Top Universities In China For Masters

Studying in China will teach you skills like language, cultural adaptability, communication, independence, and of course you will learn all about Chinese culture.

We have narrowed down your choices by listing all the top universities in china for masters.

Top  Universities in China For Masters

University THE 2023 QS 2023 ARWU 2022
Tsinghua University 16 14 26
Peking University 17 12 34
Fudan University 51 =34 67
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 54 46 54
Zhejiang University 67 =42 36
University of Science and Technology of China 74 94 62
Nanjing University =95 133 101-150
Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) =166 =226 151-200
Wuhan University 173 194 101-150
Huazhong University of Science and Technology =176 306 96
Sichuan University =196 =406 101-150
Beijing Normal University 251-300 =262 201-300
Sun Yat-sen University 251-300 =267 79
Tongji University 251-300 =212 151-200
Nankai University 301-350 =378 201-300
Central South University 351-400 =499 101-150
East China Normal University 351-400 541-550 201-300
Harbin Institute of Technology 351-400 =217 151-200
University of Electronic Science and Technology China 351-400 561-570 151-200
Hunan University 401-500 591-600 201-300

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Why Choose China To Study

  1. China is a safe country.

China is one of the safest countries in the world. Example: Beijing is one of the largest and busiest places in China. Yet there is virtually no crime in Beijing. As in other major cities, there may be some negatives, but being careful is enough to sail through smoothly.

  1. Warm and Welcoming Chinese Citizens

Chinese are generally very friendly and helpful. They will always try to help you if you are in need. Help is handy if you can’t read your Chinese or when ordering something online. They are willing to invite you to their home and are welcoming.

  1. Lower Tuition Cost and Scholarships

The cost of studying in China is relatively lower compared with countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, and other European countries. Given the guaranteed level of quality education, International students who decide to study in China are less burdened. There are also many universities- and government sponsored scholarships that cover the entire cost or part of the tuition fees. Some students end up spending nothing on their education.

  1. Study at top Chinese universities with Reputation

Studying at a good university is a priority for most international students. Whether you are considering entering the job market soon after graduation of even continue studies for Graduate / Post Graduate levels, the Reputation of your past institution is essential to your future goals.

As the government of China invests in resourcing existing universities and internationalizing Chinese Education, Chinese universities are increasingly well respected around the world. There are more Universities now in the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings than ever before

  1. Cost of Living in China is affordable.

The cost of living in China is pretty cheap. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still save enough to travel. If you live on campus, you often only pay accommodation fee (about $300 per month) and don’t have to pay for the cost of water, gas & electricity though it could be very negligible (around $2 per month)

If you earn a more Western salary, you have nothing to complain about at all. It depends, of course, on your spending pattern, but technically you could save half your salary.

  1. Lots of beautiful places to travel

You can use the money you save to travel within China or beyond (from China, many other Asian countries are very close). Usually, you have a total of about three months of holidays, in an entire school year. A month before the Chinese New Year, a month during the summer and spread over the year another month (think of the week in October, the Dragon Boat Festival, or Qingming). So plenty of time to travel and see more of China.

  1. The food

The real, authentic Chinese Cuisine can be found in China only. Chinese takeaways in your country are very different from what you get in China. Beijing duck, noodles, hundreds of various vegetable and meat dishes, sweet, spicy, cold or warm, and also spicy. You can find it all in China.

  1. It is a unique experience to Challenge Yourself.

How many people do you know who live or have lived in China? It says a lot about you as a person when you’ve lived in China for a while. You need a character to live in this particular country, perseverance to get where you want to be, flexibility because things often don’t go as planned, or they do.

  1. Learn a New Language – Mandarin

Although Chinese is not the most straightforward language, it is not impossible to learn it. Chinese is one of the most spoken languages on earth, and it looks good on your resume when you apply for jobs. I dare say it increases your chances of a job, depending on the field in which you’re going to work.

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