Tips to prepare your video interview : Easy Guide

Tips to prepare your video interview

Online job interviews are becoming more and more common, therefore, it is important to feel comfortable with the format to be successful.

Selection managers from leading global companies point out how important it is for candidates to know the most important aspects to take into account when conducting a video interview.

Prepare the space for your video interview

Usually you don’t expect to attend an interview and be greeted in a dimly lit and/or noisy room, so why do it in a video interview?

It’s much easier for an interviewer to focus on you if they can hear and see you clearly, without distractions or interruptions.

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Get everything in order: Make sure the background is clean and tidy, as interviewers will be watching your surroundings for clues about you.

We recommend a space that is free from distractions, reflects a suitable environment, and contains a white, blank, or neutral background.

Light the space before you start , checking the angle of the light to avoid being in shadow and check that you don’t appear too pale or bright.

Ideally, choose a room with natural light, but if this is not possible, you can place a lamp or gooseneck next to your computer and adjust it until your face is well lit on the screen.

Avoid noises : turn off your mobile phone, and close doors and windows to block out any noise or external sounds.

It is also convenient to tell the people who are close to you that you are going to do an interview so that they do not interrupt you.

Try to avoid people walking behind you, as this is an unnecessary distraction for the interviewer. Carry out the relevant technical checks

Request a test: whenever possible, check the connection of Skype, Teams, Zoom or any other tool with the company beforehand to make sure that the image and sound work correctly.

Position your device well: raise your tablet or mobile phone so you can sit in a good position, just as you would in a face-to-face interview.

Avoid having to hold your device and make sure your face is in the center of the screen.

Check the Wi-Fi connection: remember that this is your responsibility. If you have agreed to conduct an interview remotely, you must first ensure that the connection supports a video call without problems.

You can call a friend to test that the connection is working properly.

Headphones – These are more reliable than speakers and there is less risk of echo or distortion. If you do use them, make sure they are discreet in appearance so as not to distract your interviewer.

As if it were a face-to-face interview

video interviews require the same preparation as face-to-face interviews, and an additional one, since it is necessary to make sure that all the technological elements work correctly.

Knowing that you have checked everything beforehand and that you have prepared your answers will give you more peace of mind before the interview.

Do not assume that this type of interview is less formal than a face-to-face interview, because video interviews are now the best way to hold meetings and meet candidates.

Dress for success

Doing it the same way you would for a personal interview will put you in the right frame, as well as save you a hard time if you need to move around during the interview.

Choosing dark colors is usually the best option, avoid nuclear white as well as very striking prints, accessories or accessories that can distract the interviewer.

The Great importance of Body Language

Stand at a medium distance from the camera, keeping the upper half of your arms in view. Leave some space above your head in a way that allows the interviewer to better read your body language.

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Remain interested in your interviewer

Look at the camera, instead of at your image on the screen; It will help you appear focused and give the impression that you are looking into the interviewer’s eyes.

Maintain an upright posture. Leaning slightly toward the camera will increase eye contact with your interviewer and allow you to show your facial expressions better.

Speak slowly: Interviewers need more time to go over answers via video interview, so make it easy for them by speaking at a slower pace than usual.

At the end of each question, because nuances of body language are difficult to interpret, you can ask, “Did I answer your question correctly and/or do you need more information?”

If you follow these tips for Skype interviews, you will stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Finally, lying down or walking around the room with the tablet behind you is not a good idea; In the end, this is an interview, even if you are at home.

Do not forget that in video interviews the interviewer will see everything you are doing.

Attention to your notes

It’s a good idea to have your email open in case you need to share any documents with your interviewer.
Be discreet when reading your notes or notes –

Notes can be very useful during an interview, but you will need to make sure that you read them in a subtle way.

If you speak unspontaneously in the video interview you will disturb the natural flow of the conversation, making it seem that you are not prepared.

Documents for the video interview

have a printed version of your CV on hand as well as other documents that you consider necessary. It’s a good idea to have your email open in case you need to share any documents with your interviewer.

Anticipate technical problems

Don’t forget to check your equipment beforehand – If you experience technical problems in the video interview (weak network connection, interference…) ask your interviewer to repeat the question.

If the problem persists, politely mention it and reconnect to avoid missing out on crucial information. It is important that you regulate the speed and tone of your speech in case there is any delay in communication.

Making some sound of acknowledgment like “hmm”, “sure” or “yes” will reassure your interviewer that you are listening and following the conversation.

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Your username

Don’t forget to share your Skype, Teams or Zoom address in the video interview! Some people forget to submit their username to the organization, which can cause the interview to start late and off on the wrong foot.

Also, consider what the first impression you are going to make with your username is and if it is professional.

If not, create a new username with a more professional name, and only then send it to your interviewer.

A Good Close

It is essential to thank your interviewer for their time in the video interview and make sure you know what the next steps are during the selection process.

Just like in a personal interview, you have to find the time to present your strengths and accomplishments.

It is essential to thank your interviewer for their time and make sure you know what the next steps are during the selection process.

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