.

Cars with total weight between 2,500 and 3,499 pounds should add $22.50 to that initial $225. And the last fee would be for cars with more than 3,500 pounds, to be set at an amount of $32.50.

What are the documentation requirements to process car plates in Florida?
The answer to how much a car license plate costs in Florida is not limited to that process that is carried out at the FLSHMV offices. Well, there are other very important requirements that may imply more expenses for the applicant’s budget:


1. Be 18 years old
This is not a factor that represents an economic imbalance, but it is still true that you need to be 18 years old if you want to have a car registered in your name within the state of Florida.

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2. Title of ownership of the vehicle
You must have the documentation that proves ownership of the vehicle in your name. You can request it through the FLSHMV page if you do not have the document, and the initial registration can be done in parallel.
It is important that the property title is in the same name as the person requesting the Florida license plate . Since it is impossible to register a vehicle in your name if the property title indicates that it belongs to another person.

3. Florida car insurance
Perhaps this is the most important of all the requirements to get new license plates in Florida and at the same time it is the one that slows down the process for most applicants. That taking into account that the whole thing can be a bit confusing.
You would first need to apply for auto insurance in Florida in order to get a new license plate . However, insurance will not be available until your out-of-state license is transferred to your new Florida address.

All this procedure has to be done during the 30 days after the move. Since this is the legal term that establishes the requirements to get new license plates in Florida . This applies both to interstate changes of residence and to moves from other parts of the country.

In addition, the insurance has to comply with very specific civil and economic liability standards.

Are there any other details relevant to registering a car in my name in Florida?
The numbers keep piling up to find out exactly how much a Florida license plate costs . Well, in reality, everything depends on the particular situation of each driver.
The final amount is very low as long as the registration base of $225 is paid, since the value of the plate individually is formulated based on the weight of the car, as we have mentioned before.

So renewing your application annually is quite cheap and knowing how to apply for a second car license plate in Florida is much simpler.

However, there are other expenses that add to that initial registration. And these are the ones listed below:

1. You have to pay for a rack inspection
Some FLSHMV offices can do the vehicle mileage and condition inspection for you, but you need to make sure this benefit is available at the branch where you register.
A police station or military base can also do it. Although you would have to carry a form with you that is obtained on the page of this transit agency.

2. No senior discounts
If you are wondering how much it costs to get a license plate in Florida if you are a senior, don’t waste your time. Since the registration and license plate formulation fees are the same for all citizens regardless of their demographic group.

3. There are also no rebates for electric cars
The same criteria apply to the differentiation between alternative fuels and propulsion systems. So if you have an electric car , you will pay the same amounts as that driver with a gasoline vehicle.

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