Tips for preparing a job interview

Tips for preparing a job interview

The Human Capital Hub Article - Preparing For A Job Interview

1) Research the company
Find out about the company before going to the job interview. Visit its website and the news section of the company itself to keep up to date with its latest news. This is an essential requirement to make a good impression both in interviews in English and in interviews in any other part of the world.

2) Rehearse typical job interview questions
Do a Google search with the keywords “common job interview questions”, select between 5 and 10 highlighted questions and write the answers to each of the questions. Training yourself in writing the answers will ensure that on the day of the interview you are prepared to answer briefly and professionally.

3) Use short sentences in your answers
Anglo-Saxon recruiters see long sentences as a symptom of indecision. Practice your responses to be as direct as possible. Use short, clear sentences and, whenever possible, list your points when you speak. If, for example, the interviewer asks you “Tell me about 3 of your best accomplishments in your previous job”, you should include all three points one by one in your answer. That is: “Three of my best accomplishments in my previous job were – first, revamping our accounting department, second, improving productivity in the supply chain, and third, reducing the conflict between middle managers.”

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4) Practice your answers with a native
Once you have selected the list of typical questions, rehearse the answers with a person who is native and have them assume the role of recruiter. Have the person correct your mistakes. The idea is to practice until you can answer the questions confidently, without hesitation and without getting stuck while speaking. If you don’t know a native speaker, consider doing an English coaching session with a native speaker.

5) Improve your body language
Practice your responses again by focusing on your body language and tone of voice. Make sure you can answer questions professionally by looking the interviewer in the eye, using body language that conveys confidence, and a tone of voice that avoids monotony to hold the recruiter’s attention.

6) Dress correctly and pay attention to details
Take care of your physical appearance before the interview and choose clothes that you feel comfortable in but that exude professionalism. Our self-confidence increases when we feel good.

7) Practice the handshake
The handshake is your first big chance to make a good impression on the recruiter. The grip should be firm, not too tight and not too loose.

Questions You Should Never Ask In A Job Interview

8) Do not smoke before the interview
If your interview is with an American or British recruiter, avoid smoking before the appointment. The perception of smokers, especially in the United States, is very different. If you show up to the interview smelling of tobacco, you are likely to make a bad impression already in the first 5 minutes.

9) Don’t be late
Never be late for a job interview with a British or American recruiter. Punctuality in Anglo-Saxon culture is sacred. Being late, even just a few minutes, can make a very bad impression and make the recruiter wonder if in your day-to-day work this will be something that can be repeated if you are hired.

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