Top Universities In Portugal For Masters

Portugal is one of the cheapest places to study and live in Europe, and is a great option for international students. Enjoy a sunny climate, cosmopolitan cities, and a friendly, welcoming culture without breaking the bank.

To narrow down your choices, we bring to your table the top universities in Portugal for masters.

Top Universities In Portugal For Masters

1. University of Lisbon (ULisboa)

The University of Lisbon is one of the best universities in Portugal for international students. In 2013, the old University of Lisbon merged with the Technical University of Lisbon, and the name of the former was retained. This institution boasts high-quality education in its 18 schools and research units. The university excels in several areas of study, but mostly in engineering and technology, computer sciences, physics, and mathematics.

With its slogan, “a university from Lisbon to the world,” ULisboa couldn’t be more international. It’s a people-oriented university that provides a great academic and living experience for international students. When it comes to the prime location, the campus is situated in Lisboa, the cosmopolitan capital city of Portugal. It also has the largest academic sports complex in Lisbon, plus museums, cultural sites, botanical gardens, and many unique facilities.


2. University of Porto (UP)

The second-largest university in Portugal is the University of Porto, and this institution is a public university most noted for its research outputs. Its Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and Research Institute of Computer Systems is well-known for its contributions to its respective fields.

It has 13 faculties, a Biomedical Institute, and a Post-Grad Business School. The academic programs offered at the University of Porto are the most diverse in Portugal and provide students with practical skills for employment. Moreover, UP consistently ranks among the top 100 universities in Europe.

This top university in Portugal has the largest student population in Portuguese universities, and 13% of the student body is made up of international students. Aside from diverse programs, the institution includes arts, music, sports, and culture in the academic experience. Presently, their historic campus is being modernized for quality equipment and infrastructure, especially research centers and sports facilities.


3. NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA)

Founded in 1973, NOVA University Lisbon is one of the new universities in Portugal, and this university is a first-rate institution included in the top 100 Young University Rankings 2020. The academic programs offered at NOVA University especially excels in Social Science, Engineering & Technology, and Clinical and Health.

An entrepreneurial mindset is also cultivated among its students. Moreover, NOVA commits to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and develops its initiatives towards its 9 academic units. Since NOVA values mutual knowledge, understanding, and respect, they encourage a close relationship among students and teachers.

Student associations are a big part of university life, which is very hospitable to international students. When it comes to prospective international students, NOVA has established a Pre-University Degree, which helps foreign students transition to the Portuguese education system.

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4. Catholic University of Portugal (Católica/UCP)

The Catholic University of Portugal, one of the best universities in Portugal, started as a philosophy faculty in 1967. It is a concordat of the Catholic Church and recognized by the state as a free and autonomous university. The Catholica University of Portugal employs a university system with regional centers in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and Viseu. In addition, the mission of Católica is to provide teaching and research without neglect of social responsibility and the common good.

Católica’s faculties include education sciences, economics, arts and humanities, bioengineering, and biosciences. Being the highlight of UCP, the School of Arts in the Porto campus is multi-awarded in the industry. UCP participates in international academic events and programs like Erasmus, and due to its international programs, its student body is comprised of 17% international students with over 90 nationalities.

5. University of Aveiro (UAveiro)

The University of Aveiro is a public university that also provides polytechnic education. Founded in 1973, this institution has since been teaching in several fields of knowledge. Its most renowned programs are in the areas of fundamental and applied math, telecommunications, materials, and robotics, and the 16 departments and 4 polytechnics of UAveiro initiate knowledge-sharing between practical teaching and research.

The UAveiro is one of the most innovative universities in Portugal, integrating a circular economy in the campus itself. In their sustainable campus, you will find modern buildings, green spaces, a médiatèque, and multisports facilities. In addition, this university is located in the city center of Aveiro where you can marvel at the Portuguese coastline.

6. University of Beira Interior (UBI)

The University of Beira Interior is a top university in Portugal for international students. It is named after the most interior area of the historical Beira region, and this institution has diverse academic degrees for teaching and research in the areas of mathematics, medicine, engineering science, arts, and humanities.

In addition, UBI is a leading institution when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. Through its five research centers, the institution provides a network for scientists and the community to collaborate on practical matters. Examples of their centers are Optics Center and Computer Center.

UBI renovated former textile factories in Covilhã into well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and research centers, and these buildings also became places for student leisure, extra-curricular activities, social services, etc. Once every year, UBI hosts a Zero Year, a preparatory program to help foreign students adapt to the Portuguese higher education system.

7. University of Coimbra (UC)

This institution offers an innovative academic system in a World Heritage University. This unique experience is what you’ll get at the University of Coimbra since this institution values knowledge transfer for the benefit of society and well-being. In combining tradition and contemporaneity, UC became world-leading in merely all fields of study, and they are especially notable in Environmental Law and Civil Engineering.

In addition, UC also has the best enterprise incubator in the world, which is called the IPN Incubator. Not only does it have high-tech research equipment on campus, but the University of Coimbra is also a consistent placer in university world rankings, about 20% of UC students are foreign.

8. ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE)

ISCTE – University Insitute of Lisbon became a fully-fledged public research university just last 2009, and it is renowned for several MBA accreditations such as from the Association of MBAs. ISCTE is known for its foundational nature and community service activities, and it also educates qualified professionals to contribute towards local and global sustainable development.

Through its academic programs, they cultivate transferable competencies such as strong communication, problem-solving, and a positive attitude. Aside from internationally recognized research centers, ISCTE has a wide range of study areas like business, social sciences, and technology. Due to its high quality of teaching, the employment rate of its graduates is quite high.

9. University of Algarve (UAlg)

The University of Algarve believes in “people and synergies,” encouraging a closer education and more collaboration. UAlg provides high-quality teaching in many fields, and standing out in rankings are areas of Health Science and Technology, Management & Tourism, and Natural Science. Its research focus is developed around marine science, BioMed, arts and communication, and social science. Basically, it’s about protecting the environment and enriching culture.

This top university in Portugal for international students admits 2000 foreign students in 80 nationalities per year, and you will be greeted with a modern learning environment on its campus in Faro and Portimão. Its proximity to Faro International Airport strengthens its international status, establishing it as a gateway to Portuguese education.

10. University of Minho (UMinho)

The University of Minho, one of the best universities in Portugal for international students, is a vibrant, young institution founded in 1973. It is the major development agent in Minho’s much larger younger population, and it consistently improves in rank in the top universities under 50 years old. The institution offers degrees and specialized training courses in many areas, which are the programs in the Sciences, Education, Architecture, and Psychology.

The university encourages interdisciplinary approaches and a close professor-student relationship. For international students, UMinho has a Preparation Course to prepare them for their degrees. Its three campuses in the historical cities of Braga and Guimaraes provide various cultural and sports activities, medical and psychological support, and living and mobility facilities.

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