Student Accommodation in Adelaide : Easy Guide

Adelaide is a highly habitable city for Students. A great climate, flat and simple to cycle or stroll around, and really welcoming to college students.

There are all kinds of accommodation choices in Adelaide and what you select will depend on what you want. Below are things to consider while you look for a spot to call home:

Accommodation Cost

Adelaide is a budget-friendly place to stay, however there are costs you’ll have to consider. It’s cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne- 16% and 13% less, respectively.

Private rental costs range from $150 – $400 every week, with an average of around $220. Common weekly living expenses work out to be somewhere between $350 and $700, relying on the life-style you choose.

This consists of:

  • weekly groceries $90 – $135
  • electrical energy/ gas/ water $40 – $55
  • phone and internet $20 – $40

Public transport

There’s a good bus and tram system in place in Adelaide. In case you live away from your education provider, be sure that you’re near a bus stop and on a direct path to the campus.

The choice is a bicycle, and with a flat city and temperate climate, it’s an excellent, low cost option. Transport prices $20 to $40 a week with student concession.

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Consider how noisy the bed room is, and if you can comfortably sleep with the traffic noise. Additionally think about heating and cooling options.

If there’s a heatpump, that works as an air conditioning unit in summer and a heater in winter.

Paperwork and contracts

All related data will probably be on this contract.

In case you have decided to rent an apartment, there may be more paperwork. There are two choices; you’ll be able to rent a whole residence or rent a room and share with others.

You will discover rentals and flatmates on GumTree and Craigslist. You will want to submit a tenancy application with three months of bank statements, a written reference from a previous landlord, and identity documentation.

You’ll be required to pay a bond to your local government body. This will probably be returned to you on the end of your tenancy if rent is absolutely paid and the house is in a great condition.

Every state in Australia has slightly different laws, however in SA you will get advice from Tenants’ Info and Advocacy Service and Community Mediation Services.

Any disputes undergo South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

There’s loads of paperwork and evidence of handle required could also be difficult to furnish if you’re a first-year student.

In case you are being sub-let to and sharing a flat, you’ll nonetheless want to provide ID, references and a bond, however your name won’t be on the rental settlement.

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Accommodation choices

On-campus accommodation

There are numerous University managed student accommodation choices.

Relying on the preparations, these could or may not have 24-hour support, cleaners, some (or all) of your meals catered for, and facilities on site.

It’s straightforward, secure and simple. Nevertheless, it usually is more expensive than other choices. Contact your university to find out the choices they provide.

This is a better option, especially for first-year students.

If more of your day-to-day chores are taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on your studies and getting organised, rather than losing time on cooking rosters and who didn’t wash their espresso cups.

Non-university run accommodation

These student accommodation choices are purpose built, off-campus residences. All IDP-approved choices are absolutely furnished and safe.

These self-contained apartments can help you select your living configuration- by your self, with others, or as a couple. These wonderful facilities supply an easy possibility and loads of freedom to benefit from the city.

They have social occasions, communal study spaces, shared kitchens, gyms and a lot to supply international students.


There are options where you’ll be able to stay in a family residence. You’ll typically have your personal room, typically sharing with one other student or a baby in the home.

Usually, you’d be supplied with three meals a day and solely required to clean your room/ bathroom, however this depends on the home and your host mother and father.

Your host family offers help, a resource for learning Aussie English, and a family round you.

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Private rentals

Rental accommodation is possibly the most cost-effective option, however it may be difficult to arrange when you first arrive.

You’ll most likely want time to understand the city, the transport networks and the way expenses work. Rentals normally require you to have your personal furniture too.

In case you do want to ‘go flatting’, look on GumTree or on noticeboards round campus to find one suitable for you.

You’ll also have to cook and clean for your self, which some people could find difficult during a busy semester time period.

In addition to setting up your rent settlement, you’ll have to get the utilities linked, corresponding to web and electricity.

A connection firm will help you hook as much as everything and with much less paperwork and drama than if you happen to have been doing it directly with the provider.

Residential Colleges

If that is your first time living away from home, choosing a residential college could help you with the transition to independence.

Residential colleges will sometimes supply a private fully-furnished room, tutorial programs and study support, pastoral care with a welcoming group, and fully catered meals in dining halls and also shared communal kitchens.

Residential colleges provide a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community where you will be supported to do your best.

With social events and activities, it’s a place where you’ll make lifelong friends.


Student hostels give you an affordable housing possibility where you’ll be responsible for preparing your meals and sharing the cost of utilities corresponding to gas, water and electricity.

Most hostels include a furnished bed room (both private or shared) with access to communal facilities such as bathroom, laundry, kitchen and lounges.



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