7 Tips To Make $100 A Day With Your Smartphone

7 Tips To Make $100 A Day

Have you ever wanted to earn money using your smartphone but found that the only ways you could find to do so involved completing fake surveys or writing product reviews? These tedious methods of earning money with your smartphone are also ineffective at generating income for you. For this reason, I’ll show you how to use your smartphone to make $100 every day in this article.

Book scanning and sales

Before then, Mr Bezos was the sole individual profiting from the sale of books online through Amazon. But fortunately for you, there is a huge chance that you may use the platform he developed to use your smartphone to earn money.

In fact, a few years ago, I dabbled in Amazon FBA, or fulfilled by Amazon, where I would purchase secondhand books for my neighborhood library and then sell them on Amazon for a profit. Let me first clarify how your smartphone is engaged before discussing how lucrative this money-making strategy is.

You see, the Amazon app has a scanner that allows you to scan any object you can find—in my instance, books—and view the current prices on Amazon for that particular item. Next you can figure out how much it would cost to transport and store the book at Amazon and determine whether you could sell it there for a profit.

For instance, if you can purchase a book from a bookshop for $1 and send it to Amazon for $3, but you can sell the book there for $15, you will make a profit of $11 from that single transaction. If you multiply these efforts by 100, you will find that you are suddenly making a significant sum of money.

Controlling social media

If you are familiar with the social media landscape, you are aware that many people rely entirely on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for their revenue. The most paid celebs can actually make over $1 million for a single post.

You may be less aware of the fact that someone without a following can make a lot of money utilizing these same media channels, despite the fact that you are probably aware of how valuable these media outlets can be for these influencers.

You see, the majority of these influencers employ someone to handle their logistics and only participate in content creation rather than managing their own accounts. Here’s where you step in to handle these logistics. It could involve publishing on someone’s account, reacting to potential sponsors, or answering remarks from their fans.

Influencers who are making thousands of dollars per day are particularly receptive to hiring a manager to take care of their accounts so they may devote more time to other income-producing pursuits. You could easily reach your $100 goal if you charged $20 per day to handle five social media profiles.

In reality, software automation makes it possible to accomplish this with little expense and in a shorter amount of time than you might anticipate, making it a smartphone revenue stream that you should absolutely take into account.

I advise either locating customers on freelancing websites or messaging big accounts on these platforms in order to obtain a job managing social media accounts. This will allow you to develop expertise and credibility in this industry and scale from their approach.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are one area of the professional services industry that is rapidly expanding. Anyone with a smartphone may perform the duties of an assistant, which range from scheduling meetings to answering customer calls, and the position can be rather lucrative given the little training requirements.

The average hourly income for a virtual assistant, according to payscale, is just under $20, so with 5 hours of labor, you can reach your goal of $100. Earlier, this role’s capacity for output was somewhat constrained. If you were working for a company, your main duties as an assistant would be to take calls, work with vendors, or schedule meetings.

With all the improvements in phone app technology today, the services you can provide have significantly increased. You can analyze word documents, make hotel reservations, schedule events, and perform a variety of other tasks. This means that your phone can change from a money drain to a money creator as this list and the rates you can charge for your services grow over time.

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English teacher

With the popularity of video calling growing, there is now a chance to teach languages utilizing the phone you always have with you. Being on video dramatically increases the value your students receive, whereas traditional calling made over-the-phone tutoring fairly unproductive.

The nicest thing about tutoring with just your smartphone is that internet connectivity is practically universal, allowing you to interact with students anywhere in the world. When you used to have to travel to someone’s home to tutor them, this is a significant improvement.

Simply told, the game has changed due to technology connectivity, and teaching can be very profitable. Depending on the level of experience they have and the demand for their services, language instructors can earn anywhere from $10 to $100 per hour.

In fact, as English becomes a more widely used language around the world, more and more people are looking for services that you yourself could provide simply by picking up the phone. Hence, if you want to make good use of your phone while also assisting someone in developing their language skills, this can be the choice for you.

Competent closer

Sales are one thing that any company needs to stay in business. And if you are a master salesperson, all you need is a smartphone to start making extra money for yourself. While not every company does well in this area, many of them will employ salesmen to assist them move things or persuade people to use their services.

This is without a doubt the most rewarding way to earn money using only your phone. If you know what you’re doing, you can truly make $1,000 every day, rather than just $100. You see, the amount you can make for the company you work for is what ultimately determines your earning potential in sales.

For instance, a buddy of mine who works in California for a well-known computer company sells goods for millions of dollars every year. Not surprisingly, you should be well compensated when your business generates millions of dollars. Sales are so lucrative because of this. Both the salesman and the company benefit from it.

The more sales that are made, the more revenue the company generates and commissions the salesman earns. Yet given how stressful the job is, obviously not everyone wants to work in sales full-time. Fortunately, you are not required to.

You can take on jobs where you can earn a large percentage of each sale you make by using freelance websites like Fiverr. For instance, if you can close a few deals, selling marketing packages that cost between $3000 and $6000 will bring in $500 for you. So why not make some deals and earn some money if you’re already talking on your phone for hours each day?


While it’s not a good idea to text and drive, there’s no reason your smartphone and vehicle can’t work together to earn you money. Consider using your smartphone to start a side business as an Uber or Lyft driver if you have one and don’t mind driving about town.

Drivers typically make $19.73 per hour. Now, bear in mind that this comes after you’ve paid your gas and other maintenance fees. As a result, this strategy of earning money is more expensive than the others I’ve already discussed. You can earn much more, though, if you feel confident driving in inclement weather or during rush hour.

You are surely well aware that the Uber and Lyft apps alert you when a passenger is close by, and you have the option to accept or decline the ride at any time. There are a few characteristics about each ridesharing service you should be aware of if this way of earning money with your smartphone intrigues you.

You need a trustworthy four-door vehicle and a driver’s license that has been valid for at least a year in order to begin driving for Uber. You need to have at least three years of driving experience if you’re under the age of twenty-three. You must provide copies of your driver’s license, car registration, and insurance in order for Uber to do a background check on you.

Open the app once you’ve been accepted to begin arranging rides. And 25% of the cost of each of your rides is taken by Uber. Similar systems are used by Lyft, but for an additional cost, drivers can rent a car to use on their routes. Lyft deducts 20% from each fare, but drivers keep all tips.

Drivers who use Lyft receive complimentary additional insurance, and they can rate passengers. Also, Lyft conducts a background check and demands a car inspection. Express pay is a better choice in terms of cash flow because it allows both Uber and Lyft drivers to immediately take money from their accounts.

User research

Before anything is made available to the public, whether it be an app, a website, or a video game, it must first be tested. This can be a fantastic opportunity to earn money if you have a smartphone and some free time. Sites like Respondent link testers with creators so that individuals developing online assets have access to actual people who may point out any faults or errors that other users might experience when using their goods or services.

The fact that testing business tools like apps and websites need absolutely no prior experience is one of the key advantages. As a tester, all you need to do is be authentic. Try the platform just as you would in a real-world scenario, and speak out loud about your views and issues so the website’s developers can hear from you.

Since that it requires absolutely no experience, you are probably now interested in finding out how much money you can make. The solution may also surprise you. You will get paid $10 for each test you take, and because most tests run 20 minutes, you could be making a fantastic $30 per hour while assisting companies in launching their goods.


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