Pros And Cons of Living In Canada

Living in Canada is a dream for many, probably yours too. This nation, which exudes an air of perfection and balance, offers many opportunities for work and excursions among its unspoiled landscapes. But is the situation as idyllic as it seems? Certainly there are advantages, but also integration and adaptation problems, especially for those coming from the Mediterranean area. Read on to find out.

Pros of living in Canada

A long stay in Canada can bring benefits and largely reflect the image that people have made of this country. To verify how well the stereotypes correspond to reality, you must keep in mind that you have to live in a place to get to know it fully. Alternatively, I recommend that you read what emerges, for better or for worse, from the testimonies of those who have chosen to move.

Opportunity to participate in television series

Especially in Vancouver, also known as the “Hollywood of the North”, there is a real opportunity to work in the world of cinema. Not everyone knows that many successful films and TV series are shot in Canada. If you are interested or already on the way to a career as actors, directors, screenwriters, costume designers, make-up artists, etc … I recommend that you consider the opportunity to stay there and learn more about the reality of the place, at least for a period.

Lots of possibilities for ethnic eating

Unlike Europe, you can find many Asian restaurants (a sign that these are cultures that have been rooted for generations in Canada) and, first of all, Japanese restaurants, distributed almost uniformly throughout the territory. Here you can eat raw fish of excellent quality and in full compliance with hygiene standards, even far from historic centers and not only in large cities.

Higher salaries

In Canada there is no shortage of job opportunities and, in addition to proposals from the entertainment world, applications from doctors are also appreciated, due to the continuous demographic growth. But you need to have specializations to fit easily into this context. As in other parts of the world, permanent employment is a utopia: you have to adapt to flexible employment and humble jobs, at least in the beginning. However, the wages are higher than the average in our country: you will be paid every two weeks even in the case of a trial period and apprenticeship, enjoying the same rights as Canadian citizens. You will finish at the time established by the contract, you will have half an hour of unpaid break every five hours and always paid overtime

Outdoor activities

Excursions, outings, explorations in uncontaminated places. Canada is all a succession of green spaces, pine forests, sandy expanses, crystal clear waterways, mountains and suggestive glaciers, so much so that in the same cities you can immerse yourself in nature. This land offers many opportunities for recreation at a naturalistic level, not only organized but also in complete autonomy. Just be careful, in green places, not to get too close to the bears, because there are them everywhere. I suggest you start your journey in the summer, when the opportunities for outdoor sports or concerts are much more numerous than in the winter season.

There is no need to make a request to the general practitioner

There are many walk-in clinics, accessible without an appointment and without a GP’s assignment. Unlike the United States, Canadian healthcare is 100% public and you don’t need to pay insurance to get decent care. Expectations, therefore, vary according to the specific case: the more the situation is of an emergency nature, the faster you will be visited. But you will never wait for biblical times.

Less discrimination for minorities

Like many countries around the world, Canada has a multi-ethnic demographic composition. But here the respect for minorities, both religiously and culturally, is truly above average. The same goes for people belonging to groups notoriously discriminated against in other parts of the world, such as LGBT communities and the disabled, here perfectly integrated into society and the world of work. This also leads to a tendency for Canadians to give less weight to appearances, so you can dress however you like, even in the strangest ways and you won’t be misjudged.

High civic sense, streamlined bureaucracy and respect for the rules

Clean roads, less stressful driving, kindness: in the streets of Canada, serenity is palpable, despite the fast pace. The delinquent situation is calm and it is very difficult for someone not to respond to your request for directions or to treat you badly. The situation is not far behind with regard to the bureaucracy, which is really lean: in every office, you will get the documents you need quickly and without many steps.

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The cons of living in Canada

If I told you that living in Canada does not involve any difficulty or the slightest adaptation, it would be a lie. Like any place, it has its pros and cons, which you have to weigh according to your scale of values ​​and priorities. As criteria dependent on subjective evaluations, it is up to you to determine what you can endure, what excites you, or how much a certain renunciation costs you.

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Limited opportunities to see historical monuments
Canada is a relatively recent nation and the remnants of pre-colonial history have been largely destroyed, so it is not possible to trace any documents and artifacts from the past. For this reason, you will not have many opportunities for typically urban recreation, such as visits to museums or participation in theater or musical performances indoors. If you are an admirer of old-time architecture, cultural heritage and antiques, you will be disappointed.

High prices for fruit and vegetables
While not coming to the exaggeration of the inhabitants of the United States, the diet of Canadians is predominantly protein, therefore foods of animal origin and junk ones cost much less than raw materials of the earth. This is not only for a cultural factor, but also for the environment: the climate is less favorable to crops than that of the Mediterranean and the variety of vegetables much more limited. Therefore, I suggest you only leave if you are not a vegetarian or if you can afford to pay at least double or triple to ensure your daily needs for fruit and vegetables. The situation is much better in the big cities, where you can find a greater assortment (with imported products) in grocery stores run by Italians and thus give continuity to your dietary habits.

Superficial and hasty relationships with people
It is not a prejudice, but a concrete reference to the lack of a sense of group and the use of “small talks”, that is, short conversations between acquaintances. Notwithstanding that, regardless of the country of destination, it is much more difficult for a foreigner to adapt to the customs of the place, Canada is not the best opportunity if forming lasting friendships is your main goal. To give you the opportunity to understand the average level of confidence that you can achieve with Canadians, both English and French, just remember that the question: “How are you?”, For them, is used as a greeting and, almost always , does not require a response.

Rigidity of the climate

Good for you if you suffer from the heat: taking a long vacation or living in Canada, in this case, is a more than sensible decision. But the majority of Italians struggle to bear the harsh temperatures that characterize this place, especially in the event of a move to the north-western part, closer to Alaska. The same goes for rain, especially in a city like Vancouver, jokingly called “Raincouver” due to the fact that it always rains. If you are meteoropathic or suspect that you cannot bear the difference in climate, do not leave: you risk seriously compromising your physical and mental health.

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Fewer days of vacation per year

This is the other side of the coin when it comes to working in Canada. If the jobs, especially those as an employee, allow you to vacate by 17.00-17.30 in the afternoon (the inhabitants have the habit of having dinner no later than 18.30), the holiday count turns out to be much less generous: the average is ten days a year. However, the situation can improve over time and allow you to take a longer vacation period.

Real estate market not accessible to everyone
This too is a sore point… and it’s not just a problem for foreigners residing in Canada. Actually, real estate prices are currently very high, whether it is for sales or for rents. So you have to work hard to become someone in your area of ​​expertise and, as the pay gets higher, put the money aside to find independent accommodation.

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Final assessment of the pros and cons of a trip to Canada

Commonly to other countries, living in Canada is a choice that has advantages and disadvantages. If you love to travel, hate chaos, you like confrontation with people from other cultures, you have the habit of immersing yourself in nature and not a week goes by without your excursions, this place is for you.
If, on the other hand, you are vegan, irreducible admirers of Italian cuisine, you cannot bear the idea of ​​spending most of the winter indoors, loneliness horrifies you or you have the habit of going to the theater or visiting museums and art galleries , I advise you to stay here or to consider another destination, perhaps in the warmer countries.

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