The Best Roadside assistance plans in the USA

The best roadside assistance plans in the USA

Roadside assistance is a service for drivers who have been in an accident. Generally covers towing , lockout services, battery changes, jump starts, tire changes, and fuel or oil delivery.

In this article we will talk about the best roadside assistance plans in the USA so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Roadside assistance insurance

Most roadside assistance plans are available for a flat monthly or annual fee.

In addition to the standard coverage options, some roadside assistance plans offer towing service with higher limits and cover the towing needed to get the car out of mud, sand or snow.

The most expensive plans often also offer additional benefits, such as discounts on hotels and trip interruption insurance.

You can get highway service through your insurance company, your mobile phone provider, or an independent provider, such as a car club, for example.

Also, many car manufacturers offer free roadside assistance for new cars.

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The best roadside assistance plans in the USA

Here’s our list of the best roadside assistance plans .

  • Better World Club
  • Nationwide
  • travelers
  • progressive
  • Allstate

Better World Club

Better World Club is the best roadside assistance company for its above-average coverage options, its relatively low price, and its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Better World Club plans are among the cheapest of the car clubs. According to its website, the company will match AAA’s prices.

Better World Club is a subscription service that bills itself as the only green car club.

The club reports on its bike roadside assistance, its carbon neutral fleet and its donations to environmental charities, among other initiatives.


Among the roadside assistance plans of auto insurance companies, those of Nationwide also stand out. This insurer offers two options, basic service and plus.

The basic plan alone provides above average service as it includes gutter removal.

The plus plan is a good option for long-distance drivers, offering up to 100-mile towing, as well as up to $500 trip interruption reimbursement if you’re in an accident farther than they can tow.


Travelers offers the best roadside assistance service among car insurance companies , as drivers can choose between two affordable plans.

Both the basic coverage plan and the premium package include a winch, which is rarely available on these roadside services.

Additionally, the premium option offers up to 100 towing miles, trip interruption coverage, and personal property coverage.


Progressive offers a very affordable roadside assistance program.

In addition to standard services like towing and fuel delivery, Progressive covers towing your car in snow, sand, mud or water, up to 100 feet from a road or highway.

So Progressive is a great option for those who tend to drive in bad weather or on rough roads.


Allstate provides the most flexible roadside assistance service. Drivers can purchase roadside assistance plans as an add-on to an Allstate policy or purchase a separate plan, regardless of their insurer.

Plus, any driver can use the Allstate mobile app to access paid roadside assistance, regardless of insurance carrier.

Adding roadside assistance to an Allstate policy or getting pay-as-you-go service will cover common needs like lockouts and tire changes .

But for drivers who want the benefits of an auto club, an Allstate Motor Club membership provides additional discounts and perks, like trip interruption coverage.

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Roadside assistance plans in the USA: other options

Although they are not part of our list of the best roadside assistance plans in the USA;

the roadside assistance services of the companies mentioned below can also be good alternatives depending on your needs and budget.


Farmers offers a cheap and relatively basic policy, although it does include towing service if your car gets stuck less than 10 feet from a paved public road.

Farmers also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. All in all, it’s a reliable option for drivers who just want to cover the essentials and don’t plan on long road trips.

Good Sam

Good Sam is an automobile club that offers a variety of plans for different vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, RVs, and trailers.

Good Sam’s basic plan provides towing to the nearest service center, regardless of mileage. Members can also save at AAMCO streaming centers.


AT&T offers standard roadside assistance for $2.99 ​​per month for customers with a phone line. The plan covers up to four roadside assistance calls per year and will pay for services up to $75 per incident.

If you call more than four times in a calendar year, you’ll have to pay for any service yourself, although AT&T will help you arrange it.

One point to note is that AT&T coverage is tied to a specific phone, so the phone and subscriber must be physically present at the time of the accident in order to receive roadside assistance.

In other words, the owner of the phone can be the driver or a passenger, but cannot call on behalf of someone else who is in an accident.

That said, the AT&T plan is a good option for drivers who want an affordable roadside assistance plan but can’t or won’t buy it through their car insurance company.

American Family

American Family roadside assistance only includes standard services, but it’s a solid, affordable option. It’s added to an existing car insurance policy and costs between $10 and $20 a year.

American Family earned an A+ with the Better Business Bureau.


State Farm roadside service is one of the cheapest options, costing as little as $1 a month. It’s a good alternative for budget-conscious drivers who anticipate minor problems rather than major disasters.

Drivers who want extra coverage, like long-haul towing or travel discounts, should look at other options.
Cost of road service

Roadside assistance from car insurance companies is usually the cheapest option. It usually costs about $20 a year.

However, this type of coverage must be added to an existing policy. And some insurers only sell roadside assistance when the policy includes collision and comprehensive.

On the other hand, car clubs sell monthly or yearly roadside assistance subscriptions. This type of road service usually costs more in exchange for additional coverage and discounts at affiliated merchants.

Prices vary widely by state, carrier, and membership level, but range from $50 to $100 or more per year for the most basic level of coverage.

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How to choose the best roadside assistance plans in the United States

1. Think about whether it is worth subscribing to a roadside assistance plan

If your car is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, additional roadside assistance is probably not necessary.

Also, if you don’t plan on using roadside assistance often, apps like Blink and Honk can be good options because they don’t require a subscription, but can connect you with providers for a flat fee.

2. Discuss the pros and cons of a car club vs. auto insurance companies

Auto club subscriptions typically have higher towing limits, while insurers offer more basic but cheaper coverage.

3. Think about whether you want to be covered as an individual or if you want your car to be covered

Frequent car rentals or business travelers should probably get plans that cover them as an individual, rather than covering a specific vehicle.

But if you have multiple family members using the same car or insurance policy, self-car or policy coverage is likely to be the most cost-effective.

4. Take into account any special circumstances
Are you traveling by road to Canada or Mexico? Do you have a motorhome or a motorcycle? If so, be sure to tailor your search to your specific needs.

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