Top Universities In Ukraine For Masters

Ukraine’s universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools are highly respected and well-known in the education and academic communities, and they continue to offer prestigious Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD.

This post will enlighten you on the top universities for masters in Ukraine as well as information on universities, course content, costs and visa requirements.

Top Universities In Ukraine For Masters


Medical Institutions

Ukraine is one of the most sought-after places when it comes to the study of medicine. Attaining a medical degree from Ukraine makes the student eligible to practice anywhere in the world. The country offers degrees in general medicine, pediatrics, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and surgery through MBBs, MD, and other degrees.

One of the reasons due to which the country is gaining international attention for the medical study is due to the fact that they do not have any entrance examinations. The universities do not require any donations either since it is funded generously by the government and hence also has good infrastructure and other facilities. But unlike most countries, the minimum time required to get an MBBS degree is 5.8 years.

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Zaporozhye State Medical University - Fees, World Ranking, Hostel

This is one of top-ranked universities in the country and offers pre-university, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in medical education. The university has its own training facilities and is one of the best places for supplying technical material in Ukraine.

Cost of Education

Course Fee for Ukrainian/ Russian Medium of Instruction Fee for English Medium of Instruction
Medicine 1-3 years 3100.00 USD 4500.00 USD
Medicine 4-6 years 3450.00 USD 5000.00 USD
Dentistry 1-2 years 3500.00 USD 4500.00 USD
Dentistry 3-5 years 3950.00 USD 4850.00 USD
Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy 3000.00 USD 4300.00 USD

Documents Required for University
All the documents produced in the university should be attested by a Notary Public or Ukraine Embassy.

  • National Passport- both original and a copy.
  • Educational Certifications till date- both original and copies.
  • Medical Certificate issued at least within 2 months prior to reaching Ukraine.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Contract of liability insurance.
  • 8 photographs in passport size.
  • An agreement for Medical examination at the University Clinic.
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 Odessa National Medical University

The Odessa National Medical University is situated in Odessa and offers bachelor degrees, masters degrees and doctorate degrees in different medical fields. They are characterized by their low fee structure, use of modern equipment, experienced staff and the European standard of teaching they uphold. Cost of Education

Course Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
General Medicine 4400 USD 4550 USD 4770 USD 5120 USD 5460 USD 5800 USD
Dentistry/ Stomatology 5120 USD 5230 USD 5340 USD 5570 USD 6030 USD
Pediatrics 4400 USD 4550 USD 4770 USD 5120 USD 5460 USD 5800 USD
Pharmacy- B. Pharma 3980 USD 4090 USD 4210 USD 4230 USD 4550 USD

Eligibility Requirement

  • Undergraduate Programs- Students must have studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the school level. They do not have any grade point that the student must have achieved in order to apply for admission.
  • Medical Postgraduate/ Clinical Residency- Students must have a MBBS, MD, or BDS degree along with transcripts from their place of education. They must have a certificate of internship and a certificate of Residency completion.


 Bogomolets National Medical University

This institution focuses on providing higher medical education, along with the opportunity for involving oneself in methodical and humanitarian activities. They offer courses within 4 departments including General Medicine, Pediatrics, Preventive Care and other programs.

Cost of Education

Course Fee
Medical Care 3300.00 USD
Medical Care in English 4300.00 USD
Dentistry 3800.00 USD
Dentistry in English 4500.00 USD
Pharmacy 3200.00 USD
Pharmacy in English 4000.00 USD

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student should have completed 12th from a regular board.
  • Student must have at least 50 % grades in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


MBA Institutions

Studying for MBA in Ukraine is a common choice for students since it is the cheapest place in Europe that can provide students with an MBA Degree without compromising on quality. The degree that is received in Ukraine is accepted all over the world. Students with any bachelor’s degree can apply for this 2-year choice.

International Institute of Business- IIB

This institute came into place in 1993 and since then has been immersed in providing the perfect education required to shape entrepreneurs and business executives. They offer Executive MBA, Ukranian MBA, General MBA, and International MBA as their courses along with courses like Diploma in Professional Marketing, and Production Management.
Cost of Study

Course Tuition Fee Registration Fee
Executive MBA 529,900 UAH 10,000 UAH
General MBA 294,900 UAH 5000 UAH
Ukrainian MBA 149,900 UAH 3000 UAH
International MBA 13,900 UAH 124,000 UAH

Eligibility Requirement

  • Executive MBA- 5 years of experience in management positions and a bachelors/ masters degree.
  • General MBA- 3 years of experience in management positions along with a higher education qualification like bachelors/ masters. Students should also bring their completed admission form, copy of their international passport, copy of their diploma along with an extract from it and one color photograph and one digital photograph.
  • Ukrainian MBA- Student should have a bachelors/ masters degree in any specialty and work experience for 3 years. They should submit their application documents and will have to take the introductory test and interview.
  • International MBA- Students should have at least 5 years of management experience and must have completed higher education. IELTS or TOEFL is optional but it is recommended.

 Kyiv Mohyla Business School

Partners | Innovations Development Platform

The business school was found in 1999 as a part of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy which is one of the oldest universities in Europe and contains MBA programs, Strategic Programs, Executive Developmental Programs along with Corporate Programs. The courses are for a duration of 2 years.
Cost of Study

Course Fee
Executive MBA 590,000 UAH
President’s MBA 940,000 UAH
Agrifood MBA 590,000 UAH
Master in Business Analytics and Finance 390,000 UAH


 International Management Institute

This university has been established in 1989 and they offer MBA and SE MBA where the MBA deals with Executive MBA only.
Cost of Study

Course Fee Additional Amount Caters to
Executive MBA 529,800 4700 USD Business owners
C-level Executives
Divisions Manager
Senior Executive MBA 686,800 UAH 4700 USD Business Owners
C-level Executives with 5 years of experience


Engineering Institutions

Khmelnitskyi National University

This university is situated in Khmelnytskyi and was established in 1962 as a department of the Printing Institute and since has grown into the giant name that it is now. They offer programs in Electronics and telecommunications, Information technologies, Management and Administration, Humanities, Law, Social and behavioral science, and culture and arts. The duration of the courses range from 4 to 6 years.

Courses Offered

  • Humanities and Pedagogics
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Programming, Computer and telecommunication systems
  • Technology and Design
  • International Relations
  • Distance Studies, Pre-university and post-university training.

Cost of Study
The average cost of studying in Khmelnytskyi is 2500 USD for a year.

 Poltava National Technical University

This institution is situated in the modern East European city of Ukraine and offers Architectural, Construction, Electromechanical, Information and Telecommunication Technology related courses each with a duration of 1 year.
Courses offered

  • Architectural Course- includes fine arts, arts and crafts in the Bachelor’s degree and building and construction architecture, city-planning, architectural environment design, fine arts, and arts and crafts in the Master’s degree.
  • Construction Course- includes metal, wooden and plastic constructions, architecture and urban development, reinforced concrete and masonry contractures and strength of materials, Highways, Geodesy and Architecture of Rural Buildings, Organization and Technologies of construction and Occupational Safety along with Structural Mechanics.
  • Electromechanical Course- includes Lifting, Building, Road and Amelioration Machines, Machine-Building Technologies, Automobile and Automobile Services, Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive.

Cost of Study

Course Tuition Fee
Pre-Engineering 1100 USD
Bachelors 2200 USD
Masters 2200 USD
Postgraduation 2200 USD


Arts Institutions

 Kharkiv National University of Arts

This university is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine dealing with the study of music and theatre with a combined approach of creativity and science. They offer courses under the different departments for Performing and Musicology, Orchestra, and Theater. The duration of the course is 4 years in all.
Courses under Each Faculty

  1. Faculty of Performing and Musicology
    • TNA Master- Piano, Organ
    • TNA Master- Academic Singing
    • TNA Master- Choral Conducting
    • TNA Master- Composition
    • TNA Master-Musicology
  2. Orchestral Faculty
    • TNA Master- Orchestral Strings
    • TNA Master- Orchestral Wind and Percussion Instruments
    • TNA Master- Folk Instruments of Ukraine
    • ONP Master- Opera and Symphony Conducting
    • ONP Master- Musical Art of Variety and Jazz Vocal
    • ONP Master- Musical Art of Variety and Jazz Instrumentalists
  3. Theater Faculty
    • ONP Master- Acting Drama Theater
    • ONP Master- Acting Art of Puppet Theater
    • ONP Master- Directing Drama Theater
    • ONP Master- Directing Puppet Theater
    • ONP Master- Theater Studies

Cost of Study
The tuition fee for the courses delivered in English medium is 3800 USD and in the Russian medium is 3000 USD.


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